The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Eleven

Salvador’s POV.

“You’re not supposed to be smoking on school property.”

A confident, irritating voice meets my ears. I refuse to look at Malvolio. Instead, I hold my middle finger up at him.

Emery was talking about how damn sexy and husky his voice is in our study period today. Personally, I don’t hear it. I hear his voice and think dickhead. He’s only messing about the cigarette in my hand, but I’m annoyed that he has invaded my private space, the roof of the alchemy building. You can easily jump over the gate at the bottom of the fire escape and climb up.

This is my secret space where I come to clear my head. The key reason I chose it was to be alone. I guarantee the rest of the shit boy band are behind Mal. They’re never far away from each other.

“What do you lot want?” I ask and take a drag.

I blow the smoke up into the air and watch it dissipate in the breeze.

“Emery,” Lucio replies and there’s a meaningful pause. “How is she?”

I turn my head to glare at him. “She’s your mate. Why don’t you ask her?”

He glares right back at me. “We don’t know for certain until she gets her prophecy.”

“Relax,” I tell him. “If you all get the same feeling from her, it’s probably her, right? Besides, her tattoo should change colour next week. You hardly have a long time to wait.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Malvolio snaps. “We’ve been waiting almost a year for her.”

“Whatever,” I respond and take another drag.

“Let’s get back to what we really came here for,” Esteban says.

Oro scowls at him. “You mean what you came here for.”

Esteban ignores Oro’s comment. “You are getting too close to her. We asked you to watch out for her, not put your arm around her. I have to listen to you flirt with her in alchemy and it takes everything in me not to rip your head off.”

I snort at his dramatics. Due to his animalius bond with wolves, Esteban tends to have a more possessive side than his brothers, it seems. I decide to rile him up.

“If you can hear me flirting, then surely you hear her flirt back? Perhaps you need to have a word with your mate, too.”

Esteban hisses at me through his teeth. Malvolio cracks his knuckles, trying to intimidate me.

Nice try. Not gonna happen.

I finish the last of my cigarette and stub the butt out on the wall. I get to my feet and brush the dust off my trousers. The Four are standing a few feet away, watching me with distrust. Like I give a fuck.

“Your mate is fine. She’s happy and succeeding. Try not to fuck that up for her, yeah?”

Lucio narrows his eyes at me, but I can see the concern in them.

“As her friend,” he says the word with distaste. “How do you think she will react to being mated to the four of us?”

Honestly, I have no idea.

“I don’t know. But, if she really is destined to be with you, she must be open to the idea. Want me to check if her search history has orgy porn on it?”

The four of them hiss threateningly, giving me the reaction I wanted. I can’t help but laugh at their jealousy. I almost hope Emery is mated to them. I can’t wait to see The Four put into their place by one person after spending their lives being respected royalty. They’re going to be such whipped bitches; it’s going to be fun to watch.

“You’re walking a fine line, Whitlock,” Malvolio snarls aggressively.

I know that the joke got to them, because even Oro, the calm one, looks pissed off.

“Look, I think she’ll be surprised at first, as anyone would, but she’ll come round. She’s talked about you more today and yesterday, which means she’s obviously feeling the bond, too.”

All their eyes light up at that comment, just like I knew they would.

Fuck sake.

Here we go.

“What did she say?” Oro asks.

“Did she mention me specifically?” Esteban questions.

“Did she talk about me helping her in Skills?” Malvolio chips in.

I look at Lucio, waiting for his question.

“Well?” He says. “Tell us everything.”

Like girls gossiping in a bathroom, they grill me on everything Emery has said about them the last few days. I don’t give them explicit details, mainly because I don’t want to embarrass my friends and I don’t like doing favours for The Four.

Malvolio’s grin could power a small city after he hears Emery describing his voice as sexy. Lucio loves that Emery calls him enigmatic and wants to try and figure him out.

Esteban is pleased that he was the first one to make the effort to talk to her. Oro already knows that she can’t take her eyes off of his ‘liquid gold orbs’ but it doesn’t stop him from wanting to hear it.

When they’re finally done grilling me, I get past them to the fire escape. “Em deserves to be treated right,” I tell them as I step down to go. “Don’t fuck this year up for her. And don’t fucking come to my hangout again. This is my spot.”


