The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Forty-Four

Lucio’s POV.

We chose one of our favourite restaurants for our date. It is a bar and grill on the main street in town and very popular.

When we arrive, we are seated at a booth in the window. We seat Emery in the middle of us, two either side. That’s the way we like her, protected in the centre.

With everything that has gone on in our mate’s life, we want to protect her from anything and everything. She has already been through so much.

I sit on one end and Esteban sits on the other. Mal and Oro are on either side of our girl. My skin prickles with the unwelcome stares of other patrons in the restaurant.

My brothers and I are somewhat local celebrities around here. The stares are commonplace, but they are worse now that we are out with our mate. I understand it, it is a rare occurrence for five people to be in a relationship together.

It has been a month; they need to get used to seeing us around.

“Ignore them, brother,” Mal says to me, under his breath so that Emery doesn’t hear.

“It is rather hard when they are all staring,” I mutter back.

I meet the curious gazes of a couple of the starers. I maintain eye contact until they feel uncomfortable enough to look away.


The sweet voice of my mate pulls me from my glaring. I soften my expression and turn to her.

“Yes, love?”

“What are you going to order?” She asks inquisitively, holding the menu up. “Mal is getting ribs, Oro and Es are getting steak.”

I browse the menu in my hands. “Probably a burger.”

“Oh, good choice! I want a burger, I think,” she replies.

I watch her pull her bottom lip between her teeth and chew on it whilst she considers her options. She has no idea how much that innocent habit affects myself and my brothers.

When she looks up, we are all staring at her heatedly. Her cheeks turn pink, and she looks shy. “What?”

“Nothing,” Oro replies quickly.

The waiter comes and takes our order. We talk continuously. The conversation is never strained between us. Even before meeting Emery, the four of us were close. Having our mate only solidifies that bond between us. We are supposed to spend our lives together.

I know that some people won’t approve or won’t understand what we have. It can be confusing to think of us as brothers that are not related. Or to understand how we are all share Emery and yet only have feelings of friendship towards each other.

Emery is our sole focus. The one person that connects us. My romantic and sexual feelings are focussed entirely on her, not my brothers. Some people might think that we all have sexual feelings for each other, but that is not the case.

“What are you thinking so hard about?” Emery asks me across the table.

“Us,” I reply honestly.

My answer makes her smile. “Good.”

The food, as usual, is great. We eat, we talk, we enjoy our evening. The stares fade out as people get used to us. I hope that, wherever we end up, people grow accustomed to us, and the stares stop like they have now.

At the end of the evening, we return back to the academy. Emery doesn’t know it, but we have a surprise waiting for her. All five of us saw glimpses of the same vision when we got our prophecies. Emery’s was obviously from a completely different perspective to that of my own and my brothers’.

We want to make that vision come to life tonight.

Once we’re back in the dorm, we instruct Emery to go to the bathroom, do whatever she has to do and meet us in the bedroom, naked. Her cheeks are flaming pink when she manages to get her feet to move.

She looks shyly over her shoulder and then disappears into the bathroom. My brothers and I use the other bathroom, getting ready also.

After I have cleaned my teeth, I strip out of my clothing until I am only in my boxers. My brothers do the same. We wait in a line for Emery in the bedroom.

She pokes her head around the door and looks at us.

“Naked?” She confirms.

I nod. “Naked, angel.”

She looks conflicted for a moment and then the door shuts again. We wait patiently for her to come out. Her bare thigh comes first, followed by the rest of her body. She keeps her arms in front of her, trying to cover her important parts. She can’t hide her beautiful body from us, and we certainly don’t want her to.

She is perfect. Her white hair is tucked behind her ears. Her skin is smooth and soft and inviting. Her nipples are beaded with the cooler temperature of the bathroom. Her pussy is bare and tempting us with each step that she takes.

“Turn around, angel,” I order her.

She dutifully does as I command and turns her back to us. All four of us take the opportunity to check her out from behind. Her scars are faded but present. I know the others feel the same anger that I do each time they see them.

