The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Emery’s POV.

I get up with Mal and go over to my bag. I get out clean clothes for the day and quickly pull them on. It’s more uncomfortable being naked the morning after, when the sexual tension has been released and desire isn’t blinding me from my insecurities.

I brush my hair and apply a little bit of make-up whilst Mal takes a shower. When he is dressed, he takes my hand, and we walk into the main room of the dorm.

Oro is standing at the oven, shaking a frying pan that smells incredible. There are five places laid out at the table.

Lucio has moved the coffee table to one side and is doing press-ups in the living room in front of the TV.

“He likes his morning workouts,” Mal explains. “Most mornings, he and I go on jogs together. Oro and Es prefer to exercise in the evenings.”

Oro turns at the sound of his voice.

“Morning!’ He greets us. “Huevos rancheros for our beautiful mate, as promised.”

“You’re amazing,” I tell him as I approach him. He gives me a quick kiss and then returns to cooking. “Is there anything I can do?”

“You can grab some glasses and the OJ out of the fridge, if you like. Lucio! Stop exercising and shower damnit, this food will be ready in five!’ Oro calls over his shoulder. “And try and rouse sleeping beauty whilst you’re at it!”

Mal and I help Oro serve up six minutes later. Lucio comes in with wet hair, followed by a grumpy looking Esteban. He cheers up when I give him a kiss.

We tuck into the delicious breakfast, thanking Oro between mouthfuls. By the end of the meal, Esteban is looking more awake. He rubs his eyes and leans on my shoulder when he is done.

“I’m going to take a shower and then we can go meet Castaño, if you want?” Es offers.

“Yes, please!”

“We’ll meet you out there a bit later on and we can go for a hunt,” Lucio adds.

“Sounds good.”

When Es is ready, we say goodbye to our mates. He takes my hand, and we walk along the empty corridors.

It’s strange being in school at the weekends. All of the classrooms are empty and most of the teachers are not here. It’s a warm morning when we step outside, which is lucky because the weather is going to start getting cooler as September goes on.

We sign in in the book and are allowed entry into the forest. Birds are chirping above our heads as Esteban, and I trek through the trees. We follow the main, wood-chip-laid path.

When we get a suitable distance in, Es stops. I halt next to him and watch him with interest. He clears his throat, leans his head back and lets out an incredibly realistic howl.

He cups his hands over his mouth and makes a second one, much louder this time. The noise bounces off the trees and causes a few birds to fly from the canopy in a flurry.

He turns and looks at me with a cheeky grin. “He should be on his way now; we’ll just wait here.”

I sit down on a mossy log and Es takes a seat next to me.

“How are you feeling after last night?” He asks. “It wasn’t too much for you, was it?”

My face feels hot as I replay our bedtime session in my head.

“No, it wasn’t too much.”

“Good, cause I can only imagine how intense four guys might be.”

I close my eyes and try not to focus on the word four.

For some reason, even though I have accepted that I have four mates, it still makes me embarrassed. It’s embarrassing that people will know that I’ve slept with all four of them, probably at once. That’s…a lot.

Most people have never even had a threesome, let alone a fivesome.

“Do you think that…’ I trail off and try to find the courage to continue my question. I look into the distance; it is easier than meeting Es’ eyes. “Any of you will get jealous? You know, when we do stuff in the future or go further?”

Es considers it for a moment. “I don’t think so, no. As long as everyone…gets a turn,” he says and then grimaces. “Sorry, that sounds so bad. But you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do, don’t worry,” I reply with a chuckle.

“I think as long as we all feel as though we’ve had adequate time with you, there won’t be any jealousy. For example, last night, watching the others touch you didn’t make me jealous. I was so caught up in how much you were enjoying it, I wasn’t even focussed on them touching you.”

He turns to me, and I find it in me to meet his gaze.

“At the end of the day, Em, it’s about you. It doesn’t matter if we get jealous. As long as your needs are taken care of, it doesn’t really matter if it was me or my brothers that took care of them.”

“You’re a such a sweetheart, Es,” I reply softly.

He shrugs. “The others would agree, I know it.”

“Well, I appreciate you saying that and, honestly, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, but please understand that it goes both ways. I want to take care of your needs, too. I want time with each of you.”

His smile widens. “I’m sure we will work something out.”

There’s a quiet crunch of leaf litter from the left and we both turn our heads in the direction. Through the foliage, I spot a pair of yellow eyes.

“Castaño!’ Esteban calls the wolf’s name warmly and gets to his feet.

“Ven aquí,” he speaks in Spanish. “Quiero que conozcas a alguien. No seas tímido, es muy amable.”

Come here. I want you to meet someone. Don’t be shy, she’s nice.

Cautiously, the wolf starts to emerge from the bushes. Its paws come first, followed by its head, which is low to the ground. I can tell that he is nervous, his ears are flat against his head.

He slinks out reluctantly whilst Esteban ushers him out. Esteban crouches down as the over-sized wolf approaches him.

Although nervous about me, the wolf bumps Es with his head. My mate pats his softly at first and then plays with his scruff, rubbing and petting his fur. I watch the two of them interact, a small smile on my face.

“Come meet him,” he says to me.

“Castaño, esta es Emery,” he introduces me.

This is Emery.

I cautiously approach the nervous wolf. He watches me with wide eyes and lowers his body to the ground, whining anxiously.

I hold out my hand, palm down, fingers loose. I let him sniff me first and his ears prick up a little. I crouch down and sit on the forest floor beside him.

More confident now, Castaño gets to his feet and does a circle around me, sniffing my hair. His wet nose presses against my cheek, making me giggle and wipe it.

Once back in front of me, he lets me pat his brown fur. Now that he has established that I am not a threat, he sits between us, letting us pet him. His fur is thick but soft. I tangle my fingers in it and I feel his body vibrating with a content hum.

We stay with Castaño for a while, playing and petting him like you would a pet dog. He’s a softie despite his enormous teeth and large paws.

I’m sad when we say goodbye, but Es promises me that we can come back to see him.

We go off the wood-chip trail and into the thick of the woods. Esteban leads me to a clearing with complete confidence, it’s obvious that he comes here a lot. We wait for the other three to arrive.

“I thought you guys hunted at home?” I ask him whilst we wait.

He shrugs. “There is better game on our land, but, if we don’t go home at the weekend, we’re happy to hunt in the forest.”

“Do you often go home at the weekend?”

Es smiles at the question. “The four of us used to go home most weekends. Not anymore, though. We have a reason to stay, now.”


Mal’s shout makes us both jump. Oro and Lucio follow behind him, shaking their heads.

“What took you so long?” Es asks them as we group together in the middle of the clearing.

Oro decided to start prepping food for lunch,” Lucio says cuttingly. “Despite the fact we’re about to go hunting.”

“Excuse me for wanting a palate cleanser after eating,” Oro replies haughtily. “You’re not getting any anyway, you’ve been too rude about it.”

Mal rolls his eyes at their conversation. “Whatever. Are we hunting or not?”

“Come on,” Lucio orders, taking point.

He heads towards the trees, exiting the clearing. The four of us follow after him. Mal kisses my cheek and then takes off after Lucio. Esteban is close behind them. Oro hangs back with me and takes my hand.

“I want to try your palate cleanser,” I tell him.

He grins and puts his arm around my shoulders. “I knew I liked you.”


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