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I shoved my face deeper into the pillow and let out a groan. My body was sore in both good and bad ways. I let out a small sigh and reached across the bed. I expected to find the warm skin of Kaine, but I found the cold sheets instead. I moved my face to the side and looked at the empty bed beside me. I felt my stomach drop as I sucked in a deep breath.

No. He’s probably down stairs or in the shower. I thought as I tried to calm myself down. He wouldn’t leave us again. He wouldn’t be able to. I ran my fingers across the mark on my chest. The skin was still sensitive, tender to the touch.

I slid from the sheets and reached for Kaine’s sweater that had been tossed to the floor. I tugged it over my head and made my way down the stairs. The house was quiet. I couldn’t hear Kaine at all.

I took in a deep breath, searching the house for his scent. My tiger and I let out a frustrated huff. I moved into the kitchen and spotted the bright green sticky note stuck to the counter top. I reached for it and pulled it from the granite.


I’m out for a run. I’ll be back by 11 am. If you wake before I get home you can join me. You know where I am.

See you soon.


I smiled, letting out a deep breath before I glanced at the clock on the far wall. It was just past nine. I reached my hands above my head and stretched before I skipped back up the stairs to put on some pants.

I dashed back down the stairs and lifted the keys from the bowl by the door. I felt giddy as I made my way towards the car. My tiger was itching beneath my skin, ready to stretch her muscles and run with her mate and so was I. For the first time we would be running together as a couple. I could remember myself as a sixteen year old, fantasizing about the possibility of ever being in our spot as more than just friends that danced around their feelings.

I smiled as I slipped into the seat. I started the car and pulled from the driveway, eager to make the short drive to the lush forest to find my mate.

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