If only we could have protected her…

Our eyes drop lower to her round bottom. Mal clenches his hands into fists. I know he is trying to hold himself back from touching her. I retrieve the blindfold and walk up to her. She shivers when she feels my chest brushing against her back.

“I am going to blindfold you, Emery,” I tell her softly.

She inhales sharply and nods once. “Okay,” she whispers.

I place the blindfold over her eyes and secure it with a knot behind her head. I pull the stray strands of hair free from the knot and make sure it is secure.

“Do you consent to being tied up?” I ask her.

She pauses for a beat before replying. “Yes.”

I step back and Mal steps forward with the black ties. We all watch as he deftly ties her hands together in front of her body.

Blind and bound, he guides our mate to the bed, and we situate ourselves around her. Her chest rises and falls quickly with her shallow breaths. I know she equally as nervous as she is excited.

I imagine it’s a little intimidating to be outnumbered in the bedroom, and now, her senses are even more heightened because she has lost her sight and hands.

Together, the four of us choose a part of our mate’s body. She gasps as we all touch her at once. I massage her inner thighs, getting teasingly close to her pussy.

Mal and Oro play with her breasts and suck on her nipples. Esteban pushes two fingers inside her and I focus on her clit, rubbing her clit in slow circles.

Emery gasps and writhes under our touches. Her body is completely overwhelmed by us all touching her at the same time. She quakes and shivers under us.

I’m addicted to the little mewls she makes. I watch her face, enjoying her reactions. Her lips are parted and in the shape of an ‘O’. She gyrates her hips against my hand.

We make her cum quickly. It’s easy, with us all stimulating her at once. She screams as she cums. She trails off into moans, bucking and keening beneath us.

I back off first, knowing that her clit will be sensitive. Esteban slides his fingers out of her. We give her a couple of moments to recover. When her breathing returns to normal, we start up again.

She inhales quickly as our hands return to her body. Esteban and I swap over. I push two fingers inside of her whilst he focusses on her clit.

We make her cum another three times, until she is panting breathlessly and trembling. Emery is quivering when we lift her up into a sitting position.

She clings onto Mal’s shoulders, and we help hold her steady as he slides inside her. She moans as he fills her. Oro comes up behind her and I hand him the bottle of lube.

He pours lube on his cock and spreads it across Emery’s asshole. I play with her breasts as Oro pushes his fingers inside her, getting her ready for him.

I can’t stop watching her. Her facial expressions are everything. They’re making me so hard that it hurts. I have to touch myself with my free hand. I stroke my cock whilst watching her.

When she is ready, Oro enters her from behind. She gasps and then moans; Es and I play with her nipples to distract her from the initial discomfort of taking both of them at the same time.

She recovers quickly, moaning passionately as they move together. I fist my cock faster, eager for my turn. I can picture her sweet pussy wrapped around my cock.

Esteban and I wait patiently for Mal and Oro to finish. They pull out and release across her breasts and back. As soon as they move out of the way, Esteban and I move in. We line ourselves up and enter her at the same time. Emery cries out in a kind of scream/moan.

I let out a grunt. I’m unbelievably happy to be inside of her again. This is where I want to always be, balls deep inside of our girl. Esteban and I fuck her harder than Mal and Oro, knowing that she can take it now that she has had time to adjust. She whimpers between us, clinging onto my shoulders for dear life.

I chase my orgasm, almost getting caught up in it. I manage to remember her pleasure, too. I rub her clit with my thumb, making small circles just how she likes it.

When she climaxes, her pussy clamps down around me and my own orgasm ploughs through me. I pound into her, moaning her name as I reach my high. Es groans behind her and us both release into her.

We pull out and Emery collapses back onto the bed, making me chuckle. She looks at us through half-closed eyelids, smiling contently. She looks well-fucked and completely satisfied. I feel proud of the job we’ve done.


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