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Olivia has known Kaine her whole life, at first, it wasn't by choice, he just happened to spend a lot of time teasing his younger cousin Jess while the two girls played in the backyard. As they grew, Kaine's protective instincts and possessiveness over Olivia became more than she thought she could handle. Now that their grown adults her tiger calls to him like her life depends on it. His tiger is desperate to claw to the surface in order to claim what he thinks is his. Their desire and sexual tension was all too much before it finally snapped. In the heat of the moment, Kaine lays a partial claim on Liv, shocked by his actions he quickly skips town leaving Olivia left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. After five long years, Kaine finally returns, desperate to fix what he had left broken all those years ago. Will Olivia forgive him and finally allow her cat to settle into the partial claim she so desperately wants to carry or will she fight to keep her distance from him? *All chapters are roughly edited*

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Copyright©️ 2021 by Rebecca MacLean

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