The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Forty-Five

Emery’s POV.

“You know that Halloween is coming up, right?” Honey asks me as we sit eating lunch together.

“Does the school have a party?”

The girls snort at my question.

“Um, yes!” Irene responds sarcastically. “It’s one of our main events. It’s only for the upper year, though. Everyone dresses up and you’re even allowed one alcoholic drink, but everyone sneaks their own in.”

“Halloween is like 11 days away, I really need to get started on an outfit,” I comment and pull out my phone.

I scroll through ideas as we eat our lunch.

“I wonder if The Four will wear group outfits with me?” I muse aloud.

Esme rolls her eyes. “They worship the ground you walk on, Emmie. Of course, they will.”

Hmm, I really need to get looking…


“So? What do we think?” I ask my mates.

They stand before me in their costumes having dutifully fulfilled my request for them to put them on.

“Oh, my God.” I choke on my own laughter. “You look incredible!’

Lucio sighs and crosses his arms over his chest. “It’s kind of hard to believe that when you’re laughing at us, angel.”

I manage to sober up long enough to hold a straight face. “Honestly, you look incredible!’

Lucio is dressed as Jon Snow. He is wearing a black curly wig, a faux fur cape and big black boots. Mal is next to him and dressed as Khal Drogo. He has a long, black plaited wig, blue face paint and is shirtless. He looks fucking hot.

Oro is dressed as Joffrey. He has blue lips and red lines around his eyes from being “poisoned’ and a gold crown. Esteban is by far the star of the show. He is dressed as Sansa Stark. With a long red wig, black leather dress and cape, he looks hilariously like the character.

I am dressed as the Mother of Dragons. I’ve put on a blonde wig, similar to my own hair colour, and a teal blue dress.

“As much as I don’t appreciate being dressed up like this, I have to admit you look really hot, Em,” Mal concedes.

“And we look good,” Es adds, flicking his hair over his shoulder for added effect.

Lucio assesses his brothers, and his lips twitch up with a smile. :Admittedly, we do look good,” he confesses.

“Damn right, you do! I picked the outfits!’ I take the credit and usher them to the door. “Come on, I want everyone to see how awesome we look!’

“We’re never going to hear the end of this, are we?” Mal asks Lucio glumly.

“Just wait till Salvador sees us,” Es comments whilst laughing.

I drag my reluctant mates out of the dorm. Lots of students are in the corridors, filing down to the events hall. Everyone is in costume and there are some really good ones. Students have really made an effort.

The school has made an effort, too. The typically plain events hall has been transformed into a cemetery equipped with foam headstones and, ironically, coffins with vampire dummies in them.

Cobwebs hang from the chandeliers and carved pumpkins line the walls. Music is playing loudly and there are tables filled with food and drinks.

“This is impressive.”

Oro nods in agreement. “Our events committee is pretty dedicated. They always go all-out on decorations.”

I spot the girls and pull my mates over to them. The three of them have chosen to come as the powerpuff girls. They look amazing.

I grab everyone some drinks whilst the girls fawn over my mates’ incredible costumes. I bring them back on a tray and give everyone a glass of ‘poison’ mocktail, which is neon green.

Salvador arrives with Estrella. They have come as Gomez and Morticia from The Addams Family. Their costumes are amazing. Estrella hasn’t had to do anything to her hair, but she is wearing a black evening dress.

Sal has slicked his hair back, donned a suit and stuck a decapitated hand on his shoulder. He is also holding a cigar. He takes one look at me and my mates and is in hysterics for about five minutes.

The first drink is non-alcoholic. We eat, we talk, we socialise. I lose track of how many compliments we get on our group outfit. I’m beaming with pride and my mates begrudgingly admit that the costumes were a good idea.

When Oro gets the second round of drinks, Esteban pulls up the skirts of his dress. He lifts it up to his thigh and produces a hipflask from a strap around his leg. He unscrews the top and adds a significant amount of vodka to each drink.

“There’s more where that came from,” he tells us, winking lewdly.

It turns out that all of my mates have alcohol strapped to them in one way or another. On the fourth drink, I manage to convince them to dance with me.

I’m a small vampire. The alcohol hits me quickly. My fifth cocktail is my last. Lucio, Mal and Esteban get caught up talking to some of the guys in our year. I take Oro’s hand and walk over to them. I lean up on my tiptoes to whisper in Lucio’s ear.

“We’ll be in the archives room,” I tell him breathily. “Come find us when you’re done.”

I sway my hips and leave the room with Oro. Once out of everyone’s sight we rush up the stairs, heading straight for the top floor.

Using his key, Oro lets us into the room, leaving the door closed but unlocked behind us. No one is going to disturb us in here.

His mouth is on mine as soon as we enter. He pins me against the wall and holds my hands above my head. We kiss heatedly, our breathing shallow and our hearts pumping fast.

We are only alone for a few minutes. My other three mates come bursting in, making Oro pull back. He lifts up my dress and finds my thong. He removes it as Mal strides up to me and seals his mouth over mine.

As I kiss him back, I feel multiple hands on me. Oro is knelt on the ground, playing with my pussy. Esteban is behind me, undoing my dress and keeping it out of Oro’s way. Lucio comes to stand next to me. He touches my breasts once my dress is gone.

I’m standing naked in my heels, overwhelmed by all these sensations. My tipsy mind is reeling from the stimulation.

I’m bent over and Mal’s crotch is in my face. I take the opportunity to pull out his hard cock. I wrap my lips around him and suck hard. He grunts and bucks his hips towards my face.

Behind me, Oro enters my pussy in one thrust. Esteban plays with my breasts whilst Lucio plays with my asshole. Oro pounds into me from behind, chasing his orgasm and leaving no room for tenderness tonight.

I love it. I love the way that Mal pushes his cock into my mouth. I love the way that Lucio teases my asshole under I’m clenching around Oro’s cock. I love the way that Oro’s fingers dig into my skin. I love the way that Esteban is pinching my nipples.

Oro pulls out suddenly and cums over my back. I smile as the warm liquid hits my skin. Mal gasps and starts cumming too. I swallow everything he gives me whilst stroking his balls.

He slides from my mouth as Esteban straightens me into a standing position. He lines his cock up with my pussy, which is no easy task. I didn’t even notice that he had removed his cock from his trousers.

Lucio comes up behind me, spits on his fingers and lubes up my asshole. Inch by inch, he enters me. Es slips in easier, but Lucio has to keep withdrawing and slowly pushing forwards.

I breathe deeply, taking both of them. I struggle to keep my balance as I’m pinned between them. I’m on my tiptoes in my heels. My mates steady me and support me as they begin to move.

Mal and Oro stand to one side and watch. They’ve removed their wigs and props and are enjoying the show. I grip Esteban’s shoulders tightly. He kisses me and I moan into his mouth.

I can’t hold my orgasm back. It barrels through me, making me clench down on their cocks. The spasms from my pussy set Es off and he climaxes hard, gritting his teeth and grunting my name.

Lucio finishes last, moaning my name as he releases into my ass. I grimace at the thought of that coming out tomorrow.


“You good, Em?” Es checks as he corrects his clothing.

I smooth down my dress and check my wig. “All good.”

With sated smiles on our faces, we return to our dorm. It takes us almost half an hour to get ready for bed. I have to remove all of my make-up. The guys strip out of their costumes.

It’s a relief when we’re all in bed together, sexually content and slightly buzzing from alcohol.

That was a good party.


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