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I let out a soft groan as my mind and body slowly began to wake. I took a deep breath as I pushed my head into the pillow. The smell of pine trees and musk met my senses. My cat stretched and purred wanting me to nuzzle into the pillow deeper. I pulled back, a frown forming on my face as I took in my surroundings.

“Damn,” I whispered. I had really hoped that ending up at Kaine’s house was some twisted nightmare that my drunken brain had conjured up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t dreaming this, I was living my nightmare.

I quietly slipped from the bed, shed the large men's clothing and slipped on my dress from last night. I scooped up my shoes and slowly pulled open the door. I let out a soft breath when the door made no sound as I pulled it open. I poked my head out and looked down the hall, no large oversized male tiger stood looming in the way. I tip-toed down the hall, praying that the floor didn’t groan under my sudden weight as I walked.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I stilled and listened for any sounds coming from below. I could hear the sound of running water and clanging dishes. The smell of eggs and bacon had my stomach rumbling and my mouth salivating. I swallowed and slowly made my way down the stairs, pausing to make sure that the sounds were still coming from the kitchen.

My toes hit the cool hardwood flooring, I quickly looked over my shoulder towards the door frame that entered into the kitchen. Seeing no Kaine, I dashed to the door. Quickly opening it, and quietly closing it behind me. I dashed down the steps and across his lawn, hoping to make it down the street before I could call someone to come get me. I reached for my purse.

“Forget something?” The sound of his voice had me freezing mid-step.

Motherfucker. I cursed myself as my body tensed. I slowly turned to look at the man I had been trying so hard to run from.

He was standing a few feet away from me. His chest was bare, a small patch of blond hair sat in the center of his chest. As my eyes moved down I saw that he was wearing a pair of black track pants, his feet bare. My eyes snapped back to his, my heart pumping in my chest as I shamefully reacted to seeing his half naked body. His arm was stretched out, a small black clutch was held in his hand.

I hissed out a breath and stepped towards him, reaching to snatch my clutch from his hand. I watched him while my cat clawed at me to rub against him, take in his scent, mark our scent on his body. I pushed her back, her hoe antics too much for this early in the morning.

His other hand reached out to pull me closer to him, knowing he would try something like this, I lunged for my clutch, snapping it from his hand while I spun out of his reach. A low guttural growl rumbled from his chest.

“Don’t play games with me, Livy.”

My eyes snapped to his, my anger lashed out. “If anyone is playing games here, it’s you.” I stepped back as he moved towards me. “You leave for five years, not a single word to me, come back and think I should fall to my knees and forgive you before you run off again?” I shook my head. “Yeah, I don’t think so pretty boy.” I scoffed.

“What if I’m not leaving?” He said, his golden brown eyes flashed.

“What would that change? You left, you destroyed me. You don’t get to come back to town and act like I should be yours, demanding things from me, then being all nice and caring towards me.” I glared.

“What do you want, Livy?” He asked, his voice softening.

I swallowed, “For you to leave me alone.”


He smiled. “You’ll have to do better than that.”

“No. I don’t.” I glared. “Just run your business and leave me to do my job. Outside of the office, you leave me be.”

“I can’t do that, Livy.” He said, his voice low as he stepped towards me.

“You’ve done it quite well for the last five years, Kaine. I don’t see how this is any different.” I stepped back, watching his movements.

“Damn it, Livy.” He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “I’m sorry okay? Is that what you want me to say? I’m sorry, I fucked up. I shouldn’t have left.” He moved towards me again. I matched each step that he took towards me, with a step of my own going backwards.

I narrowed my eyes, my lips pursed into a tight line. “Why’d you leave?”

“Because I’m an asshole. A fuck up, a loser that runs from any form of commitment, even if it’s with someone that I want.”

I snorted. “Yeah you are an asshole, but a sorry from you means nothing because the words that just came from your mouth you don’t even believe.” I shook my head and turned my back on him. I walked away, and for some fucked up reason, this time I wished he hadn’t let me go.

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