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Rejected Princess.

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Can Aspyn-Lake find her happy ever after. Heartbroken then finding out you are a princess. She wants to be strong she wants happiness will she get it. Xander and Xavier are identical twins they have been trying to find their mate for 1 year what will happen when they meet Aspyn-Lake after her first mate rejects her..

Romance / Other
Chloe Shadbolt
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Heartbreak and Truth

Hi everyone my names Aspyn-Lake Morris I'm alpha Morris daughter I have my doubts that I'm his daughter as I look completely different I have black hair that reaches the back of my shoulders forest green eyes and a decent body I work out everyday and I have a 6 pack... Anyway I better get a shower and get ready last day of school today before I turn 18 tomorrow get to find my mate and finally shift and meet my wolf yayyyy..

What do I wear oh I now my black ripped jeans, white crop top, black leather jacket and my black boots that will do I will look HOT.

"huni breakfast is ready come down before you late for school" dad mindlinked me..

"coming dad just getting my bag I'll be down in a minute.." I said back.

I better get down stairs and eat breakfast don't want to piss of my dad early in the morning he's been doing alot of paper work lately and he ends up being angry quickly.. I walk in the kitchen and see dad giving my older brother zach the glare wow he's pissed of dad great that's all we need a pissed off alpha.

"morning princess ready for last day of school" dad says..

"yes dad all ready just to have breakfast then I'll head out" I said smiling.

I start eating my pancakes once I'm done I get up I end up hearing a growl so I swing round to see zach eyes black who's pissed in his cereal this morning.

"you not wearing that to school" zach growls out...

"I will untill my mate comes along I will wear what I damn please" I said walking away getting in dad's mustang that he let's me use and drive to school..


Walking out of school I hear someone call my name but I ignore them I just want to get home and work out I've finished school now no more going to this hell whole I get in my car and drive home just seeing the second in commands son calling my name but I ignore him and just drive home... Yay finally home I walk through the doors and hear shouting

"GUYS WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON" I shout growling which surprises me as I haven't shifted and I'm not 18 I hear the shouting stop and hear footsteps coming towards me..

"huni just don't listen to your brother okay he's talking nonsense" dad says...

"what are you talking about" I said shocked next minute I know I'm being slammed against a wall.


"your my problem mate your my mate I've got my sister as a mate has the moon goddess gone mad.. I future alpha Zach Morris reject you Aspyn-Lake Morris as my mate and future luna" he said looking disgusted.

The pain I feel is unbearable but I staright my self up I push him a he drops to his knees in pain cause of the rejection I walk up to my dad.

"I'm not your daughter am I cause the moon goddess doesn't pair siblings together"i said look at him straight in the eye.

I'm all ready aware that I am different from my parents and brother they have blonde hair and blue eyes I'm completely different.

"no baby girl we found you when you was 8 years old on the edge of our territory with a note saying take care of our Aspyn-Lake we will be back for her.. But they haven't come back yet but we love you like our own" dad said I stood there shocked I can't move or breathe the room starts spinning and it all goes black...

7 hours later:

I wake up in a room that's white and I know instantly I'm in the pack hospital I look around and notice I'm on my own.. I hear voices outside ones my dad's voice but the other two I don't know so I mind link my dad

"dad I'm awake who are you talking to what's going on" I said

"oh huni thanks god your awake I'm just outside your door the people I'm talking to are the king and queen of the werewolfs" dad says.

what the hell are they doing here and why are they outside my hospital room, did something happen while I fainted and I'm so in thought I didn't hear dad come in my room..

"dad what are they doing here. Was we attacked while I was out oh my goodness who's hurt is mum okay oh my god please don't say mums hurt" I said

I could feel my self panicking and I couldn't breathe dad run to me but I was so into the panic attack I couldn't calm down.

"hey princess there wasn't an attack they come to see you huni your mums safe we are all safe calm down" dad said.

I slowly calmed down hearing everything was okay. If everything is okay why are they here?.

"why is the king and queen here dad" I said out of breath

"they are here for you huni" dad said looking down..

"what the fuck does that mean" I said

As I said that two people who look alot like me walked in and I gasped in realisation these are my biological parents the king and queen that would mean I'm a princess but I'm nothing like a princess should be.

"no I'm imaging things I must have hit my head after the rejection yep cause I can't meet my biological parents after being rejected and fainting also I can't be a princess I'm not girly I love running in the woods, training, car racing and sparing there's nothing about me that says princess" I said in a panic state..

The queen comes up to me and strokes my cheek with tears in her eyes looking at me concerned..

"huni what do you mean rejection and it doesn't matter if your girly sweetie we got you back that's all that matters" queen said

I just looked at her in aww she has black hair and brown eyes but the king has black hair and forest green eyes I'm my dad's double I remember she spoke to me so I lowered my head in submission.

"my adopted brother future alpha zach my so called mate rejected me he thinks we are siblings" I said

I felt her hand under my chin she raised my head so I am looking in her eyes.

"your my daughter Aspyn-lake you don't submit to anyone anymore your above everyone. Now alpha jack morris get your son it's time to reveal our daughters identity" she smiled to me and I know everything is going to be alright.

"yes my queen. I'll bring my son here your daughter still needs rest I'll be back in a minute huni.." my dad said looking at me.

I mean alpha Morris said I still can't believe my parents are here and they are king and queen of the werewolfs and I'm a princess.. We sat in silence till my dad the king spoke.

"darling I know your in shock me and your mum are so sorry we left you but you were in danger the rouges were after you so we left you here so we could keep you safe and I know it's took 10 years but we are here now I'm so so sorry" the King said which is my dad and I just stared at him with tears in my eyes.

I started to get childhood memories flashing back to me I think I must have blocked them I got one flashback of me calling him papa so I looked in to my papas eyes.

"papa is it really you... You and mama came back" I cried

All the early memories are coming back and I am so happy they came running over to hug me as I cried I don't know how long I cried for but we got interrupted by a growl at the door we looked round and I saw zach being held back my jack morris.

"that is no way to greet the royals now is it pup sit your ass down before I show you respect boy!!" my dad growled using his king command everyone lowed there head except me and mum

I just looked at mum she is smiling at me with pride in her eyes then she spoke

"you pup have no idea how much you hurt the princess and future queen just because you thought she was your sister you forgot the moon goddess doesn't pair siblings together you didn't let your father explain my dear Aspyn-Lake here is mine and the Kings daughter the princess.. You rejected a royal which is why the rejection hurt more" my mum said.

Zach just looked at me shocked untill I felt a burning feeling and screamed they all looked at me why are mum and dad looking at me with love and pride while I'm screaming in pain.

"Sweetheart breathe your getting your royal mark because its your birthday at midnight it will be over soon its okay" dad said.

I just grabbed his hand and took deep breaths it finished as my dad said I looked down at my arm and it looked like I got a tattoo sleeve done it was beautiful it had crown in the middle it had the word black underneath that must be our surname with 3 wolves howling and roses all around it was in black and white but I know them wolves are mine mums and dad's I looked at my dad he had pride in his eyes just like my mum

"what the hell I HAVEN'T even shifted yet" I said..

"huni you will shift tonight you get your royal mark before you shift so we can help you without your wolf killing us" my dad said I looked up and saw zach staring at me.

"what's your problem zach you rejected me this is your fault im in this bed because of you. you should have realised that we are not siblings but instead you let your anger control you" I said sitting up.

"Alpha Morris could you get our daughter some comfy clothes so she can get out of here her shift will happen soon" my mum said the alpha just nodded and left...
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