The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Emery’s POV.

I slowly slide my hands down my body to the edge of my t-shirt. I grip the hem and start pulling it up. My mates are now sitting up in bed, watching me intensely. My black thong is exposed first. The sides are made of mesh, and it has a cute little bow in the middle of the waistband.

It’s deadly silent in the room as I pull the fabric higher. When it gets to below my bra, I pull it up and over my head. I drop the t-shirt on the mattress beside me and let them get their fill.

The bra is made of mesh and satin. It pushes my breasts up and together without being ridiculous. I thought I would be more self-conscious about having them all look at me at once like this, but I’ve never felt so attractive, so desired.

This is like the biggest ego boost.

Lucio clears his throat first. “Angel…you are an actual angel.”

Mal nods in agreement. “Your body is…fuck, it’s perfect.”

“Why are you wearing the lingerie? Are you trying to torture us?” Es whines quietly. “I just wanna touch.’

I lick my suddenly dry lips. “You can touch.”

Esteban’s eyes flick to mine. I can feel the gazes of the other three on me, too. Their ears have pricked up at my reply.

“We can touch you?” Esteban asks huskily. His voice has dropped an octave and his boxers are tenting dramatically.

I nod shyly, my head still resting on the pillow. Having the four of them sit around me is as exciting as it is intimidating. Encouraged by my reply, Esteban runs his fingers up and down my side teasingly. I lay perfectly still, watching as my mates reposition themselves.

Esteban and Oro are at my head whilst Mal and Lucio are sitting at my waist. Oro leans down and kisses me, but his lips barely touch mine before he is pushed away by Lucio.

“You had her in the bathroom,” he states.

His voice is quiet but holds a no-nonsense tone. Oro nods once and swaps positions with him. He kisses me, taking the place where Oro once was.

As our lips move over one another, varying pressure and finding new angles, hands start to caress my body. Much like my dream, there’s a flurry of excitement building in my stomach at the feeling of so many hands.

Esteban kisses the tops of my breasts. He pushes the cups of the bra down and tucks them under my breasts, this forces them upwards. I don’t get any time to be self-conscious, his mouth comes down on my nipple. He sucks it into his hot mouth, and I clench my thighs together.

Hands pry my thighs apart, forcing them open. I rest the sides of my knees against the mattress, opening my legs wide. Fingertips glide up my inner thighs, towards the junction between my legs.

Just as someone trails their fingers along my thong, Lucio’s tongue probes at my lips. I open my mouth to him and let his tongue meet mine. He kisses me deeply, pushing his tongue into my mouth. It’s so good that I don’t want him to pull away, I reach up and slide my hands into his hair, holding him in place.

Esteban plays with my nipples. I can tell they are his hands. His fingers are slightly calloused at the tips, and he has an artist’s talented touch. Lucio’s hands, which are buried in my hair, have long, slender fingers that can curl deep inside you.

The hands continue stroking my thighs and my pussy over my thong. I can only distinguish between them because I know that Mal was on my right and Oro was on my left before I closed my eyes.

Mal grips my thong and pulls it down. I draw my legs together, allowing him to slide the material from my body. When it is discarded, they both prise my thighs wide, exposing my pussy to them.

The air feels cool against my wet folds. I mentally pray that it looks good. Well, as good as vaginas can look.

“So wet for us,” Mal murmurs appreciatively.

I’m mortified that he is looking at me so closely, but relieved that he sounds pleased. Lucio bites my bottom lip, bringing my attention back to him. I realise that my kissing slowed to a stop because I was focussing on what was going on downstairs.

Lucio pulls back and I open my eyes. He smiles down at me and then bends to draw my nipple into his mouth. Esteban takes the opportunity to kiss me. He takes over from Lucio and pushes his tongue into my mouth.

Mal and Oro’s hands massage my thighs, slowly getting higher and higher. I jump when both of them part my pussy lips at the same time. Mal pushes one finger inside me and I gasp into Esteban’s mouth.

Mal adds a second finger. He pumps them in and out and curves them slightly inside me. My toes curl as I enjoy the exquisite feeling. Oro’s fingers rub my clit. He rubs me in small, steady circles.

Together, the two of them match each other’s pace and start to really drive me wild. They build an orgasm inside me, stimulating my pussy in two completely different ways.

Lucio alternates between sucking my nipples and playing with them. He pulls them until they are hard and distended. He pinches and rolls them so that they are sensitive and then he sucks them into his mouth and grazes his teeth over them.

All whilst Esteban’s tongue caresses mine. It’s sensory overload and my body is shaking with the need to release. Tension builds up inside me and I feel like I’m going to burst.

I’m tipped over the edge when Esteban tugs gently on my hair. The tiny bite of pain is enough to send me headfirst into my orgasm. My body convulses under their skilled hands. They have to hold me in place whilst I writhe and keen beneath them.

The pleasure takes my breath away and I’m left panting, unable to kiss Esteban because the intensity of the orgasm has my brain turning to mush.

All of them draw back from my body, giving me a minute to recompose myself. I blink my eyes open and look at them. All four are looking at me with heated gazes.

Esteban’s lips are swollen from our kiss. Lucio’s eyes are shining bright scarlet with lust. Mal is sucking my juices from his fingers and Oro is grinning at me.

“How was that, angel?” Es asks.

“Amazing,” I whisper, still a little breathless. Es grins at my reply.

“Good. Let’s go again,” Lucio orders.

My eyes widen in surprise. I don’t think he is being serious, but they all move in unison. Esteban swaps with Mal and Lucio swaps with Oro.

I open my mouth to say something, I’m not sure what. I don’t know whether I was going to protest or encourage them. I don’t get to find out. Mal’s mouth seals over mine, kissing me silent.

Oro takes over playing with my breasts. He unhooks the bra and finally gets rid of it, leaving my breasts totally at his mercy. He uses his teeth more than the others. He nips and nibbles at my breasts, sending goosebumps across my skin and shivers down my spine.

Esteban's mouth closes over my clit. I recognise his hot tongue from when he played with my nipples. He swirls the tip of his tongue around my sensitive clit, making small circles.

Lucio’s long fingers enter me. First one, then two and finally, three. Stretched and full, he pumps his hand in and out. He moves in time with Esteban, created a rhythm that has my hips rocking against them.

I feel as though I can’t breathe. I’m breathless with pleasure and excitement. My body starts to tense up again and anticipation builds. I know how good the last orgasm was and I’m eager for another.

My hands, once tangled in Mal’s hair, slide down his body to his boxers. His cock is hard as stone and straining against the material. I slide my hand inside the little slot intended for the guy to get his cock out in a bathroom without pulling the boxers down.

He twitches in my hand as I grasp his length. He’s soft and velvety on the outside and hot and solid on the inside. Not wanting Oro to be left out, I reach for his cock and do the same. Both of them are hesitant at first, but they allow me to stroke them slowly.

Lucio and Es pick up their pace at the same time. Es applies more pressure with his tongue and circles my clit more quickly. Lucio pumps his fingers in and out of me.

The orgasm hits me harder than the last time. I let go of Oro and Mal’s cocks. Mal pulls back from kissing me and I fall back against the pillow, my body shaking. I grip the bedsheets and try to stop my hips from grinding against Esteban’s face, but I can’t.

Mal and Oro hold me down, pinning my hips to the bed as their brothers pleasure me. Euphoria fills my entire body and my heartbeat roars in my ears.

“Oh, my God!” I shout, moaning loudly.

The guys don’t stop until my body stops quaking. Esteban sits up and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. Lucio sucks his fingers clean.

My hands go to my face, covering it with embarrassment.


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