The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Forty-Three

Esteban’s POV.

I push my tongue into her mouth, tasting every inch of her. I want to do the same with her body. She’s in her uniform, so I pull up her skirt and pull down her tights. I leave them at her thighs, in a hurry to touch her.

My fingers skim over her bare thighs and I find her thong. I pull it down and eagerly part her pussy lips with my fingers. She’s so wet for me already. I hum my approval against her lips and push a finger inside her. I’m rewarded with a moan.

I add another, feeling how tight she is around my fingers. I pump them in and out a few times before adding a third. Emery whimpers against my lips, but it’s a good whimper.

I withdraw my fingers and pull back, breaking the kiss. She pouts adorably, making me chuckle. We strip out of our clothes, discarding shirts and ties to the floor.

Once she’s naked, I guide her over to my bed and make her lie down on it. There, I proceed to taste her gorgeous body. I start at her neck, licking and sucking until she’s both moaning and giggling.

I move down to her beautiful breasts. I can’t resist pushing them together and squeezing them. I suck on her nipples until they are hard and tight. I force myself to keep moving down and reluctantly leave her breasts to go to her stomach.

My excitement picks up again when I get past her stomach to between her legs. She spreads them for me like a good girl and I get to look at her pretty pussy. I stroke it lovingly.

My favourite place to be.

I lean in and taste her, licking her up and down. I flick her clit with tip of my tongue, making her gasp. I push two fingers inside her tight channel and keep focussing on her clit, stimulating it until she is keening at my touch.

I carry her through her orgasm, licking up every drop of delicious cum that she gives me. When she is coming down from the climax, I get between her legs and slowly enter her.

Our bodies rock together in the perfect rhythm. We are in total sync with one another, our eyes locked and our breaths mingling. I am so blissfully happy in this moment.

“I love you.”

The words slip from my lips just as Emery orgasms again. Her eyes widen in shock and her pussy spasms around my cock.

“Oh, my God, Es!” She moans, quivering underneath me.

I keep thrusting, cursing when my own orgasm hits. I thrust slowly and eventually still. Inside her, I can feel my cock pulse with each spurt of cum. The euphoria is all-consuming for a few long moments.

I shudder as the pleasure resides and my thoughts become coherent again. I look to Emery for her reaction. She’s grinning up at me.

She strokes the hair at my nape and kisses my nose. “I love you, too.”


Emery’s POV.

After Esteban dropping the ‘L’ bomb during sex, I don’t feel so nervous about telling my other mates how I feel. I saw it in their eyes when we were alone together, but I think we’re all a bit nervous about being the first to say it. Trust Esteban to be the one to go first.

I have maths with Oro. We decide to be a bit late to the lesson and sneak down an empty corridor for a morning make-out session. Our eyes lock as our lips part.

“I love you,” I whisper to him.

The grin that breaks out on his face makes my heart flutter. He kisses me again, burying his fingers in my hair and holding me tightly in place.

“I love you so much,” he murmurs. “Let’s skip this lesson.”

We truant the lesson. I can’t believe it’s the first lesson I’ve skipped since starting. My parents would not approve. I go to alchemy and Es lets me partner with Sal, simply because he’s still high on life from our “love-you’ exchange last night.

After, I have a free, which I share with Lucio. It’s cloudy, but quite warm out, so we go for a walk. The grounds are pretty empty, seeing as the majority of students are in class.

“How are you feeling?” Lucio asks as our joined hands swing between us.

It’s been over a week since the attack.

“I’m good,” I tell him. “I feel better knowing that he is locked up somewhere. It was good to get answers about why I was attacked by that hunter last year, too. I’m honestly surprised that my parents haven’t insisted on me coming home.”

“I bet they were worried.”

“Worried doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

The ominous grey clouds above decide to finally shed their raindrops. A couple land on my face.

“It’s raining!’ I cry out.

Lucio pulls me over to the mini pavilion that is situated nearby. We run under the cover just as the heavens opens. Rain lashes down around us, soaking the grass.

Lucio puts his arm around me and pulls me close. We stand in the centre of the pavilion, keeping dry and away from the edges. I look up and find him already looking down at me. He tucks a wispy strand of hair behind my ear and lovingly strokes my cheek.

“I love you, Emery,” he says quietly as his eyes scan my face to gauge my response.

My heart stumbles in its beat and corrects itself by beating twice as fast. I throw my arms around his neck, almost knocking him off-balance.

“I love you,” I reply excitedly.

He kisses me then. His lips come down over mine, sealing our tender proclamations.


Due to the rain, PE is in the gymnasium. We’re told to partner up and my mates encourage Mal and I to be together. He’s so confused, bless him. I know what my mates are trying to do.

Mal is the only one I haven’t shared the L-word with yet. They’re wanting us to all be on the same page. It’s coming from a sweet place, but it feels a little forced like this.

We have to practice basic Judo moves. The teachers invite us into the circle we’ve created one pair at a time. It’s hilarious, watching everyone throw each other to the mats on the floor.

Mal winds me a couple of times and apologises profusely afterwards. I get him back with a few throws of my own. After we have the hang of the five moves, we are given our own mats and spaced out around the room.

Mal and I choose the right-hand corner to practice our moves. We choose to focus on o uchi gari.

“You go first, attack me,” he orders.

I stand facing him. I step forward and raise my hands. He twists his hips, puts his foot between my legs and takes out my knee with his own knee. My leg caves and I drop to the ground. He pushes me down and pins me to the ground with his weight.

He gets my wrists and pins them above my head. Our breathing is shallow and our eyes heated. He grins down at me, and I grin back, liking this intimate position.

His eyes scan over my face and his expression turns serious.

“You know I love you, right?” He asks softly. “So much.”

My heart flutters and my cheeks heat up. “I love you too, Mal.”

He leans in and kisses me. I enjoy the kiss for all of two seconds.

“Oi! Lovebirds!” One of the teachers shouts. “This is a class! Save it for your dorm and get up.”


Lucio’s POV.

After a great week with our mate, Friday comes around fast. I can’t believe we have all shared the “I love you’ moment with her.

It’s a relief that we’re all on the same page. I don’t know why I was worried about it. We’re all completely in sync, I should never have been concerned.

We invite our little angel out for a date on Friday evening. There is a lot to celebrate. It’s our girl’s fifth week at the academy. Five weeks of Emery St. Cloud in our lives.

After classes finish on Friday, we return to the dorm and get ready. Everyone gets dressed up, even Es manages to put on a shirt. Emery chooses a tight dress that has all of us reaching for her when she steps out of the bedroom. She bats our eager hands away with her handbag.

Oro cheats. Using his power over metal, he draws her towards him using her necklace. Emery is shocked as he lifts his hand, and the necklace tugs her body. She has to move towards him to stop it from cutting into the back of her neck.

“Hey, no fair!” Es protests. “That’s cheating!”

Oro chuckles and stops the pull. Emery is standing directly in front of him, and he uses the opportunity to kiss her. She seems amused by his efforts and kisses him back. The rest of us look on with jealousy. Maybe I can get Serena to wrap herself around Emery and drag her over to me? I don’t think it will have quite the same effect though…


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