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He sleeps in her bed every night... his neighbour... his best friend sister.... but he keeps a secret... What will happen once more secrets are revealed? (CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT, VIOLENCE, UPSETTING SCENES, AND SWEARING THROUGHOUT)

Romance / Drama
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I wake up to my alarm blaring and a heavy arm over my waist. Like every morning.

“Move Ryder...” I moan pushing the hot, heavy arm off me.

He groans and pulls me closer into him.

“5 more minutes.” he complains in a sleepy voice into the pillow.

I sigh and lift his big arm up and throw it back onto him.

“Get up, C’mon.” I push on him, talking quietly but sternly, rubbing my eyes to try to wake myself more. It’s a school day, we need to get moving.

“Izzy... please...” he yawns quietly, rolling onto his front, hiding his face.

“Ryder.” I huff. I push his arm, he turns his face as his messy hair to me. I roll my eyes as he smirks, eyes closed still, rolling onto his back.

“If you don’t want Will to find you, get out” I warn him as I put one leg over him to climb out of bed. My brother would go crazy if he caught his best friend in here.

We’ve got away with seven years, I’m hoping he never finds out.

Ryder is quick to move his hands to my hips.

“Morning Isobel.” he smirks up at me, he isn’t holding me, just his hands resting, now on my thighs. His eyes not fully open due to the light in the room.

“Morning. Get up.” I mutter moving off him.

I get my legs on the floor and wobble in my tired state to my bathroom door.

“Be gone when I get back Buttmunch.” I tell him quietly, my usual nickname for him when it’s just the two of us. I turn the shower on and close the door.


After I’m showered and dressed I leave my bedroom. I find my brother, Will, and his best friend and neighbour Ryder standing in the kitchen. Like always on school mornings.

“Morning Iz.” My brother comments, scoffing his toast.

I wave a hand and go to my cup of tea he’s already made me. He knows I can’t function without my cups of tea.

I sip the hot cup cautiously, and turn to face the boys and their conversation of football scores...or whatever they’re engrossed in.

The toaster goes and I turn to see pop tarts. My chocolate sundae pop tarts.

Ryder gets them out, puts them on a plate and before I can go mad, he passes the plate to me.

“That’s what I thought.” I mutter and sit my tea down to scoff the scalding hot breakfast treat. Not sure if he meant to give me the breakfast he made, if he’s being nice, or if he just knows I’ll give him hell for stealing my treat. Either way, I decide to not read into it too much, and just enjoy the treat.


We pull up at school, and the guys already have girls waiting for them.

“Wow, your fan base is only growing... wonder what they’d be like if they actually knew you both.” I mutter as an insult.

They pick up instantly what I’m saying but they turn it, of course.

“Aw thanks Izzy, you’re right, the female population would be gathering near and far for your handsome brother and his mate” my twin brother smiles widely, only adding to the noise of excitable girls outside.

“Urgh, not what I meant, and you knew it.”

The boys just chuckle as I open the door and climb out.

“Have a good day Izzy.” Ryder shouts in a smug sounding voice after me. I just ignore him, walking off.

These two have always been popular, it’s unavoidable at our school.


Lunchtime comes, and I’m sitting with my best friend Sarah.

“Did you hear about the bet?” Sarah asks me as we eat our chips.

I give her a confused look and she chews and finishes her mouthful.

Your handsome brother, and his friends, they’ve made a bet... well actually, I think it might just be Will and Ryder but still-” she rolls her eyes and I’m losing interest by the second. Always, this school revolves around the football team. Especially those two.

“-the girls all pay into a pot, whoever the guys kiss first, wins the pot.” she smirks and rolls her eyes. I know she’s not feeling the exasperation I am about this.

She’s liked Will for years, but for some
Idiot reason won’t admit it to me. It’s whatever, it doesn’t seem to impact our friendship.

“Uh huh, sounds like a shitty way to exploit girls of their money to me.” I mutter into my food, uninterested by my twins embarrassing life choices.

“Oh you would say that sour puss, you don’t stand a chance thats why?” Danielle appears behind me giggling at her own insult.

“Uh huh, I stand no chance kissing my brother and I certainly won’t be paying for the traumatic experience either thanks.” I mutter not even looking at her. She’s always over the top when it comes to boys. Especially Will and Ryder.

Seriously though, why on earth would I pay into that pot for this bet on kissing either of them two?!

“Ohhh salty Izzy. So you won’t be paying in to try win the bet then?” She asks and I look over to her, standing behind me with her friends.

“No. I think you can count me out thanks.” I keep my tone bored, because I’m over this pointless conversation. “Sorry you’ll be losing such easy money from me, but nah” I give her a raise eyebrow when she doesn’t leave.

Paying to kiss my own brother... ergh...

To my shock she just gives me a smirk and turns away.

“...lucky her brothers hot....” I hear a mutter and I just look at Sarah, we both laugh at the idiocy of it.


In the car on the way home I decide to ask these two popular idiots what’s going on.

“Ah nothing, something Danielle and Tiffany came up with, some reason they think they’ll win.” Will tells me with a smirk. I should of guessed it was their idea.

“Don’t act like you don’t love the attention.” I smirk at his happy face.

“Who needs the extra attention, eh.” He smirks and I look to Ryder who’s stayed out of the conversation so far.

“So, what’s in it for you two?” I ask out of boredom. It’s not that I really care, their love life... if that’s what you wanna call it.

“You seem very interested in this Iz, you on it too?” Ryder asks turning back to look at me.

I’m sitting behind Will, so Ryder can see me quite clearly from his seat up front. His eyes meet mine. I raise an eyebrow to him in question.

“Hell no, why would I place a bet to kiss my own brother?” I laugh disgustedly.

“Uh huh, I’m not your brother though Iz.” Ryder winks at me, licking his lips all flirty.

“Yeh, but you’re basically our brother mate.” Will chuckles and I’m surprised to see Ryder not chuckle, just frown.



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