The Rival 2

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The Rival sequel... After Ilaria lost everything: STORM Incorporated, her houses and cars, her best friend and her very own sister… to Gaddafi and Beverly, she and Grayson spend some time in paradise. When it’s time for her to head to London to give birth, the city brings about the stress she thought she had left behind. She also meets the people she had been expecting, which little did she know… put her marriage in jeopardy. Lives will be lost. Betrayal upon betrayal… No secret will be left untouched… Will she and Grayson survive?

Romance / Mystery
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The sound of the waves crashing filled the silence of Storm and Grayson’s room. The ocean breeze drifted in through the sliding glass doors, making the sheath drapery flutter with elegance like a midnight summers dream. Grayson had his arms around his wife, with his hand on her big belly that carried their heirs, while she had her back against his broad chest and her hand over his.
The peace they had longed for was finally theirs.
A tall dark figure stood at the framing of their glass entrance, just watching them in silence. His breaths were muted by the sounds of the crashing waves outside.
Grayson stirred in his sleep and turned around to face the windows. He frowned when he didn’t feel the breeze hit his face and he opened his eyes. He gasped in shock when he saw the dark male figure right in front of them, just watching them.
“Stay away from her,” the man said.
He frowned, feeling confused and a little fearful for his wife. “What? Who?”
“She wasn’t yours to begin with, Grayson.”
He narrowed his eyes to try and get a better view of the man. “Who are you?”, he demanded.
“She’s not yours, Grayson…”, the man’s voice ran in his head.
Grayson turned around, finding the other side of the bed empty. “Storm!” He turned around once again and found the man no longer beside him, but outside holding a fire torch. Grayson’s eyes widened when he dropped it.
Tall flames of fire broke out.
“Storm!”, Grayson yelled as he sprang out of bed and outside.
A nightmare come to life when he realised the fire surrounded the whole house. Panic took over as he tried to find Storm, or the man at least.
“Mine”, he heard the unknown man’s whisper as he checked in all the rooms of the house for his wife. He ran outside, hoping to find her out there.
He tried to peer over the tall, angry flames in search of anyone at least. As though controlled, the wall of fire lowered, just enough for him to see over it.
And there she was.
She was quiet, standing there beside the man with her face indifferent as she looked into Grayson’s eyes. He saw with wide eyes that she and the man were holding hands. Grayson took a step forward, and at the same time Storm took a step back.
His chest was heaving up and down from the adrenaline and his eyes threatened to fill with tears as he watched her turn around and leave with the stranger, not sparing him another glance. The stranger looked over his shoulder to Grayson. His face was still not visible, but Grayson caught his malicious, white-toothed grin.
, he heard him say one last time, before disappearing into the night, leaving Grayson feeling distraught and lost.
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