The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Seventeen

Emery’s POV.

Annoyingly, I’m the first one back to the dorm. I have to wait for the girls to arrive back from their classes.

But I don’t have to wait long. The three of them burst through the door, talking excitedly. I jump up from the sofa in the living room when they come in.

“Oh, my God! How was it?” Honey asks eagerly.

“Did you find out who it is?” Irene questions.

“Are they hot?” Esme chips in.

“You’re not even ready for this,” I tell them, shaking my head in disbelief. “Take a seat.”

The three girls hurriedly come into the room and sit down on the sofas. I sit down with them. They stare at me expectantly.

“I’m not mated to one guy,” I start, and they frown in confusion. “I mated to four.”

Irene figures it out first. Her brows, drawn together, suddenly shoot up to her hairline. “The Four? You’re their mate?”

“Wait…they don’t have four separate mates?” Honey blurts. “They…share you?”

I nod in response, as dumbfounded as them about the whole thing.

“What the actual fuck,” Esme murmurs. She leaps to her feet suddenly, making us jump. “This is awesome! Are you happy?”

I open my mouth and then close it again. “Um, I think so.”

“You think so?” She retorts. “Emery, you are mated to the four most powerful students in the academy. That’s incredible!’

“I’m not bothered about power,” I reply quietly. “I’m just shocked that there are four of them.”

Irene’s eyes widen. “You’re going to need a big bed.”

Everyone looks at her and then bursts out laughing. I didn’t even think about that.

“Oh, my God, how does sex even work with them?” Honey asks, her cheeks turning as pink as mine. “Do you think they take it in turns?”

“Maybe they flip a coin,” Esme chirps.

“Or rock, paper, scissors,” Irene suggests.

I glare at the three of them. “Please could we not discuss my non-existent sex life? I’m a virgin, remember?”

Honey shrugs. “Sorry, girl. But surely, you are curious as to how you will mate with them?”

My cheeks go even redder. “A little, I’ll be honest.”

“Let me grab my laptop!’ Esme says and runs out of the room.

I already know what is coming and I jump to my feet.

“Esme, no! No porn!’ I shout after her.

“Too late,” she replies triumphantly when she comes back in.

She places her laptop on the coffee table. We all stare at the screen, where a porn video is playing. I read the caption and grimace.

Busty blonde has fivesome with four hot guys.

“Busty blonde?” I read aloud. “Well, that’s already inaccurate.”

“It doesn’t have to be you,” she says. “It will just give us a rough idea of what we’re dealing with.”

“Us? Us? Esme, there is no us. I think you mean give me and idea of what I’m dealing with. There’s already going to be five of us, we don’t need to make it six,” I reply in shock.

Esme grins. “Well, if you ever want another set of hands…”

“Thanks, but four is already enough.”

Honey presses play and we all go quiet, watching the video.

“Wow,” Irene murmurs. “It looks kind of…”

“Intense?” I whisper.

“Fun,” she corrects me. “I think you’re going to enjoy it.”

“Can we please stop watching this?” I beg. “It’s making me uncomfortable that you’re all imagining me as this girl.”

Esme hits pause and silence descends on us.

“I’ve always wanted to try double penetration with Lawrence. Can you let me know if it feels good?” Honey asks me.

I grimace at her question. “I’d really rather not think about that right now. I have dinner with them at half five.”

“What are you going to wear?”

“What about that new dress your Mum bought you?”

I didn’t get to wear it yesterday. I’ll wear it tonight. “Good idea.”

I get ready for my evening with The Four. I try on the black dress, and it fits perfectly. It’s a simple skater dress, but it hugs the top part of my body which compliments my chest.

I pull the pendant from under the material and place it on top. It shows up against the black fabric. The girls sit on the bed whilst I fix my face, adding more eyeliner to change it from basic school to evening make-up. I decide against heels. I don’t want to look too dressy.

“But you might have more of a chance at kissing them,” Esme protests. “They’re like six foot five.”

Oh, God. I haven’t even thought about kissing them.

“I wonder who will kiss you first,” Irene muses from my bed. “Lucio is the leader. Do you think he’s called dibs?”

“You can’t call dibs on your mate,” Honey says. “Wait, can you?”

