The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Thirty-Six

Emery’s POV.

Es smirks and slides underneath me. I spread my legs and straddle his slim waist. He places his hand on my hips and helps me lower myself down on his cock, which he is using his other hand to point upwards. We both watch as I sink down on him, his cock disappearing inside of me.

I put my hands on his muscular pecs for support and start to ride him. I go slowly at first, finding my rhythm. Once I’m confident in what I’m doing, I ride him faster.

Esteban’s eyes close briefly as he savours the way I am making him feel. His cock is hard inside of me, stretching me out with every thrust. I clench around him, trying to make it as pleasurable as possible.

He turns his head to one side, offering his neck to me. I can’t deny the offer. I lean down and tease him at first. I kiss his neck and graze my teeth over the sensitive skin, but never bite down. Esteban’s nails dig into my hips in frustration, making me chuckle.

I finally bite down, marking him and linking our souls together. As the bond between us solidifies, Es grits his teeth and struggles not to climax.

He looks surprised and relieved that he managed to hold off when I pull back. I sit back on his thighs, his cock still lodged inside of me. I jump as two hands splay across my stomach.

“Do you think you could take two of us, angel?” Lucio murmurs in my ear.

My tongue feels thick and too big for my mouth as I swallow. Nerves start to creep in, and I clench my butt in response.

“You don’t have to,” Lucio reassures me and kisses my shoulder. “You’ve done so well already.”

I want to please them. I want to do this for them.

Besides, how can you know if you like or don’t like something if you’ve never tried it, right?

“Okay,” I concede shyly. “We can try.”

Lucio keeps kissing my shoulders and neck. Mal reaches into the bedside drawer and pulls out a bottle of lube. I wring my wrists nervously as he hands the bottle to Lucio.

To try and distract me, Esteban starts gyrating his hips. He grinds against me, and I work with him, helping him keep me focussed. Lucio gently ushers me to lean forwards, over Esteban’s chest. This exposes my butt to him.

Lucio squirts some of the cold liquid between my buttocks. It slides down the valley towards my asshole. Lucio’s fingers spread the gel across my asshole, and I can hear him working at his cock, too.

My heart beats faster as he replaces his fingers with his cock. The round head of his cock probes against my asshole and I try my hardest not to clench. I stay relaxed as he pulls back and pushes forward repeatedly. He enters me inch by inch with each thrust.

I’m left breathless but how stretched I feel. I thought having sex with my mates stretched me out, but this is completely different. I feel so full, so stuffed.

Esteban remains perfectly still, letting Lucio do most of the moving. Only when I have gotten used to the feeling does Esteban start moving as well. It feels so strange but so good. They alternate, when one slides out, the other slides in.

Oro and Mal are on either side of us and I reach for them both. I wrap my hand around Oro’s cock and pull Mal towards me. When he is within reaching distance, I lean towards him and wrap my lips around his cock. He grunts and thrusts forwards, pushing his cock further into my mouth.

I pull back and swap over, taking Oro’s cock between my lips. I take him as deep as I can, relaxing my throat to take him as much as possible. Esteban and Lucio move faster, fucking me harder. I pant as I try to breathe through the pleasure that I am feeling.

I’m so glad that I tried this, it feels incredible to have two of them inside of me at once. With Mal and Oro in my hands, I feel so connected to all of my mates in this moment.

I can feel another orgasm building and I clench around Esteban and Lucio.

“Are you close, Em?” Es asks from below me.

I nod, unable to talk. He starts thrusting upwards faster. I take Oro’s cock into my mouth again to stop myself from moaning embarrassingly loudly. I moan around his cock and Oro groans at the vibrations it causes.

My orgasm hits in full force. It’s so powerful that it makes my entire body tremble. It is only intensified by Lucio and Esteban fucking me in both holes. My eyes almost roll back in my head at how good it feels.

I’m panting and high on endorphins when my orgasm finally recedes. I only have a couple of seconds to recover, because all four of my mates reach their climaxes simultaneously.

Lucio’s and Esteban’s thrusts become messy and uncoordinated. Oro’s cock pulses in my mouth and I can feel Mal’s throbbing in my hand. Mal cums first, splattering the side of my face with his hot cum.

Oro releases in my mouth and I swallow instinctively, taking every drop. He slips from my lips as Lucio suddenly stills and grunts. I can feel his cock pulsing in my ass as Esteban curses and finishes inside me.

None of us move for a few minutes as we catch our breaths back.

“I’m going to pull out. Okay, Em?” Lucio checks.

“Okay,” I reply weakly.

He slides out of me, and I feel like he takes my insides with him. I groan in disgust.

Ugh. That feels horrible.

I lift up off Esteban’s cock and collapse onto the space beside him. I can feel their cum dripping out of me, but I don’t care. I haven’t got the energy to do anything about it just yet.

“We need to mark you,” Mal says. “Can we?”

I manage to peel my eyelids open to look at him. The other three at looking at me expectantly.

“Of course.”

My mates surround me on the bed, trying to find the right spots for them. Mal chooses my inner right thigh. He spreads my legs until he finds the right spot. It’s high up in my inner thigh and would only be seen if I was wearing hot-pant style shorts, or a bikini.

I don’t really mind having a mark there. It wouldn’t bother me having others see it. Oro likes that spot, because he moves near to the same position but on my left thigh.

Lucio kisses across my breasts and stops at the top of my left one. Esteban matches him on the other side. In complete unison, my four mates sink their teeth into me at the same time.

The experience is indescribable. We all connect as one, we all feel the same sensation of our souls bonding, our hearts becoming complete. The rush of pleasure is so intense, it knocks me unconscious.

I come round and find myself in the bathtub. I blink a couple of times and look around, adjusting to my surroundings. Lucio is sitting behind me in the bath, I am between his legs and my back is to his chest.

I never take baths, so this is a novel experience for me. Esteban is sitting on the edge of the bathtub, with Oro next to him. Mal is sitting on the closed lid of the toilet seat, a towel on his lap and a concerned expression on his face.

“How do you feel, Em?” Oro asks softly.

I take a mental check of my body and extremities.

“I feel good. How long was I out for?”

Es chuckles. “About ten minutes. We would have been worried had we not been pre-warned about this.”

“Pre-warned?” I ask.

“When we told our parents about our prophecy last year, they did their research on poly-mates. My father warned us that a single marking is intense for a mate to receive and that there had been reports of twins making their mates pass out from their joint marking. We knew that four would be even more intense.”

“Thank you for the warning,” I mutter under my breath, making them laugh.

“We didn’t want you to worry or panic, angel,” Lucio says behind me. “We wanted you to be as relaxed as possible and just pass out from the pleasure.”

“Well, I’m definitely relaxed,” I comment, moving my hands under the water.

The water is warm and feels like a blanket around me. My eyes start to droop, and Oro stands up.

“I think we need to get our sleepy little mate to bed,” he states.

Esteban helps me up and Mal wraps the towel around me. He picks me up, out of the bath and dries me off whilst Lucio drains the tub and gets out of it.

Five minutes later, we are all back in bed together. We say goodnight and the lights go out.

I can’t believe I lost my virginity to four guys.

I waited eighteen years to have sex with four different guys on the first night of my sexual journey.

What the hell.

It’s like when you spend ages waiting for one bus and four arrive at the same time.


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