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I stared at my reflection on the elevator doors. I smiled wickedly at myself.

He has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. I thought as I smoothed the black blazer over my stomach.

The ding of the elevator hitting the floor I needed snapped me out of my thoughts. I smiled wide as the doors slid open. I stepped out of the small box, my six-inch blood-red fuck me shoes echoed against the tiled floor.

I held my head high as I walked towards my office. I was feeling good. God damn untouchable. Heads looked up in curiosity as I neared them. Some of their eyes lingered longer than they should have and I knew that round one against Kaine would be a solid win for me.

I pushed open my office door and moved inside. Jess looked up at me and her mouth dropped open.

“Holy fuck.”

“I know.” I looked down at myself. My black blazer was over top of a blood-red lace corset. The frill of the lace over top of my breasts peeked out behind the blazer. To match the blazer I wore a black high-waisted leather skirt that screamed dominatrix. It clung to my hips, showing off every curve and I knew that it would stop Kaine in his tracks.

“Girl, you better be careful or you’ll be spending your lunch break bent over his desk.” She looked me up and down as she fanned herself.

I rolled my eyes. “If I can contain myself then he sure as hell can.”

“You give him more credit than he deserves.” She shook her head as she smiled. “Your eyes look like they're glowing with that smoky eye you got going on there.”

“Thanks. I was kinda going for a sexy bad bitch vibe.” I sat down at my desk and pulled out my lipstick. I reapplied the red to my lips.

“Well, I think you’ve succeeded.” She cracked open her morning energy drink. “So when exactly are you going to blow his mind, and maybe some other things today?”

My eyes snapped to hers and I threw a pen cap at her head. “Behave!” I clicked my tongue at her. “It just so happens that I need a few signatures this morning.” I grabbed the file that sat on the side of my desk. “Guess I better go get those.” I wiggled my eyebrows.

“Yeah go get some for sure!” Jess laughed as I marched out of the room.

I moved to Kaine’s office. Reba wasn’t at her desk, and for that, I was very thankful. His office door was closed. I knocked on it and heard a muffled “come in”. I pushed the door open and strode inside.

“I just need a few signatures,” I said as I moved towards his desk to pass him the file.

His eyes snapped up at the sound of my voice. His eyes grew wide as they moved up and down my body. I watched as his tongue slid out over his lower lip as his brain tried to comprehend what he was seeing.

His eyes snapped to mine. I watched as his eyes flickered as he tried to calm himself down. I smiled wickedly at him.

“Those signatures?” I handed him the file. He grabbed the file from my hand, his fingers gripping it as if it was the only thing keeping him from losing control.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen that outfit Livy.” His voice was rough.

“Yeah about five years to be exact.” I smiled as I pulled a pen from his desk cup and handed it to him. “It’s just the first three pages you need to sign.” I leaned over his desk and pulled open the file, being sure that my blazer pulled down just a bit further.

I was playing a dangerous, dangerous game.

His eyes moved down my neck to my breasts as more of the lace corset peaked out from behind my jacket.

“I told you that I always win, baby boy.” I whispered my face dangerously close to his.

His eyes snapped back to mine. He smiled at me. “Just this round.” He whispered back, his lips brushing against mine as he spoke.

I quickly pulled back from him, not ready for that. “Signatures?”

He picked up the pen and quickly signed the pages. “What are you doing Saturday?” He asked, not looking up at me.

“That depends,” I replied.

“Will you meet me in the morning?” He piled the pages before he closed the file and handed it back to me.

“What for?” I raised an eyebrow.

“To talk, let me explain things.” His eyes looked at me, pleading me to say yes.

“Fine.” I said after a moment's hesitation. I turned back towards the door. “I’ll be there around ten.” I pulled the door open and sauntered out of his office.

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