Emery’s POV.

I get a lie-in on Saturday morning. No alarm. No problems.

Honey is the only one up when I emerge from my bedroom in my pyjamas. I pour myself a bowl of cereal, add milk and join her on the sofa. Irene and Esme come out shortly after.

“What’s on the cards for today, girls?” Honey asks us all.

I shrug. “What can we do if we’re stuck at school all weekend?”

“You’re allowed to go into town, you just have to sign out and in again. We could go shopping or go for lunch. Ooh! We could see a movie.”

“I’m up for going to the cinema,” Irene chips in. “And lunch dates are always fun.”

We get ready and Esme drives us into town. Although I have my driver’s license, I didn’t want to bring my car to the academy. I wasn’t sure how much I’d be needing it.

We browse some shops, have lunch at a cute bistro and see a movie in the afternoon. It’s early evening by the time Esme drives us back. We eat dinner together whilst watching human movies and making fun of them. After I was shown a clip of Twilight in my philosophy and mythology class, I recommended it to the girls for us to watch, they howled with laughter the whole way through.

“Vegetarian,” Irene says through giggles. “I’m going to call myself that, now. Only feeding off animals, love it.”

When it gets late, we say goodnight and go to our separate rooms. I fall asleep easily, but my sleep is not easy. I don’t usually dream all that much and, if I do, I don’t tend to remember my dreams fully in the morning. But when I wake on Sunday morning, I can remember my dreams in vivid clarity.

Somehow, the whole Twilight, Bella having to choose between Edward and Jacob must have gotten into my head. I had a sex dream, there is no denying it. It was hot and heavy, and I woke up wet between my legs.

But what shocked me, is that there was more than one pair of hands on my body. I’m horrified to admit there might have been more than two.

Since when do I dream about orgies and I’m the star?

I don’t mention my dream to the girls at breakfast and they all comment on how quiet I am. Desperate to get out of the dorm, I get changed into athletic gear and decide to go for a run around the grounds.

I go downstairs and out the main archway. I round the corner without properly looking and go headfirst into someone’s chest.

“Oomph! Fuck! Don’t you look where you’re fucking go- Emmie?”

I rub my forehead and glare up at Salvador. “You’re hard,” I snap irritably.

He smirks at me. “Only when I’m around you.”

I scrunch up my nose as his joke clicks in my mind. I slap his arm.

“Ew. You’re gross.”

“And hard, apparently.”

“Ugh, whatever,” I respond. “It’s too early for this kind of talk.”

“Where are you going?” He asks with interest.

“On a run, I didn’t sleep well, and I want to…clear my head.”

“Alright. Do you wanna go hunting instead? I always find that a hunt clears my head.”

I consider the idea and nod. “Yeah, alright.”

“Wait here and I’ll get changed. Meet you in ten minutes.”

He goes off and I pull my phone out of my zipped hoodie pocket. I’m scrolling through my newsfeed when I feel eyes on me. I don’t have to look up to know that it’s The Four.

There’s something about their stare in particular. It feels different on my skin than when other people look at me. It’s like it warms me up or something.

After finding the courage, I look up and meet their eyes. The four of them are standing across the quad, watching me whilst talking to one another. I wish I could hear what they are saying.

“Ready!” Sal cries out next to my ear.


I jump and almost drop my phone as Salvador appears next to me. He grins, loving my shocked expression.

“Don’t do that!”

“Do what? Scare the crap out of you?”

“Uh, yeah!’

“Too bad.” He winks. “Cause it’s fun.”

He looks over and spots The Four watching us.

“They’re such perverts,” he mutters. “Let’s piss them off.”

He puts his arm around my shoulders and guides me towards the forest.

“Why would you putting your arm around me piss them off?” I ask him.

He shrugs, but I know he’s avoiding the question for a reason.

“Seriously, what is it?” I press him.

Salvador waits until we’ve rounded the building and we’re out of their sight and then removes his arm.

“It’s not a big deal, Emmie. They don’t like me touching people, that’s all.”

“Why not?”

He rolls his eyes. “Because they fancy me. They want to make me their boy-toy.”

“And where did you get that idea?”


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