The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Emery’s POV.

“Leave it,” Esteban murmurs against my neck. He bites down on my skin, not hard enough to break it.

My lips are still frozen against Mal’s.

“Please, let it ring,” he whispers against my lips before kissing me again.

“You can call them back in a minute,” Lucio encourages as he pinches my nipples over the fabric.

“Let us make you cum first,” Oro urges.

I don’t make any move to go. I remain where I am, being pleasured by their hands and mouths. Mal’s lips coax mine to respond, and I do, kissing him passionately.

Oro’s finger resumes circling my clit. He gets faster and faster, applying more pressure as he rubs it. I can feel my orgasm growing inside me.

Mal’s tongue invades my mouth and my senses. I grab at his arm, trying to steady myself as my own arousal makes me weak.

Esteban grazes his teeth back and forth on my neck, teasing a bite. Lucio tugs my nipples, pulling them through the fabric until they’re hard and beaded.

Oro rubs my clit without slowing and applies just a little more pressure. That is all that it takes. My body convulses, shakes, practically sings under their touch.

I moan into Mal’s mouth and keen against their hands. They hold me in place, refusing to let my trembling body stop them from continuing their pleasure.

The pure, unadulterated bliss that fills me is indescribable. My legs starts to give out from under me, but my mates hold me up. Somewhere in the midst of all this, I am guided to the bed.

I come around slowly, blinking my eyes open. It takes a second for my blurry vision to focus. I’m sitting on Mal’s lap on Oro’s bed. Lucio is stroking my hair and Oro and Es are standing in front of me.

“Are you alright, angel?” Oro asks softly.

As well as concern, there is also a little smugness in his eyes. He is proud of himself for helping give me such pleasure. Hell, I’m proud of him too.

I smile shyly. “I’m fine. Sorry, it just felt so good.”

The four of them chuckle.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Mal whispers in my ear.

The others nod in agreement with their brother. My cheeks flame in response.

I shuffle from Mal’s lap and stand up. “I should go check and see who was calling.”

The Four look disappointed but follow me through to the living room. I feel as though my legs are numb as I walk on them. Two orgasms in one day, I’m a lucky girl.

It was my mother that called. She left a voicemail saying that she was checking on me and I am to call her when I have time.

“We don’t want to keep your from your family,” Lucio says. “Why doesn’t Esteban walk you back to your dorm? We can see you again tomorrow after school.”

I agree with his suggestion and say goodbye to my mates. I hug and kiss each one of them. Es takes my hand and walks me back.

“Thank you for tonight, Em,” he says when we get to my door. My heart beats faster as he strokes my cheek. “I cannot tell you how much pleasure it gave us to make you cum like that.”

I look down at the ground, unable to maintain eye contact whilst he talks like that. I’m not sure I could blush more if I tried.

Es grasps my chin and makes me meet his eyes again.

“Does it make you uncomfortable when I talk about orgasms to you, angel?” He asks, grinning mischievously.

I narrow my eyes at him. “Not uncomfortable, embarrassed.”

He chuckles and then pecks my lips. “It’s us, angel. There is nothing to be shy about, we adore you and your body. Anyway, I should let you go before I pounce on you again.”

“Goodnight, Es.”

He kisses me again and I don’t want him to stop. I feel disappointed when he pulls away. “Night, Em.”


I told the girls most of the details about last night, I gave them some of the juicy ones but didn’t tell them everything. My cheeks were burning enough as it was. I called my mum back when I got to my room. She wanted to ask how I was adjusting to having four mates.

It’s a Friday, TGIF. My form tutor gives me a notice that Principal Burberry wants to see me in his office at break time. I get that horrible, sick feeling you get when someone summons you.

What have I done?

Maths is first. I sit with Oro, and we talk books and equations. He holds my hand under the table but doesn’t try anything else.

Next, I have alchemy. Esteban steals a kiss at the doorway but doesn’t ask me to move. I sit with Sal and Es winks at me from across the classroom.

