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Secret Love: Student X Teacher

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There was a rumor going around Sakura Gakuen about a teacher named Kyoko Sakurai, or 'Sensei', being a ruthless and cold teacher. Some called her a 'demon teacher'. One day Kiriyu found those rumors to be fake... the truth was she was really cute! He falls in love with and got accepted. Now his relationship is blocked by the titles of 'student and teacher'.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Demon Teacher

It was a beautiful day; Clear blue sky, Bright sun, Summer temperature and a cool summer breeze with the rustling of the tree leaves sawing side to side in the background. Anyone would call this a beautiful day, but for the students at Sakura Gakuen- class 2-2- there day was not about to be great... but the opposite: Terrible.

It was the last period of the school day at Sakura Gakuen. Of course, meaning its almost time to go home. A luxury every student enjoys and loves. The day was long, students were working hard, teachers having to deal with students; The end of the day is indeed a luxury for both students and teachers.

“Can someone tell me how Saburou felt when his family betrayed him?” The teacher said as she finished writing the question on the board, then looking down at her textbook and finally looking at the students.

The class instantly turned silent at the question. Even though some of then knew the answer they thought it would be better not to answer. Why? Because they may be picked more often; A typical thing every teacher does. Though, getting targeted by the demon teacher is far worse then some normal teacher. That’s the real reason the students remained silent. The students were all looking in there text book, terrified and nervous, pretending they didn’t know the answer to the question.

The teacher was starting to get displeased with silence. Coincidentally, at that moment, she spotted a student staring outside the window without a care in the world.

Oh, Someone not paying attention in my class. She thought, annoyed at the thought. Normally the student pretend they didn’t hear but this student was blatantly not paying attention.

“Ahem, Kiriyu-kun!” She yelled, a little mad. “Please tell me how Saburou felt.” She said as she pointed at the board and then looking in his direction. Her voice resonating throughout the silent class.

Kiriyu flinched, startled. He snapped out of his fantasy an came back to earth. Before he even turned his head to face the teacher, he could already feel her death stare. He turns his head to face Miss Sakurai, seeing her agitated expression displayed on her face. He suddenly felt nervous.

“Looking outside and not paying attention, huh. That’s new.” She says holding both her arms together in a lock and looking at him. “Like I just said; Answer the question.” She said once again pointing at the board beside her while looking at Kiriyu.

“H-Huh? M-Me?!” He said jumping out of his seat pointing at himself, confused and surprised.

“Thats right. I choose you, Kiriyu Kazuya, To answer this question.” she hits the black board with her finger on the question, Her irritation not even trying to stay hidden.

“Uh... Hmm...” he thinks a for a little. He opens his textbook and looks it over, reading each line carefully. “Ah! Saburou was upset that his own family betrayed him. He felt as though all those years they had spent together was all a lie!” He looked satisfied as he answered the question.

“I see. Will done,” She says, coldly, uncaring. “good job answering, But, I still need to talk to talk to you about listening in class.” her tone still as cold as ice.

“Ehh?! Alright...” He said disappointed that he wont be able to go home.

The bells that signal the end of the day finally rang after a couple of minutes. The sound filling classroom and the school

Miss Sakurai looks at the where the sound was coming from; the speaker. she looks at it for a brief second and turns back to look at the students.

“Well, that’s the end of the day. Have a good day and see you tomorrow.”

The students silently got up, packing there things and bid the teacher farewell. finally, they exit the door, making there way home.

The room was left with an awkward silence with all the students gone. It was only Miss Sakurai and Kiriyu in the classroom.

Miss Sakurai closes the class door and makes her way back over to her desk, piling up her papers and work sheets that were given to the students and puts them in her bag: so she can mark them when she gets home. Her expression was still the same as it was in class: serious. She finally finished and look at Kiriyu.

“Listen, Kiriyu. Just cause we’re in a relationship doesn’t mean I’m gonna go easy on you. I’m gonna treat you like all the other students; That’s the only way we can keep this secret.” She scold’s, looking at him with a stern look while holding her arms together in front of her.

“I know. I’m sorry...” He says apologetic. He thoroughly understood what she meant.

At that moment, a smirk let up on his face.

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