The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Twenty

Emery’s POV.

He is hard as stone. I cup him in my hand. Even through his boxers and trousers, I can feel how hot he is. I squeeze his erection and he pushes his hips into my hand. He releases my face and pulls back far enough to rest his forehead on mine.

“Let me touch you,” he whispers. “Please.”

The asking for permission, combined with manners, makes saying yes all too easy. “Yes,” I answer him softly.

He lets out a shaky breath and slides his hands down my body. They briefly caress my breasts through my shirt before going lower. He smooths down my skirt, only to reach under the hem.

He bunches up the material as he pushes it up, exposing my white thong underneath. He pulls back to look down and groans at the sight of my underwear.

He runs his finger over the material, directly on my lower lips again. He hooks his index finger around the thong and then dips between my lips. I gasp as he parts my folds and slides into me up to his knuckle.

“You’re so wet, angel,” he comments huskily. “So wet for me.”

I close my eyes and savour the feeling of him moving his finger in and out of me. Just one finger, with slow thrusts, has my pussy clenching in pleasure.

“I wish I could taste you and really take my time with you, but my brothers are waiting for us, and this is selfish of me,” he explains. “I need you to cum quickly for me so that we can get back out to them.”

My eyes fly open as he starts pumping his finger in and out of me at a much faster pace. He makes sure that his palm is rubbing against my clit as he fingers me.

I grip the lapels of his blazer and try not to let my legs cave in. He turned me on so much in the classroom, it takes barely a minute for me to clench around his finger.

“That’s it, Em,” he murmurs. “Cum for me.”

“Lucio,” I gasp his name as my orgasm hits.

The pleasure shoots through my body, making my body shake and my pussy convulse around his finger. Lucio doesn’t stop, he keeps going as I moan and grind on his hand.

When I come down from the high, I feel my cheeks getting hot with embarrassment. Lucio pulls his finger out of me and fixes my clothing. He grabs his erection and rearranges it to a more comfortable position in his trousers.

I feel bad that he has to deal with that. I want to help him.

“Well done, Em,” he says affectionately. He kisses my forehead. “We need to go; my brothers will be worried.”

I lick my lips and pat down my hair. After collecting our bags from the floor, Lucio checks that the coast is clear, takes my hand and leads me out of the closet.

He takes me to where his brothers have lunch. As Whitlock royalty, they get one of the drawing rooms along the upper corridor in the main building. I realise that this is where Salvador must go to for his lunch, I bet he has his own room as well.

It’s a simple room, decorated with a couple sofas and a table. It’s only the basics, but it’s a room for themselves, completely private.

“What took you so long?” Esteban asks worriedly when we enter.

All three of them stand up. My cheeks heat up again at the question and Lucio smirks.

“We got…caught up,” Lucio replies vaguely. “And Emery didn’t get any lunch. Can we give her some, please?”

Malvolio goes over to one of the cupboards on the other side of the room and brings back a glass. He pops the cork on a blood bottle and fills the glass for me.

Lucio takes a seat next to Oro and the two start talking. Malvolio places the glass in my hand and then kisses my forehead. I smile shyly as he sits down next to me.

I take a sip of the blood and find out how good it tastes. Unable to help myself, I down the glass in a few gulps. The boys chuckle at my reaction. I wipe my lips self-consciously.

“I feel robbed of time with you,” Malvolio pouts next to me. “And we don’t even have a lesson together today.”

“What can I do to make you feel better?” I offer.

He grins at me and pats his lap. “Give me a cuddle.”

I smile and indulge him. I shuffle up to him, Mal puts his hands on my hips and lifts me onto his lap. I sit sideways on his lap, with my legs on the sofa near Esteban. He is surprisingly comfortable, and I lean against his chest. Mal puts his arms around my waist, holding me close.

“What happened with Lucio?” He asks with interest.

My cheeks turn pink again, no doubt making him more interested.

“We um, kissed and…” I cover my face with my hands, unable to say anything else.

Mal chuckles and leans close to me. I feel his lips brushing against the shell of my ear.

“Did he touch you, angel?” He practically purrs in my ear. His voice is so deep and smooth.

I nod in response, unable to admit it out loud. His hand rests on my thigh, just below my skirt. He massages my skin soothingly.

“Did he make you cum?” He asks.

With hands still over my face, I nod again. Mal laughs lightly and kisses my temple.

“Don’t be shy, angel,” he urges. “I wish I had been there. I would have loved to have watched that.”

His words only make me more embarrassed. It takes a moment for me to pull my hands back from my face. Esteban, having heard every word, is smirking at me from the other end of the sofa.

I keep my arms around Mal’s neck, breathing in his sea breeze and sandalwood scent to comfort me. I play with the hair at the back of his nape, admiring how soft the inky black strands are.

The guys talk, discussing what we will have for dinner tonight. They talk about whether to go hunting tomorrow in their free or to wait until the weekend.

“I think we should wait until the weekend,” Mal suggests. “Emery could come with us. Would you like that?”

I nod in agreement. “I’d like to come.”

“I bet you would,” Lucio comments quietly and winks at me.

I roll my eyes at his immaturity. The four of them chuckle but quickly move on to other topics.

Mal keeps massaging my thigh, making me horny again. I thought I would be more uncomfortable about having four mates, but right now, my body has no qualms about it. The attention is addictive.

I look at Mal to find his eyes already on me. His gaze falls to my lips. I don’t move when he leans in. I’ve already kissed two of The Four today. Why not three?

Mal kisses me softly. His hand stops touching my thigh and instead moves to gently cup my face. Our kiss is sweeter than the others. He doesn’t try to deepen it, he merely moves his lips over mine, kissing like it’s an art.

He takes his time kissing me, moving his mouth languidly, savouring my lips. My fingers tangle in his hair as I kiss him back, enjoying every moment.

“Em?” Esteban’s voice breaks through our kiss.

I pull back and lick my lips. “Yes?”

“Do you want more?” He asks, holding up the bottle.

“Yes, please.”

“You should probably go sit on him for a bit,” Mal says huskily. “The Animalis bond makes him jealous. Plus, I think I’m enjoying this a bit too much.”

I can tell he is from the hard length under my butt. I do as Mal suggests and climb off his lap. Esteban’s face lights up as I sit on his instead. He eagerly wraps his arms around my waist. He hands me the glass and I down the blood, licking my lips when I’ve finished it.

“It’s the good stuff, right?” He says appreciatively. “Bear blood is the best.”

“Do you think that, when we mate, you will feed off of me or still drink bear blood?” I ask him.

He closes his eyes, leans his head back and groans. “Don’t talk about mating and biting whilst you’re on my lap, unmated and unbitten, angel,” he groans. “You have no idea how tempting you are.”

I feel embarrassed again and look down at my hands. Esteban grasps my chin and gently makes me meet his eyes.

“Never be embarrassed with us, Em,” he reassures me. “You are perfect. We were all saying when you left last night, how lucky we are and how we could never have dreamed that our mate would be so incredible.”

My blush spreads all the way from my ears to my hairline. I hide my face in his neck, making Es laugh. He rubs my back.

“Thank you,” I mumble. “I never thought that I would have four mates, but, after getting to know you, I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

I lean back and our eyes meet. Poor Esteban is the only one I haven’t kissed today. I want to rectify that.


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