The Whitlock Academy

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Bonus Chapter 1

Emery’s POV.

“Professor St. Cloud?”

I turn at the sound of my name being called. Professor Langston, my old alchemy teacher, is walking towards me.

“I just wanted to check you are still up for contributing to the open day next Saturday?”

I nod. “Yes, of course.”

“Perfect. I’ll email you a list of experiments I’m considering demonstrating. Let me know which ones you want to do, and we’ll share them out.”

“Sure thing.”

He smiles and carries on down the hallway. I can’t believe that man was teaching me two years ago and now, we’re work colleagues. I passed my teacher training and became an alchemy professor at the academy. This is my second-year teaching and I love it.

My phone starts buzzing in my jacket. I step into one of the empty classrooms and accept the FaceTime call from Honey. “Hey, you!”

Her face appears on my screen, along with adorable Bea, her daughter. They’re called Bea and Honey…it’s darn cute.

“Hey, Auntie Em! Say hello, Bea.”

The adorable little one goes shy but manages to mumble a hello. When Bea was born, Honey asked me to be her godmother. I was so flattered, and I’m still honoured to be her chosen back-up guardian.

I’ll be honest, every time I see Bea, I get broody. The Four and I talked about children, but we all agreed we wanted a few years to ourselves first. We like the freedom. But seeing such an adorable kid all the time…

Estrella and Salvador are on their second child already. I swear those two go at it more than rabbits, and I thought me, and my mates were bad. I think Sal still has in his head that he has some kind of expiry date, which is stupid because his black tattoo has turned red. He’s paranoid about missing out on things, so he makes the most of every day with Estrella. It makes her very happy, though.

After catching up with my bestie and my goddaughter, I say goodbye and carry on with my day. In the evening, I drive home from the academy. As I drive past the small forest near our house, I catch a flash of yellow eyes.


When we moved from the academy to our new house, Castaño moved with us. He resides in the forest behind our house, now. The connection he and Es have means that they like to be close to one another.

Serena has her own room in the house, too. The rest of The Four aren’t best pleased to be sharing a roof with a green tree python, but there’s not much they can do when Lucio is bonded to her.

I get home first because the school day is short. I use that time to start preparing dinner for the five of us. My parents are coming over tomorrow night and I need to start writing a shopping list for the morning.

I feel so grown up, living in our own house and planning meals and stuff. Eighteen-year-old me would be so proud.

I nip upstairs and decide to take a quick shower before my mates come home. That doesn’t exactly go to plan.

I’m halfway through rinsing the conditioner from the ends of my hair when the door handle rattles. I smirk, knowing that whichever mate is on the other side of that door is going to be annoyed that I locked it.

“It’s locked.”

Even muffled, I can recognise Lucio’s pouting voice. He’s not happy and that makes me chuckle.

“I know what to do, step back,” Esteban’s excited voice comes through the door.

I watch with curiosity as the lock slowly turns and the door swings open. My four mates are in the doorway, all wearing their suits for work. They work in court all day; they have to look smart.

Esteban is the only one who refuses to wear a tie still, and he is crouched at the door handle height, a large penny in his hands. He must have fitted it into the groove of the lock and turned it.

“Hello, mates,” I greet them casually and turn back around.

I face away from them, giving them a full view of my rear as I wash the rest of the conditioner out. The sound of multiple items of clothing hitting the floor makes me smile.

Only a second later, I am surrounded by four very perfect men. They corner me in the shower and start washing themselves. With my own cleaning finished, I squirt some shower gel into my hands and help them wash off after a long day.

As I knead the muscles on their backs -and slip in a few butt squeezes- they tell me about their day. They mostly work together in court, but they are assigned different cases if people worry there will be a conflict of interest. They advise the Royals on things and generally make the world a better place. I’m proud of them. They’re going to make good fathers with their strong moral compasses and level heads.

I work my fingers into Oro’s back and he groans at the sensation. He leans his head back and savours my massage. My hands work lower and lower until they get to his ass. Teasing him, I trail my finger between his buttocks and gently press on his asshole. He lets out a sound that is similar to a growl and grasps my wrist.

I think that he is going to pull my hand away or tell me off, but he moves my hand around the front of his body to his raging cock. It is hard as stone and pointing upwards towards his body. He obviously enjoyed my teasing.

My hand is slick with soap as I stroke his cock steadily. My three other mates look on with envy. When they’re clean, their attentions turn to me. I’m actually impressed that they have managed to keep their hands to themselves for this long.

They switch the water off and hand out towels. I don’t get the opportunity to dry myself, my mates do it for me. They carry me into the bedroom and place me onto the bed.

Lucio lies down on his back and grabs the bottle of lube. I know exactly what he wants as he rubs the gel up and down his cock, making it all slippery for me. I straddle his lap so that my back is facing him, like reverse cowgirl, and bend forwards. This naturally spreads my ass cheeks and bares my asshole for him to rub lube into.

He pushes one finger inside me first before stretching me out with another. I moan at the delicious stretch and wiggle my butt, eager for it to be his cock instead. He grants my wishes and anticipation bursts through me when I feel his cock nudging at the tight ring of muscle. Inch by inch, he eases his way into me. The burning sensation is addictive, I love it.

Once I am fully impaled on Lucio’s cock, I lean back and made my pussy available for the next mate. The three of them share a look as they silent communicate on who it should be.

“I picked the lock, I earned the pussy,” Es says, holding his hands up.

He grasps his shaft and gets into position. I feel so full as he enters me with Lucio wedged up my ass. Mal and Oro kneel on either side of me, stroking their cocks and watching with lustful eyes. Lucio supports my weight so that my hands are free. I take over stroking their lengths for them.

Stuffed full of Lucio and Es, with my mates’ cocks in my hands, I’m in my happy spot. Lucio’s hands hold my waist, gripping me in the right place as he fucks me from below. Es rubs my clit with his thumb, making little shivers of pleasure shoot up and down my body.

I can feel Oro and Mal’s cocks pulsing in my hands. I squeeze tighter at the tips as I stroke the whole length of their shafts. Lucio and Esteban finish first, they empty their cum inside me with synchronised grunts and moans.

Despite having finished, Es doesn’t stop and brings me to orgasm. As I climax, the warm jets of Mal and Oro’s cum sprays across my face and chest.

I just showered as well.


The next morning, I pick up something that wasn’t on my shopping list at the supermarket. Peeing on a stick was not how I planned on starting my Saturday morning, but here we are.

I’ve been feeling a lot more tired recently, I pee as though I’ve been drinking water 24/7 and waves of nausea keep hitting me at the most inconvenient moments at school.

I already know the answer before I see the positive lines. I know my body and the test only confirms my suspicions.

I’m pregnant. But the question is, who is the dad?


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