The Whitlock Academy

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Chapter Forty-Six

Emery’s POV.

Christmas creeps up on me. I tell myself that I should start ordering presents at the beginning of November. Before I know it, it is the first week of December and I’m panicking about two-week delivery times.

We only have one and a half weeks left before we break up for the holidays and I cannot wait. Three weeks off to spend with my mates and my family. This will be my first Christmas with them and we’re all so excited about it.

The girls’ presents are easy. Honey and Irene have already told me what they want, and Esme likes anything that is glittery or fluffy. I ordered their presents weeks ago.

It’s my mates that are difficult. I want to get them the perfect present each and I feel like I’ve set the bar so high, I’m never going to be able to reach it.

Christmas itself is going to be interesting. I’m spending the 23rd with Oro’s family, the 24th with Lucio’s, the 26th with Mal’s and the 27th with Esteban’s. It’s going to be a hectic for days.

Christmas Day will be spent with my parents, but The Four are coming round for dinner in the late afternoon.

My mates seem to have Christmas under control already, because they won’t stop talking about New Year’s Eve plans. I can’t even think that far ahead because I’m still panicking about Christmas.


On Friday 19th December, we break up for the holidays. It’s crazy at school. The front carpark is filled with cars. The driveway is lined with even more. Students drag their suitcases across the gravel and load them into their families’ vehicles to go home for Christmas.

Having packed my things the night before, I’m ready quickly. I tearfully hug the girls goodbye. It will be weird not spending almost every lunchtime with them. I’m going to miss them.

I meet my mates in the junction. Mal takes my bag before Lucio can and sticks his tongue out at him in triumph. We go down to the garage and get into Lucio’s car for him to drive us home.

Esteban is first on the way. He kisses me and reluctantly says goodbye. I won’t see him for another eight days.

Oro is next. We say goodbye, but it will only be four days before I see him. My stop is next. My heart warms at the sight of my parents’ house. It has been almost three months since I was last home.

I’ve missed it.

I kiss Lucio and Mal goodbye and watch them drive off. My mum opens the door as I walk up the pathway. We embrace each other, the both of us tearing up.

It’s so good to be home.


I have a wonderful few days with my parents. We visit family, spend quality time together and I don’t think we ever stop talking.

I drive over to Oro’s house on the 23rd in the morning. It’s a mansion, like Mal’s. It is situated at the top of a hill and has four storeys.

“This place is gigantic,” I exclaim as he shows me around. “I can’t believe only three people live in this place.”

He chuckles at my awe. “It’s not just me and my parents, Em. My grandparents live in the top floor and my cousins regularly come and visit. They are all here for Christmas.”

This is news to me.

I stop walking and stare at him in surprise. Nerves bloom in my stomach.

“How many people are here?” I ask cautiously.

Oro’s eyes soften and he puts his arms around my waist.

“Relax, angel, they will love you. My cousins are here. There are nine of them, and then their parents, too.”

Nine? How many family members am I going to have to meet?” My voice is high-pitched with panic.

“Including my parents and grandparents? Twenty-seven.”

“Oh, God,” I mumble, feeling ten times worse.

Oro rubs my back soothingly. “It’s okay, angel. They will honestly love you. Besides, there will be wine.”

Okay, wine helps.


On Christmas Eve, Oro waves me off and I drive towards Lucio’s family home. I had a lovely evening with Oro’s family. Despite it being slightly intimidating, walking into a literal crowd of his family, they were so warm and welcoming that I survived easily. I found myself reluctant to leave.

Oro refused to open his presents from me. Apparently, The Four are insisting upon opening their presents when we’re all back together again, on the 29th of December.

I can’t believe they’re willing to wait that long after Christmas to open their presents. I’m bursting with excitement to open theirs for me.

Lucio’s family is much smaller. Their house isn’t quite a mansion, but has many other luxuries, including an indoor swimming pool, cinema room and eight-door garage.

I return home on Christmas morning. I kiss Lucio goodbye and leave by 8AM to get home to my parents. My mum isn’t happy that I didn’t wake up in my own bed on Christmas Day, but she loses the attitude pretty quickly.

I spend the morning with my parents, opening presents and eating too much. My mates arrive in the afternoon, bearing gifts for my parents.

We gather around the table and Dad brings out the world’s largest turkey. We tell bad cracker jokes and wear the paper hats with pride. It’s the best Christmas I’ve ever had.

On Boxing Day, I go to Mal’s house. It’s nice to be back with his parents again. Estrella and Sal are all over each other, they’re totally loved-up. Mal is dealing with it better than he did before, but he still grimaces when they flirt or say something cute to each other.

On the 27th, I drive over to Esteban’s house. Unlike the others, his parents live in a bungalow. It’s the most glamorous bungalow I have ever been in. His parents serve extraordinary amounts of food.

After eating, Esteban and I don the virtual headsets his parents bought him for Christmas and wander around the room, bumping into things and swerving virtual objects.

I have a couple days alone with my parents again before my mates come over. My dad doesn’t make any comments or give my mates dirty looks, which tells me that he has finally accepted that his daughter is mated to four separate guys.

Poor man.

With the five of us finally together, we are able to exchange presents. The Four bought me so many presents that my eyes pop when they hand them all over to me. I practically drown in wrapping paper on the floor.

The gifts vary from sweet decorations for me to add my own touches to our shared bedroom, to more jewellery and clothes.

Their main present has me the most taken aback. Each of them has gotten my name tattooed over their hearts on their left pectorals. I can’t believe the coincidence because, little do they know, one of my presents to them is very similar.

I give Oro cooking utensils and equipment, recipe books and a copies of my favourite novels. I give Es some more sketchpads and a very expensive set of drawing pencils.

I buy Lucio clothes because he is so obsessed with his wardrobe. I also get him some new necklaces because he loves wearing chains with his t-shirts. I’m not complaining. When they’re thin, they’re sexy.

I gift Malvolio with his favourite sandalwood cologne, some clothes and a funny present. I’m proud of the book that I managed to find online; How to Deal with Your Sister Dating. It makes the guys laugh, if nothing else.

My final present is for all of them. I show them a large, black V that I had tattooed onto my arm. It matches the IV tattoos on their right arms. I got mine in the same place in the same font, a tribute to the five of us. They love it.

All in all, it’s a perfect Christmas.


New Year’s Eve comes around fast. After much debate, we choose to spend it at Oro’s family house. All of his family are coming round again and there is plenty of room for everyone at the mansion.

His parents host a huge party. Champagne flutes are handed out by the dozen, the whole house is buzzing with guests.

I choose a very tight and very short, silk dress. The moment I step out of the bathroom wearing it, my mates cannot keep their hands off of me. They slip their arms around my waist any chance they can, they caress my bare skin and squeeze my bum when no one is looking.

I spend the evening in a constant state of arousal from their teasing touches.

When New Year hits at midnight, I get to bring in the new year with four kisses.

Afterwards, we excuse ourselves from the party and the five of us stay in Oro’s room. He has dragged in a double bed from another bedroom and pushed them together.

We spend our first hour of the new year in each other’s arms, kissing and climaxing.


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