As it gets towards the end of the lesson, I pull out the note to check where the headteacher’s office is.

“What’s that?” Sal asks, pointing at the slip of paper.

“Principal Burberry wants to see me at break,” I tell him.

His face immediately sets into a frown. “What? Why?”

“I don’t know, it doesn’t say.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“It’s okay, I can find it by myself. I remember it from the tour.”

“I’m going with you, Emery, end of,” he snaps.

I look at him curiously, wondering what crawled up his ass and died. He’s been fine the whole lesson. What has pissed him off?

When the bell rings, Salvador shadows me out of the classroom. He stays close by my side as we walk to the office.

“I’ll be right outside, okay?” He says, his expression serious.

“Um, okay.”

I don’t know why he is acting so weird. I knock on the door and enter when Mr Burberry calls out.

The headmaster smiles widely when I enter.

“Ah, Emery, come and take a seat.”

I do as he asks and sit opposite his desk. I sit with my knees together and my ankles a small space apart, wondering what I am here for.

Principal Burberry keeps smiling widely at me, making me uncomfortable. He pulls up his sleeves and leans across the desk.

I catch sight of his prophecy tattoo on his arm. It’s red, but not the same shade of red that mine is. It’s darker, almost maroon rather than scarlet. The principal catches me looking and pulls his sleeve back down.

“I believe congratulations are in order,” he says excitedly. “You are mated to The Four.”

I swallow hard and try not to blush. I’m not sure why it is so embarrassing that my headmaster knows that I am mated to four guys, but it is.

“Uh, thank you, Sir,” I reply uneasily.

“I wanted to also congratulate you on settling in so well here at the Academy. I know your parents will be very proud of you.”

“Thank you.”

This is so weird.

“As you and The Four are now mates, you will probably be wanting to move into the mated dorms. I have had one set up for you and have informed the caretakers to give you a set of keys for it, as you will be moving in this weekend.”

I choke on air, shocked by his words. “Will we? I didn’t know anything about moving this weekend.”

The principal looks surprised. “Oh? Are you not? I just assumed you would, as you’ve met your mates now…Well, how about you try it out this weekend? Stay over one night and see how you feel?”

Why the frick does he care?

I hesitate. “I’ll speak to my mates about this.”

The Principal nods eagerly. “Yes, do that. Remember that most mates move in within the first day or two of knowing one another.”

An awkward silence falls on us. Principal Burberry suddenly gets to his feet.

“Anyway, thank you for coming, Miss St. Cloud. I don’t want to keep you from enjoying your break time,” he states. “Enjoy your weekend and think about the mated dorms. I think the five of you will be very happy there.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

I leave him room as quickly as possible. Sal jumps up when I come out.

“How was it?” He asks concernedly.

I take his arm and pull him down the corridor, away from the office.

“So weird. He was insisting on me and The Four moving into mated quarters.”

“That’s weird,” Sal comments and scrunches up his face. “Why does he care?”

“Exactly! So weird, right?” I respond. “Anyways, I honestly think I’m going to check the dorm for cameras before we move in. The way he was looking at me was making me really uncomfortable.”

“Good idea,” Sal murmurs, but he sounds distracted.

When I glance at him, he’s staring off into the distance, lost in thought. We walk back to the quad for the last of break time.

I get a text from Esteban. He put his number into my phone last night.

How was Burberry? Have lunch with us again? We’ll bring bear blood…

Sal and I sit with the girls. I’m surprised that Salvador joins us, but he’s still deep in thought. I don’t think he even really notices. He’s rubbing his tattoo subconsciously through his shirt.

“Sal?” I call his name and gently place my hand on his shoulder. He jumps and snaps out of his trance. “You okay?”

He forces a smile. “All good.”

I pull out my phone and reply to Es.

Weird. I’ll explain later. I’ll be there.

I add a couple bear and vampire emojis for effect. Hopefully, this time, I won’t spend the majority of my lunch making out with my mates.


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