“I hope not! I’m not a piece of cake,” I retort.

“Your ass looks like a big juicy piece of cake in that dress,” Esme compliments.

I roll my eyes but thank her. I’m five foot eight, I should be able to manage around them.

When it gets to almost half five, the girls practically push me out of the dorm and into the corridor. I feel all kinds of nervous as I walk down it, towards the doors at the end.

I step out into the intersection. The Four are already there, leaning against the wall and waiting for me.

Give me strength.

They have all changed out of their uniforms and are now in their own clothes. Lucio is wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. Malvolio is in black jeans too, but he’s wearing a red t-shirt. Esteban is in jeans and a hoodie. Oro is wearing black jeans and a white shirt. The shirt buttons are undone at the top and the sleeves are rolled up.

In their own way, they all look completely different. But their physiques are identical. It’s like they all follow the same training programme. They all have thick-as-fuck arms, wide shoulders, and broad chests. They all have thighs of rugby players, too big for me to get even both of my hands around.

Esteban is the only one who is not clean shaven, he has dark stubble on his jaw. He must be the most relaxed out of the four of them. He is dressed the most relaxed attire, wearing a hoodie instead of a shirt or muscle fit t-shirt.

“You look beautiful, angel,” Lucio comments when I step out of the girls’ dorm corridor.

“Thank you,” I reply shyly.

He goes over to the boys’ door and holds it open. Malvolio holds out his hand to me. “Come with us.”

I slip my hand into his, letting him lead me through the door. Lucio walks in front, with Malvolio and I next and Esteban and Oro behind.

I look down at our entwined hands, amazed by how natural and comfortable it feels to do this. I can actually feel the bond flowing between us, energy and warmth moves between his hand and mine. There is no doubt in our minds that the five of us are mates.

Lucio lets us into their dorm. I would be able to tell it was theirs without being told. It smells of a mixture of their heady scents, I’m addicted on the first inhale.

Although the layout is identical to my dorm, the decoration is different. We have pale grey walls, cream sofas, and a baby-blue kitchen. Their dorm has dark grey walls, black sofas, and a white kitchen. It’s not as bright and more like a man-cave.

“Would you like a drink?” Esteban asks. “We have most drinks, including wine and bear blood.”

“Bear blood?” I ask. “Are there any bears around here?”

“No, we have it imported.”

Expensive tastes.

“Um, water is fine for now, thank you.”

Lucio takes a seat on one of the sofas and gestures for me to join him. I purposefully choose the sofa opposite him, but Oro and Malvolio sit on either side of me, penning me in.

“Tell us about you, Emery,” Lucio says with a smile. “We want to know everything about our mate.”

Everything? Not going to happen.

Esteban brings a glass of water through and sets it on the coffee table. He sits next to Lucio, and I feel the four of them look at me.

“Um, what exactly do you want to know?” I ask them. “I’m good at most sports but shocking at tennis. I like to read and watch human shows, I can’t draw to save my life…”

“What do you want to do after school?” Mal asks.

My heart sinks at that question. The question adults always ask, blissfully unaware of the stress it causes the recipient.

“I don’t know,” I reply quietly. “I’ve chosen subjects which I think will best help me to get a job after the academy, but I don’t have a particular career in mind.”

“That’s okay. We’re only eighteen, we don’t have to have our lives figured out yet,” Oro reassures me.

“Do any of you know what you want to do?”

The four of them share a knowing look. “We will take over the titles from our parents after the academy and, hopefully, be offered a place on the Royal Council.”

“You want to be politicians?” I ask, not bothering to keep the surprise out of my voice.

Lucio shakes his head. “We want to make a difference.”

“You have one of us in each of your classes, don’t you?” Esteban checks.

“Yes, I do.”

“You’re incredibly smart,” Mal says, pride clear in his voice. “Our teachers are impressed with you.”

My cheeks heat up at the compliment. “Thank you. I study a lot, that helps.”

“I’m going to start cooking,” Oro says, getting to his feet. “Are you okay with sweet and sour chicken, Emery?”

“That sounds great, thank you.”

Oro goes through the to the kitchen and starts prepping the food. Malvolio stands up, too.

“Can I give you a tour?” He asks.


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