The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Forty-One

Emery’s POV.

I’m starving by the time we arrive at Mal’s family home. Luckily, his parents are ready to serve dinner as we walk in. It’s an odd family affair, having the seven of us around the dinner table, but we find lots to talk about.

Mal only has a double bed. Lucio, Esteban and Oro are given their own bedrooms. They share their feelings on me staying alone in the room with Mal. It’s for one night, they’re cool with it.

Mal is beside himself with excitement to get me alone for one night. We cuddle in his bed and talk about the last week.

His hand slides up and down my thigh, getting teasingly closer to my inner thigh with each stroke. In the end, I pull him in and kiss him. Mal smiles against my lips and then kisses me back.

He rolls us from our sides so that he is on his back, and I am straddling him. He makes quick work of discarding my panties and his boxers. He runs his fingers up and down my pussy, testing how wet I am.

Seemingly satisfied that I am ready, he replaces his fingers with his cock. I gasp as he sinks inside of me, stretching me out for the first time in a week.

There is a little discomfort at first, seeing as this is only the second time I’ve had sex. It fades as I begin to ride him. Mal lets me take control but places his hands on my hips to support me.

We move in time together, our lips mashing in a messy kiss. I climax around his cock and my clenched pussy takes him with me. Mal presses his fingers into my hips and moans my name as we cum together.

I lay on his chest, cuddled up against him with his softening cock still inside of me. Mal kisses the top of my head.

“We should probably move, preciosa,” he whispers.

I groan and shake my head stubbornly. “No.”

He twitches his cock inside of me, making me laugh. I sigh in defeat.


We clean ourselves up and race back to bed. I curl into his side and Mal strokes my hair.

“Night, preciosa.”

“Night, Mal.”


In the morning, Mal and I take a bath together. He impresses me with his water powers, he makes the water move around and form shapes in the air. It’s incredible.

We all sit outside on the patio. Mal’s parents have gone to meet up with some of the governors for the school.

“I think we should go hunting today,” Es suggests.

I like the sound of that. My hunting trip was cut short last weekend thanks to Principal Burberry.

“Mal and I were talking, and we came up with an idea last night,” I tell my mates, getting their attention. They all look at me expectantly. “Because Mal got me all to himself last night, we think that I should spend some time alone with each of you to make it fair.”

Their eyes light up, clearly pleased with this idea. I turn to Lucio.

“Can I share your bed tonight?”

He grins at my question. “You can share my bed any night, angel.”


Mal drives us into the nearby town after breakfast. We walk around for a couple of hours. Mal points out the places he used to visit as he was growing up.

We eat ice creams in the town square and follow the nature trail through the park like kids. It’s nice to be so relaxed and carefree. My mates are still overly protective of me. They walk close to my side and put me in their square of protection if there is a crowd or group of people approaching. It’s unnecessary, but sweet.

Mal’s parents are home when we get back. The governors have appointed Professor Langston as principal of the academy going forward. They have removed the book on Lamia blades from the archives.

Principal Burberry will be tried in court next month. The five of us will probably have to testify. I hadn’t thought about that. I don’t know how I feel about having to face that monster of a man again.

I’m far angrier at him for stabbing Sal than for trying to kill me.

We go on a family hunting trip, parents and all. It’s an interesting experience, trying to find something to hunt in the forest with all of my mates and Mal’s parents. It turns out to be fun, actually. We have a laugh and manage to take down an entire skulk of foxes.

In the evening, I slide into Lucio’s bed. He’s smiling from ear to ear, forgoing his usual broody, bossy expression. He kisses along my shoulder and back up again, towards my neck.

“I like this,” he murmurs. “I get you all to myself for one night.”

“I like this, too,” I reply softly.

He trails kisses up my neck to my lips. I kiss him back, pressing my lips firmly against his. Lucio holds himself above me with one hand and explores my body with the other.

He pinches my nipples and squeezes them. I slide my hands up and down his chest, feeling his muscular form.

Lucio breaks the kiss and looks down at me with wild-looking eyes. The primal aura about him excites me. He flips me onto my front, so that my back is to him.

The excitement only builds when he pushes my thighs apart and strokes my pussy from behind. I rest my cheek on the pillow and sink into the mattress, enjoying him playing with me.

He touches me until I’m drenched, which doesn’t take long. I’m quivering by the time he pushes the head of his cock between my legs. He enters me slowly from behind. It feels unbelievable. My fingers curl against the sheets and I bite down hard on my bottom lip.

Lucio slides completely into me and takes a beat for me to recover from the intrusion. He brushes my hair away from my neck and kisses my skin. I shiver and nuzzle into his touch.

Content that I am alright, he begins to move. He starts slow but is soon pounding into me from behind. I’m gasping with pleasure as he fucks me, letting out these sexy little grunts.

My orgasm builds fast and unexpected. My pussy clamps down around his cock, drawing him deeper inside. Lucio groans and stills. His cock convulses inside me as he reaches his climax.

We’re both panting. He moves his hand and places it on top of mine, we link our fingers together.

Lucio murmurs against my skin, “Emery, I….”

“Me too,” I whisper when he trails off.

Sometimes, words don’t need to be spoken for you to know what the other means.


Sunday is much the same as Saturday. We go for a walk, eat with Mal’s parents, spend quality time together.

In the late afternoon, we drive back to the academy. Oro cooks dinner for everyone. When we’ve eaten, Oro and I go back to their old dorm for our night together.

“Is it bad that I feel like I’m on the bachelorette having my fantasy suite dates?” I ask him whilst lying on my back, stretching diagonally across the bed.

“Okay, answer me this first, is it bad that I know what you’re talking about?”

I giggle and roll onto my front to watch him come out of the bathroom. He is only wearing a pair of loose pyjama bottoms. I admire his shirtless chest.

“You watch the bachelorette?”

He rolls his eyes and sits down on the bed beside my head.

“I saw a clip of it on my Instagram and, what can I say? I was intrigued. I got hooked, finished the season.”

“No way! This is awesome!” I exclaim. “Get into bed and tell me which bachelorette it was.”

“Fine, but tell me that there will be sex somewhere during this gossip-filled, bachelorette-orientated sleepover I’ve somehow dropped into?”

“Of course,” I reply and pat the space next to me.


I force poor Oro to talk to me about the season that he watched. I bet he regrets saying anything. I’m pretty certain that, after our chat, he will never mention anything to do with the bachelor/bachelorette again.

As a reward for patiently granting my wish, I smirk at him and pull down his pyjama bottoms. His eyes light up and he gets this adorable, excited look on his face.

Completely naked, I get to admire his gorgeous body. I push back the covers and bend down, so that I am eye-level with his hard cock. It lays across his stomach, covered in veins and leaking pre-cum. I point it upwards and inspect it, admiring it up close.

“Uh, Em? Making me a little self-conscious with the way you’re analysing it,” Oro says warily.

I chuckle and kiss the head, licking the pre-cum from my lips after.

“Don’t be self-conscious. I haven’t ever looked at one properly before, alright? This is fascinating for me.”

Reassured, he lays back and lets me continue my inspection.


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