The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Nineteen

Emery’s POV.

Realising that he is going to kiss me, I remain still. As he draws closer to me, I close my eyes. His lips brush across mine light at first, his touch is featherlight. Emboldened by me not moving away, he kisses me properly.

His lips seal over mine and it’s like everything falls away around us. I lean up on my tiptoes to press my lips harder against his. His large hand cups the back of my head, holding me in place whilst our mouths move in perfect synchrony.

Oro gently bites my bottom lip and I let out an embarrassing moan. He chuckles against my lips, kisses me once more and then pulls back.

I look up at him with warm cheeks and swollen lips. He strokes my face lovingly.

“You are perfection, angel,” he murmurs, his eyes scanning my face.

The bell rings, rudely interrupting our moment. My mate sighs and takes a step back from me. I miss his touch instantly.

“We have to get to our maths lesson, angel,” he says softly.

I bend down and pick up my bag. Oro holds out his hand for me. I slip my hand into his and he interlocks our fingers. We walk out of the library and over to the maths building.

Students stare at us, obviously shocked to see Oro with his mate, finally. I don’t think any of them can believe that it is me. I am she. I can’t quite believe it either, but I think it’s finally sinking in.

For the first time, Oro sits next to me in maths. He asks the girl who usually sits next to me if he can swap with her. She says yes without hesitation, The Four have that effect on people.

I work with Oro during the lesson. He’s a quiet thinker and likes to write a lot of his working out in his book, but he’s a genius. When the bell goes, we stand up and pick up our bags.

“I assume you will be with your friends at break?” He asks me as we walk to the door.

“Um, yes. Why? Do you want to join us?”

Oro seems surprised by my question. “I’ll ask my brothers. Maybe another day, angel,” he says affectionately. “We would like to see you at lunch, though. Would your friends mind?”

I shrug. “I’ll ask them, but I shouldn’t think so. They’ve got each other.”

“You’re with Lucio after break, you can let him know whether you’re eating with us or not.”

“Okay. See you later.”

Oro steps forward and kisses my forehead. “Bye, angel.”

I walk to the quad with rosy cheeks from blushing.

“How’s your morning been?” Honey asks when I join them. “You’re a bit flushed.”

“Amazing,” I gush. “Oro and I kissed!’

Irene’s mouth drops open, Esme hoots excitedly and Honey claps.

The support is real.

“That’s awesome! Tell us everything,” Esme speaks first.

I tell them all about our kiss and then the offer to have lunch with them.

“Would you mind me ditching? I’m sorry.”

They all brush me off.

“Please, they’re your mates,” Honey says.

“Yeah, you’ve only just met them. You need to get to know them, you know us already,” Irene reassures me.

“Yeah,” Esme adds. “Honey ditched us all of the time when Lawrence was here.”

Honey shoots her a look and then shrugs in admittance. “Yeah, I did.”

I meet Lucio in business studies and shyly tell him that I will join them for lunch. Mr Andrews gives us a case study and we’re told to work on the six questions below it in pairs.

Lucio and I take half of the questions each, working on our answers for most of the lesson. In the final ten minutes, we go through our answers with each other.

We’re close to one another, our legs touching under the table whilst we talk. Lucio rests his hand on my knee, making me jump. Within moments of the contact, my skin starts warming under his touch. He slides his hand higher and my breathing hitches. I put my hand on his thigh under the table. I feel his muscles tense beneath my hand.

He moves his hand daringly higher, going underneath my skirt, now. I meet his eyes and he smirks at me. I smirk back and slide my hand higher, nearing his crotch.

We’re seated to one side in the room, with no one in front or behind us. The desks are not open at the front, they have covers on the three sides where your legs don’t go. No one can see what we’re doing.

Our hands slide higher at the same time. My fingers reach the seam in his trousers in the middle of his crotch. His fingers brush over my inner thighs, right next to my thong.

