The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Twenty-Six

Emery’s POV.

Mal leans down and pulls my hands away. He kisses my forehead.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Em,” he whispers.

“It’s just us,” Oro reassures me.

“And that was hottest thing ever,” Es chips in.

“Honestly, it was,” Lucio adds.

I can’t help but notice their raging erections. All of them are sporting tents in their underwear. If I wasn’t so distracted by their hard-ons, I would probably be appreciated their muscular, tattooed bodies.

“Let me touch you?” I ask them, reaching for Mal’s and Oro’s cocks again.

“It is not necessary, Em,” Lucio says evenly.

“This was about you,” Es says happily, Oro nods in agreement.

“We don’t need anything,” Mal tells me, but his cock says otherwise.

I stroke his cock from base to head and it pulses in my hand. “Liar,” I whisper.

I raise up from the pillow and kiss the head of his cock. Mal curses under his breath.

“I have an idea,” Esteban says, drawing our attention. “It’s too early for us to mark you.”

“She’s not ready,” Lucio butts in.

I narrow my eyes at him for speaking for me, but he gives me a soft look. I know he’s right, I’m not ready yet. Marking means sex. As fun as those orgasms were, I’m not ready to lose my virginity to four guys.

“How about, instead of marking, we scent you?” Es offers.

My face heats up as I think of it, but, at the same time, I feel a rush of juices leak from my pussy onto the bed. Lucio chuckles as he notices it.

“I think our little angel likes that idea,” he says huskily.

I feel my blush spread further up my face. Without needing any more encouragement, all four guys remove their boxers, leaving them naked.

I take the opportunity to admire their bodies. They are all so different. Lucio is the palest with slightly tanned skin. He has the most tattoos, too. They are all black and are dotted across his body, they cover both of his legs, his arms, and the majority of his chest.

His cock is long and pointed upwards, away from his body. He has a patch of dark immaculately trimmed pubic hair that does not match his silver hair. Lucio meets my eyes as he grabs his cock and pumps his hand once up its length.

Oro, next to me, has bronzed skin from a deep tan. He has the least amount of tattoos. He only has the IV on his right arm and a couple of ones to do with famous and classic books on his left.

His pubic hair is blonde and trimmed short. He is the only one of The Four who is circumcised. Veins wrap around his cock that he is holding casually in his left hand.

Mal is almost as inked as Lucio. Black designs weave over his russet-brown skin. He and Esteban have the darkest skin colours. His tattoos cover his arms and his chest, spreading onto his back.

His cock is long and thick. It points towards me and a drop of pre-cum is leaking from head, I swipe out my tongue to taste it. His pubic hair is shaved completely.

Esteban has tattoos on his neck, chest and back, but only two or three on his arms. His skin colour is very similar to Mal’s. There are a couple scars visible against his dark skin, including one that looks like a bite mark. I wonder if Castaño gave that to him.

Esteban has trimmed his pubic hair, but it is the least maintained out of the guys and that makes sense, he is the most relaxed about his appearance. His cock is also the widest. His girth is so large that the fingertips of his huge hand barely touch around it.

Note to self, do not let Esteban be the one to take my virginity.

Second note to self, do not let Esteban do anal.

My mates take their cocks in their hands. I’m still laid between them, stark naked, wet, and horny again. I watch them as they begin to stroke themselves for me. Using my body as their own porn, their eyes heatedly take in my shaved pussy and bare breasts.

The sight of them pleasuring themselves turns me on more than I care to admit. Unable to stop myself, I slide my hand down between my legs. I rub my clit in fast circles, chasing another orgasm.

Touching myself spurs my mates on. They fist their cocks faster, watching me touch myself like it’s live porn for them. It’s unbearably arousing, watching them stroke themselves.

Their cocks are shiny with pre-cum and pulsing with blood. Their lips are parted in pleasure and their ragged breathing fills the room. They pull the sexiest faces.

Mal’s jaw is clenched in concentration. Lucio’s tongue is running over his top teeth. Esteban’s eyebrows are furrowed, and his lips form an “O’ shape. Oro is biting down on his bottom lip, his pointy incisors sinking in almost enough to draw blood.

I can’t hold my orgasm back. It rushes through me, making my toes curl and my back arch. It’s not as intense as the two before it, due to being from my own hand, but it still sends my body humming with pleasure.

I rock against my hand, slowing to a stop when the pleasure stops crashing through me. My hand falls to one side and I close my legs, catching my breath.

Oro grunts and I realise that my mates are close. The four of them lean up onto their knees, getting closer to my body as they aim their cocks at my skin. I lay completely still, watching them.

They cum in unison, reaching their climaxes at the same time.

“Fuck,” Mal curses under his breath and, a second later, hot liquid lands across my breasts.

Oro grunts again and his semen comes from the other side, covering my breasts.

“Oh, fuck, Em,” Es moans and then cums over my stomach and thighs.

“Emery,” Lucio gasps my name. Thick, white ropes of cum spurt from his cock and land across my stomach.

I don’t move, my body splattered in their semen. The four of them are breathing heavily as they sit back on their feet, their large cocks softening.

“Fuck, that was intense,” Oro murmurs and runs his hand down his face.

“Let’s get you in the shower, angel,” Lucio suggests.

I grab my hair and hold it on top of my head so that it doesn’t fall in the cum when I sit up. My mates help me off of the bed and into the shower.

I step under the hot water and wash their cum from my body. The four of them stand by the wet room entrance, watching me with lustful eyes.

“Seriously, you’ve just came,” I tell them, alarmed that they’re all getting hard again.

“You look so hot covered in our cum, angel,” Esteban says huskily. “It makes me want to do it all over again.”

I clean myself with shower gel, but, as intended, their scent remains on me. Everyone will smell their scents strongly on me for the next couple of days. They won’t know that it is specifically from them releasing their cum on me, it could be that I’ve worn their clothing a lot or cuddled them for a long time.

Oro holds up a towel for me when I get out. I dry myself off and Lucio makes me sit on the closed lid of the toilet whilst he blow-dries my hair for me.

When we’re done, I get into bed with them. No one pays much attention to who is where, which is nice. I kiss each other them goodnight and Lucio turns the light out.


When I wake in the morning, there are only two of my mates in the bed. Oro is cooking, that much I know for certain. The smell of fried eggs has wafted into the room.

I don’t know what Lucio is doing, but he isn’t in bed. It is only me, Mal and Esteban.

Es is flat out, snoring softly on his back. Mal is cuddled up to my side, tracing patterns on my bare breast. He circles my areola, making me giggle.

“Morning, Em,” he whispers and kisses my nose. His normally deep voice is even more raspy after sleep. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, I did, thank you. So well. I don’t even remember dreaming.”

He chuckles and nods. “Me too. Lucio tends to get up in the night and I usually find him reading in the living room when I get up for water, but he stayed in bed all night, as did I.”

“That’s good. I’m glad we can all sleep together successfully.”

“Who’s talking?” Es whines. “It’s too early.”

I look over at him pouting. He grabs one of the pillows and puts it over his head.

“Es doesn’t like early mornings,” Mal says unnecessarily. “He’ll get up in an hour or so. Shall we see if breakfast is ready?”


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