The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Thirty-Seven

Emery’s POV.

I’m the first to wake up on Saturday morning, I can’t believe it. One glance at the clock tells me that Lucio has decided to forego his usual morning run.

The boys are snoring softly around me. I’m a little sore between my legs and my butthole aches but I’m extremely satisfied. I can’t believe we finally completed our mating last night.

We could have filmed it and made a fortune!

I chuckle at my random thought and Lucio stirs next to me. He opens his eyes and smiles sleepily.

“Morning, angel,” he mumbles.

“Morning,” I whisper back.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, not too sore,” I reply quietly.

Esteban groans and his hand pats the pillow under my head. His eyes are closed as he blindly pats around, looking for something. I flinch as he finds my face and he puts his fingers over my lips.

“Sh,” Esteban grumbles. “Too early. Back to sleep.”

Lucio rolls his eyes and sits up. He offers his hand out to me and helps me climb out of the bed. We use the bathroom and creep around the bedroom, getting dressed.

Since Oro, the cook, is not awake yet, we both pour coffees and sit down on the sofa together. We don’t turn on the TV, we just cuddle and talk about what we’re going to do today.

“I don’t want you to go tomorrow,” I pout at him.

Lucio kisses the top of my head. “It’s only for a couple of hours, angel.”

“We’ll be back before you know it,” a voice assures me from across the room.

We both look and see Mal leaning against the doorway. He comes and sits beside me. I reach out for his hand, and he squeezes mine.

“Oro is up, so breakfast won’t be too long,” Mal says and winks.


Saturday is just…dreamy. I spend every minute with my mates, knowing that I won’t get anywhere near as much time with them on Sunday.

After breakfast, which consists of more waffles, Lucio and Mal drag me on a jog. They do their usual route around the school grounds. I’m behind them most of the time, gasping for breath.

I don’t enjoy it, but I somehow survive it. The only bonus is that I get to see them looking all hot and sweaty.

Oro lets me help him make lunch for everyone. We mess around in the kitchen together before he turns serious. He makes sure that we plate up a masterpiece of quinoa salad.

In the afternoon, I sit on Esteban’s lap and watch him sketch a bird that sits on the fence of our balcony. I’m fascinated as I watch his hand move across the page, lightning fast.

When he is done, the sketch looks so real that I feel like I could almost touch the bird.

In the evening, we order pizzas from the school’s canteen and eat them whilst watching the first two Harry Potter films.


I’m pouting like a toddler having a tantrum on Saturday morning. I don’t want my mates to leave. I know I’m being childish and it’s only for a few hours but I’m going to miss them.

’You have to go and meet Sal, angel,” Lucio says when I’m standing next to them in the garage.

I had three missed calls from Sal after my run this morning. When I finally called him back, he was just checking that we were still meeting at eleven in front of the forest.

“I know,” I reply sadly. “Hurry back to me.”

Lucio smiles softly and leans in to kiss me. “Of course, we will,” he replies.

He gets into the car and Mal comes up to me. He kisses my lips and then my forehead.

“Be good, Em. Don’t give your friend too hard a time.”

It’s funny that he’s actually being nice about Sal. Oro steps up next. He cups my face and kisses me until my fingers dig into his arms.

“Stay safe, little mate,” he whispers.

Esteban comes in last. He wraps his arm around me, sticks his leg out and sweeps me to the floor dramatically. I squeak in surprise and cling onto him as he dangles me. He dips his head and kisses me.

I’m giggling when he rights me, standing me back up.

“Keep smiling, Em. We’ll be back soon.”

I watch despondently as the four of them get into the car. Lucio pulls out of the garage and drives off down the road towards town.

Sighing, I leave the garage and walk over to the forest’s edge. Sal is waiting by the sign-in building.

“Wow, you’re not crying,” he comments dryly. “This is going better than I thought it would.”

I roll my eyes at him. “Ha-ha.”

“Your phone,” he orders and holds out his hand to me.

I sigh and hand my phone over to him. During our phone conversation this morning, he had mentioned wanting to turn on share my location so that he could use “Find my friends’ to track my location and vice versa.

When I asked him why he was so bothered by this, he told me that it was a sensible thing to do and meant I wouldn’t have to spend ages trying to track him down like I did the other day.

I guess it makes sense, but I don’t know why he is so bothered about.

“You’ve mated now,” he says simply when he hands my phone back.

I pocket it and nod. “Yep.”

Why does this feel awkward?

There’s a strange vibe surrounding Sal. I watch him curiously as he signs us both in on the book and we take the main track into the woods.

He keeps looking around.

“What are you looking for?” I ask him, getting irritated with the way his eyes keep darting about.

It’s making me nervous.

“Looking for prey,” he replies unconvincingly.

We walk along the path, going deeper into the woods. I try to make conversation, but all of his responses are blunt and unhelpful. He sounds absentminded, like he’s not even concentrating on what I’m saying.

He gets closer and closer to me as we go further in. When he bumps into me for the fourth time, I take a big step away from him to put some space between us. Sal quickly closes it and gets nearer to me.

“Dude, seriously? Some space, please.”

“Sorry,” he replies, sounding not in the least bit sorry.

A badger appears through the foliage in front of us. I reach out and grab Sal’s arm, making him stop.

“What is it?” He asks worriedly.

I hiss at him to be quiet and point at the badger. I soundlessly creep forwards. Sal comes in close behind me.

His foot catches mine and makes my shoe come off a little. I shove him backwards, away from me, and correct my shoe.

He gets close to me again and I push him away. “Ow!” He complains.

Startled, the badger runs off. I scowl and throw my hands up in exasperation.

“What is your problem? Why are you sticking to me like a shadow? It’s pissing me off,” I tell him angrily.

Sal doesn’t even look at me. He keeps scanning the trees. I click my fingers in front of his face. “Hey! I’m talking to you!”

He looks at me, clearly irritated. His eyes are narrowed, and his teeth gritted. “What?”

“Screw this,” I mutter and walk away from him. “I’m going to go catch something. See you in a bit.”

Sal catches up with me. “I’ll come with you.”

I stop and put my arms over my chest. “No. I’m going alone; you’re clearly not focussed on this.”

He looks conflicted so I continue.

“I will meet you at the bookings building in an hour,” I insist. “I want to catch something, I’m hungry and you’re not in the right state of mind.”

I storm off before he can argue with me. I shake my head in disbelief.

“What has gotten into him?” I mutter under my breath.

He’s being so unbearably clingy. He was literally shadowing my every movement, getting so close that he was actually bumping into me. He’s so distracted too; his mind is clearly on other things.

So strange.

I march through the foliage, trying to get away from the path so that I can find a decent catch. That badger would have been nice, before Sal stupidly scared it off.

I still don’t get why Sal was so bothered about being near me. It’s like he was worried about something, the way his eyes were darting about.

He has bigger things to worry about, why is he so focussed on me?

Why is Sal being so protective of me?

He insisted on staying close. He was mad that The Four were going away. He made me turn on the location tracking on my phone.

He’s trying to protect me from something.

I freeze as an idea pops into my head.

I really hope this isn’t to do with his prophecy.

A twig snaps behind me and I spin around at the sound.

“Emery St. Cloud.”

I frown as my name is called.

“Who’s there?”


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