What a day to choose not to wear tights.

Lucio maintains eye contact as he boldly drags his finger up my thong, directly over my pussy. He presses down directly over my clit and then slides his finger back down again.

The simple act has me wetter than the ocean. My teeth sink down on my bottom lip and my thighs clench together, trapping his hand.

Daringly, I slide my hand up to his zipper. I get a feel of his erection, pressing against the material. I move my hand slowly up and down, measuring his length in my mind.

Oh, my God.

Lucio’s smirk widens at the surprise on my face.

Smug bastard.

I pull my hand away as punishment for his arrogance. The smirk drops from his face. We both jump as Mr Andrews loudly announces that he’s coming round to collect our answers.

Lucio reluctantly removes his hand from under my skirt. I clear my throat and get my papers together. I hand them to Mr Andrews with an innocent smile.

“I’m looking forward to reading your answers, you two,” he says approvingly. “You make quite the team.”

His comment makes both me and my mate smile widely. We share a proud look with one another.

When the bell goes, Lucio walks me to the cafeteria. He stands behind me in the queue, his front pressed to my back. Students are staring at us again. Some of them already know that I was with Oro this morning. It must be burning them up with curiosity to see me with Lucio now.

To add fuel to fire, my mate wraps his arm around my waist and kisses my temple.

“You’re definitely giving them something to stare at,” I tell him, and he chuckles.

“I can give them more, if you want,” he murmurs huskily. “Did you enjoy me touching you in class, Emery? Did it make you wet?”

His words almost make me drop my tray. I clear my throat and shake my head to get my brain working again. I realise that there is a big gap between me and the person in front because the queue has moved along, but I haven’t.

I take a couple steps forwards, putting distance between Lucio and me. He comes right up behind me again, inadvertently pressing his crotch against my ass.

Well, maybe not so inadvertently.

I decide to tease him back. I turn around to face Lucio, who looks down at me, both amused and aroused. I can see it in his eyes. It’s the same look he had when he was touching me.

I lift up on my tiptoes to reach his ear. “I loved you touching me,” I admit quietly, speaking lowly so that no one else can hear us. “It made me wet for you. I’m still wet now.”

A rumble comes from Lucio’s chest, vibrating through me. He wraps his arm around my waist.

“How much do you want that sandwich?” He asks, his voice husky and strained.

I look at it and shrug. “Not very much. Why?”

Lucio grabs my hand and my tray. He pulls me the wrong way past the queue. He all-but throws the sandwich back onto the display, chucks the tray back onto the rack and drags me out of the cafeteria.

I struggle to keep up with his long strides as he marches down the corridor. He takes several turns. We walk down the cloisters in the quad and the girls spot me. I wave to them as Lucio keeps striding on.

He takes me to a corridor that I’ve never been down before. I realise that we’re in the alchemy building. Lucio pulls an ID card from his pocket, presses it a scanner next to a door and it opens.

He pulls me inside and shuts the door behind us. His hand grasps the handle of my bag and pushes it down my arm so that it falls to floor. With his hands on my waist, he presses my back to the wall.

“Where are we?” I ask breathily as his lips hover over mine.

“Chemicals cupboard,” he replies hurriedly. “Em, can I kiss you?”

His warm breath fans over my face. I can feel that he is breathing as quickly as I am. He is excited and aroused, just like I am.

Instead of answering him, I kiss him. I lean up on my tiptoes and press my lips to his. Lucio moans against my mouth and kisses me back. His hands slide up my body to my neck. He cups my cheeks, holding me in place whilst he deepens the kiss. My tongue tentatively meets his when he pushes it into my mouth.

Whilst his hands hold me still, my hands roam his body. He has dropped his bag, too, leaving me the freedom to explore him. I slide my hands inside his blazer and run them over his shirt. I can feel the bunched muscles beneath it.

Slowly, as his tongue plays with mine, my hand slides lower and lower…


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