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I walked into the clearing. The air was fresh, crisp beneath the shaded canopies of the trees. I removed my clothing, making sure to put it into the bag in the fallen tree trunk. I smiled and closed my eyes, letting my tiger reach forward.

We quickly shifted. I slipped to the back of my mind as I let my tiger stretch. She moved towards the small river and lapped up the cool liquid. She sat down and tipped her head up in the air. She sniffed as she turned her head in different directions, searching for her mate.

The wind shifted, she swung her head to the side and took in a deep breath. She let out a satisfied huff before she took off in the direction of Kaine. She ran beneath the trees, her paws trampling the ground in heavy thuds as she raced down the overgrown path. The bush branches brushed against our sides as she moved between the trees. She pushed herself harder, faster, ready to find Kaine and pounce on him.

We broke past the thickness of the trees and into another small clearing. She slowed her pace and came to a stop in the center. She could smell Kaine, his scent was strong here but she could not see him. She scanned the forest edge, looking for his orange and white stripes among the lush greenery.

The crack of a branch beneath the weight of an animal snapped her attention to the left. She growled, and pawed the ground beneath her. She twisted her body to moved towards the sound of the crack. She moved slow, pretending to be focused on what was in front of her. She knew Kaine, he would move fast. He would be here for one moment, enough to make noise and spark her curiosity before moving to circle back behind her.

She quickly spun and pawed at Kaine as he tried to jump her. He rolled to the side in surprise. He quickly stood back up, shaking the dirt from his fur. He moved towards her, circling her before he rubbed his body against hers. He nuzzled his face against her neck before licking the side of her muzzle. She moved her face closer to his, letting out a soft sigh at the affection her mate was showing her. She licked the side of his muzzle before giving him a soft nip and taking off back into the trees.

You’ve always loved to be chased. I thought as she moved around the trees, Kaine hot on her heels.

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