Becoming part of the pack

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Ordinary girl with a deep love for wolves, will she be accept to the infirmary, everything is not how it seems

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Chapter 1

Last week of school, this is a big thing in England as most of us finish school at the age of 17 however I’m lucky today is my birthday aha the big and important 18!! I applied to go to an wolf zoo, so a bit like how they keep tigers in tiger king but with wolves instead. It is safe to say I’m so excited and really hope I get in. I’ve applied to be the apprentice vet for them as the current vet is getting ready to retire, he sounded lovely on the phone, I’m just really hoping he’s as nice as in person. I groan, not wanting to get ready to go to school, as I sit and think to myself about how much I hate school, I decide to make a good day out of it, it is my birthday after all and you only turn 18 once but I can’t help but shake this feeling of uncertainty. I decide to get up and ready for the day I rush to get in the shower and complete my morning routine.

After showering and doing my business, I decide to wear a dress. It’s a mid-length so it hits around my knees, it’s a baby blue dress with spaghetti straps. My mum bought me this last year and I’m definitely surprised to see it fits. As I’m putting my lipgloss on my best friend since pre school slams into my bedroom making me jump out of my seat and snugging the gloss all over my face.
“ HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVIE!!” My best friend marcie shouts with excitement
“Thank you marcie, but did u after to barge in here like the fire men trying to save a damsel in distress, I mean the last time I check I wasn’t a damsel!” I said in anger while marcie laughed, pointing at my face

I was too scared to even realise there was make-up on my face. I wasn’t pleased, after fixing my face we race down stairs and I notice a note on the fridge, “ Morning baby, we have gone to work and will be back before you come home. There’s a letter on the table for you it came while u were sleeping love mum and dad” I squeal knowing it’s about the infirmary. Marcie and I look at each other with nerves, I quickly open it to see if I got it. “ Dear Evie, I am glad to inform you that we have considered you for this role, and we’ve checked ur previous grades with ur school and we are glad to see you in the up coming month” I didn’t even finish reading the rest. I scream to marcie “ Omg!!! Guess whose going to America!!!!” I swear if anyone looked through our window people would think we belong in a asylum. I look at the clock and realise we are going to be late.
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