The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Twelve

Emery’s POV.

Sal and I go hunting in the forest. It’s still quite early, so there are not many animals about. We would have had better luck in the evening.

It takes us an hour or so, but we catch the scent trail of a hare. It takes us a while to find the hare. When we do catch up to it, we drain the hare dry together. It doesn’t take long because it’s such a small creature. We discard the body and walk back to the academy.

Full from the hunt, I return to my dorm and chill in bed for a bit. I flick through channels on the TV, finding something to watch. I spend a few hours being lazy and enjoying my day off. I join the girls for lunch but don’t eat with them. They all go out in the early evening for a hunt, wanting to feed.

I stay in the dorm by myself. I call my mum and talk to her for a while. When it gets late, I turn off my lights and try to go to sleep. Sleep comes quickly, but I’m plagued by my own sexual dreams.

I’m lying on my bed. Everything is dark, I’m blindfolded. I can’t see anything, but I can feel. My body is naked and exposed. I jump as two hands explore my body. They caress my skin, heading for my breasts. The hands squeeze and massage my breasts, pressing them up and together.

His fingers find my nipples. The rough pads pinch and pull at them, making them hard. My body becomes hot and bothered. I writhe on the bed and arch my back.

It startles me when a second set of hands find my shoulders and grasp them. They hold me down, pinning me to the bed and stopping me from moving about so much whilst the first set of hands plays with my breasts.

A moan, a plea for more. I don’t know what I want, but they do. The second set of hands moves to massage my head, pulling at my hair and scratching my scalp.

Their hands torture my body in the most addictive and sweet way. Mouths join the hands, kissing and sucking and giving me love-bites. I’m kissed on my breasts, my stomach, my thighs. They never go where I want them, avoiding the most important place.

Another set of hands joins in. And another. My whole body feels like it’s on fire in the best way. Four sets of hands caress and stroke me.


Strangely, nothing about it feels wrong. It feels so, so right. All of the hands are different. They apply different amounts of pressure, touch me and squeeze me in varying ways.

Finally, the hands move lower. One of them spreads my legs and strokes my inner thighs. Their hands move up, up to the junction between my legs. A single finger strokes between my lower lips.

I jolt upwards in bed, panting heavily. Light is filtering in through the tops of the curtains, telling me that it is at least 4AM. My whole body is covered in a thin layer of sweat. I reach for my phone and check the time.


My alarm for school will go off in three hours. As I put my phone down, I notice my tattoo is different. I reach over and flick on the bedside lamp. The light is too bright at first and it hurts my eyes. I squint as I adjust to it.

Sitting up properly in bed, I hold up my arm and inspect it. My prophecy tattoo is no longer pink. It’s bright scarlet.

My tattoo has changed. Tomorrow, I can receive my prophecy. Tomorrow, I get a hint at who my mate is and when I will meet them.


I groan when my alarm goes off. I feel like I need a lot more sleep. It took me a long time to doze back off after checking my phone.

Those dreams…

I’ve had sexy dreams before. They started when I was about thirteen/fourteen and started to become interested in guys at my high school.

But they’ve never been like that before. Last night was insane, it was like…a porno. Seriously hot. I’m surprised my imagination can even come up with some of that stuff, considering how inexperienced I really am.

Everyone messed around with each other at parties at high school, but no one ever went all the way in case they got the Amare flame when they got to the academy.

I don’t know why there were four pairs of hands, too. That’s intense. I’ve never fantasised about more than one guy whilst I’m awake, so I don’t know why my subconscious is big on fivesomes.

It must be The Four messing with my head. It’s obviously a number that has been ingrained into my brain. Sal would just die if he found out I’d had a sex dream about The Four. It would be the end of my life, I know it. He would tease me forever.

I eventually convince myself to get out of bed. I need to get my prophecy today, so I have to get up. I tell the girls about my tattoo at breakfast and they’re all buzzing with excitement. Honey and I leave the dorm early before we have to. We go to see Madame Dechaume.

I show her my tattoo and she instructs me to come back during my free in period three.

Business studies is my first lesson, and we have a test. It’s easy because Salvador and I revised it on Friday. He looks over at me half-way through and smirks.

His face remains that smug when Mr Andrews collects our test papers in. Lucio doesn’t say anything to me obviously, because we’re under exam conditions. He writes quickly and finishes before everyone else. Like the rest of The Four, he’s probably a complete genius who has aced the test, too.

My second lesson is maths. Oro smiles at me when I enter the classroom. I almost lose my footing because I’m so taken back by it. I manage to right myself and smile back without dying of embarrassment in the process.

It’s an easy lesson, which I’m grateful for because I can barely concentrate. All I can think about is my prophecy. I stare at the clock and wish it to go faster.

The bell goes, signalling break time. Irene is waiting for me outside my classroom, having been let out early from hers. We walk to the quad together.

“So, are you excited?” Honey asks me.

Esme scoffs at her. “Obviously she’s excited!’

“Yeah, I am. But I want it to be over with already, the wait is killing me.”

“You’ve only got half an hour left, don’t worry.”

“Who do we think it is? Do you think it’s someone at the academy?” Esme wonders.

“I don’t know. It must be someone here, right? If not, it means my mate is either two years younger or two years older than me. Or doesn’t go to the academy, but you know how rare that is.”

It’s a big enough deal that I wasn’t here last year. Every vampire goes to the academy. It’s a rite of passage.

“Is there anyone that you’ve felt a specific attraction to? You know, like their eyes have drawn you in from across the room?” Honey asks. “My parents said that was the biggest clue that they were mates. Eye contact. It got even more intense after they’d received their prophecies, that’s when they knew for sure.”

That can’t be right. The Four are the ones who I have had all of those weird moments with. It doesn’t matter which one it is, when I meet their eyes, I feel like I am being pulled towards them.

This doesn’t make any sense.

“Ew, tell me it’s not going to be Salvador Whitlock,” Irene comments. “That boy has a serious case of Daddy issues.”

“Don’t be mean about my friend, Irene,” I scold her. “But don’t worry, we’re not mates. We’re frenemies.”

“Why are you enemies?”

“Because, sometimes, all I want to do is kill him,” I reply sweetly.

I know that Salvador feels the exact same way about me. It’s a lovely friendship, the one we have.

The bell rings and I jump to my feet.

“Got to go! I’ll tell you all about it at lunch.”

I rush into the building, weaving past the crowds. I head straight for the alchemy rooms. I knock on the door and wait for Madame Dechaume to answer.

She opens the door and smiles widely. “Hi, Emery. Come on in and we’ll get you sorted.”

I greet her and step into the room. Just as she’s closing the door, a loud ringing noise starts. I wince and cover my ears. Madame Dechaume scowls in annoyance.

“It’s the fire alarm,” she shouts. “This is such bad timing. We need to evacuate.”

She ushers me out into the hallway. I wait as she locks the door behind us. At the end of the corridor, I watch Salvador come out of one of the classrooms. He looks both ways and spots me. He has a grim expression on his face. Sal turns on his heel and disappears around the corner.

Madame Dechaume grabs my arm and leads me down the corridor. As we get down the first flight of stairs, the hallway quickly fills with students. Everyone stumbles through the corridor and down the stairs.

Outside, everyone is being guided into their forms. I find Honey at the back of the line for our form. Our form tutor is standing at the front with a register.

“This is so annoying,” Honey says and then looks sympathetically at me. “You didn’t get your prophecy, did you? Ugh, that sucks.”

It really does.


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