The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Twenty-Four

Emery’s POV.

The dorm doesn’t smell like anyone. It’s clean and unlived in. The living room and kitchen is much the same as the other dorms, except the sofas are bigger.

Mal opens the door to the bedroom. The bedroom dominates most of the space, it is so wide that it can fit all of us comfortably. There is extra wardrobe space for us all to have enough room for our things. There are two bathrooms, both of them have extra-large showers to fit all of us. We check but, there’s no cameras. What a relief.

“This is awesome,” Esteban says excitedly.

“I really like it,” I tell them. “It’s so big.”

“That’s what she said,” Esteban mutters under his breath. Lucio lightly slaps the back of his head, making him grumble.

“It’s not actually bigger than the other dorms, but it makes all the difference having one bedroom instead of four,” Mal responds.

My mates already stopped by earlier and unpacked their things. They wait for me in the living whilst I get my things out in the bedroom.

I leave the expensive underwear in my bag and push it under the bed. When I come out of the bedroom, The Four are sitting in a row on the largest sofa, talking whilst they have the TV on in the background.

Lucio looks up and I make the mistake of meeting his red eyes. I almost trip on the rug but I manage to right myself at the last minute. I look at him again and find him smirking with amusement. I scowl at him and ignore the space he has made between himself and Mal.

I walk up to Oro and stop in front of him. He grins up at me and opens his arms as an invitation. I sit down sideways on his lap and put my arm around his shoulders. He winds his arms around my waist and hitches me higher onto his legs.

I cuddle into his side whilst the other three eye us with jealousy. We discuss the week, talking about our subjects and what work we’ve been set.

After about half an hour, I swap over and sit on Esteban’s lap. This places me next to Lucio and I talk to him about the project we’ve been set in business studies. Esteban tells me more about Castaño, the wolf he has bonded with. I’ve never seen a wolf in person before, I’m excited to meet him tomorrow.

I move onto Mal’s lap after that, and Oro gets up to make dinner. Esteban joins him to help him tonight. He does the washing up as they go along. I straddle Mal so that I can watch them work in the kitchen over his shoulder. I ignore his erection pressing against my core. Mal remains perfectly still, obviously not wanting to make me feel uncomfortable.

In all honestly, I’m only ignoring his erection because I know that, if I address the situation, I’ll end up wanting to touch him. If I touch him, the whole evening will go to pot and I’m hungry.

Es messes around with Oro in the kitchen, nudging him whilst he stirs the food and flicking water at him. Oro gets annoyed and curses at him, but he’s smiling underneath his irritated exterior. The Four might not be blood-related, but they are definitely like brothers.

When the food is ready, we eat in front of the TV. The boys made fajitas, so it’s easy for us to eat them in the living room rather than at the table.

“Stop pinching all the cheese!’ Es whines to Mal who scoffs at him.

“Back off, I like my fajitas cheesy,” Mal replies.

“Keep eating it all and I’ll have to grate more.”

Oro clears his throat pointedly. “Don’t act like you grated the cheese that is there. We all know who slaved away in that kitchen.”

Esteban’s mouth drops open in shock. “Uh, yeah, we do. Me. I cleaned up all of the shit you used! By the way, Oro, it is possible to cook without using every single utensil in the drawers.”

“I don’t see you complaining with a fajita in each hand, Esteban. It doesn’t matter how many utensils I use when the finished dish is so damn good,” Oro snaps at him and takes a large bite of his fajita.

“Isn’t it great to have such a good chef living with us, Em?” Esteban drawls to me. “He’s so modest, too.”

Oro sticks his tongue out at him, making Es grimace. I chuckle at their interaction, as does Lucio and Mal. I can hardly believe that these are the same four guys that spent the majority of the time glaring at everyone during my first week here. They’re laidback and relaxed around me, now. I get to see a whole other side of them that no one else sees. I love that. I feel so lucky.

When it starts to get late, Lucio suggests that get into bed and have a cuddle. I’m not even sure how that is going to work, but we can give it a go.

Lucio and Mal use the bathrooms first. I help Oro and Esteban tidy up the kitchen and put away the cleaned dishes. Once they’re done, Oro and Es patiently wait for me to use the bathroom.

I surreptitiously grab my bag from under the bed and nip into the bathroom. I change out of my clothes and into the lingerie. I look at myself in the mirror, admiring the expensive-looking set.

I chicken out last minute and pull on an over-sized t-shirt. It comes down to just under my butt and covers the lingerie. I unlock the door and let Oro in. Es is using the other bathroom. I take off my make-up whilst he washes his face. We both clean our teeth together.

Holding his toothbrush between his teeth, Oro grasps my waist and lifts me up onto the counter. He stands between my legs wraps his arm around my neck in a hug.

He reaches around my head to grab the handle of his toothbrush by my face and continues cleaning his teeth whilst hugging me. I do the same and we both laugh, our mouths full of toothpaste.

We spit out the toothpaste, rinse off our toothbrushes and wipe our mouths. I go to leave the bathroom, but Oro catches my wrist, stopping me. When I turn around to face him, his gold eyes are swirling with desire.

“Doesn’t the chef get a kiss?” He teases.

“That depends,” I reply coyly and take a step closer to him. “Is that chef making huevos rancheros in the morning?”

Oro grins at me. “He is now.”

He leans in and kisses me. I close my eyes and sink into his touch. My body softens against his as he holds me close. We both taste overwhelmingly over mint, but I don’t care, his lips are everything.

He pushes me backwards, our lips still connected, and presses me against the wall. His hands find my waist and his thumbs rub back and forth, massaging my hips.

His lips are soft and insistent on my own. Just as his tongue swipes over my bottom lip, Esteban’s voice calls through the door.

“No fair, Oro! You gotta share! There’s only one of Em and there’s four of us, bro!”

Oro pulls back and rolls his eyes. I laugh at Esteban’s complaint. I smooth down my hair and straighten my shirt before following Oro out of the bathroom.

Mal and Lucio are already in bed, both of them on their phones and lying at opposite ends of the mattress. Esteban is standing in the middle of the room, frowning, with his hands on his hips.

Oro switches off the main light and climbs into bed next to Mal. I take the middle space and Es crawls in next to me.

It’s weird having five of us in the bed, but I get used to it pretty soon. The others are on their phone, but Es is cuddled up to me, complaining about Oro taking me all for himself.

It’s very apparent that I’m going to have to be conscious of one guy getting more time with me than the others. They may be as close as brothers, but jealousy could be an issue.

Es kisses along my neck and up to my lips. I kiss him back, getting lost in his delicious scent and addictive touch. His hands explore my body, sliding up and down my sides. My t-shirt lifts and he uses the opportunity to slide his hands under across my bare skin. He freezes when his fingers skim over the mesh insert on my thong.

He pulls back and stares at me with wide eyes and parted lips.

“Em,” he breathes. “Tell me that you’re wearing really boring, cotton panties that your mum bought for you.”

I smile at him. “That would be a lie.”

He groans and closes his eyes. When he opens them again, his pupils have dilated. Suddenly, our conversation has become interesting enough for the others to put down their phones.

“What are you wearing, then?” Es asks huskily.

“Some lingerie that the girls got me,” I reply and bite down on my bottom lip.

“Can we see?” Mal asks huskily, his voice filled with tension and excitement.

My skin warms as I realise that I have four sets of lust-filled eyes on me.


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