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A Tempted Geek!

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After experiencing their Geeky Turn On, Paige and Daisy are in bliss! But unfortunately for Paige, real life has no happy endings; there's always more story! With her career in the pits, her new relationship getting rocky, and a coworker trying to seduce her, Paige has to learn how to make choices in life! The laughs and the tears just don't stop when you read the story of A Tempted Geek! *This story is no longer canon to The Geeky Romances.*

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I always knew my wedding would be magical and elegant, regardless if I wanted it to be or not. A beautiful bride (that’s me), a handsome groom, my own father officiating the wedding as he held back his tears, my sister as my Maid of Honor, and my own mother beaming at me right in the front row. That was always destined to be my wedding.

But life has a funny way of saying “hahaha, nah, screw you.” When it came to dating, I always picked the losers. And I do mean Losers with a capital L! My first boyfriend was Jackson Stewart, captain of the basketball team at Bethany Middle School. Handsome, strong, popular; he was my first love. I tried introducing him to Star Trek, and he legit went “Paige, this is nerd shit!” I would have dumped him then and there, but I didn’t. He ended up dumping me for Blair Evans, the girl who always put out on the first date.

A year later I was seeing Dirk McGirk, the quarterback of the local football team. Total hottie, way above Jackson. He was just as popular as Jackson, too! He was also gay, and he admitted that he was only dating me because he needed to date SOMEONE so no one would suspect! He then moved to California, and last I heard he came out of the closet and began dating this dude who worked at a cheese shop. Good for him.

Third boyfriend was Darien Smalls, another basketball player. We dated for three months, but he broke up with me when I refused to have sex with him. I was only fourteen, I wasn’t ready for that yet! So after he broke up with me, he started spreading a BAD rumor: that I was easy, and that I loved to suck his wiener. I was quickly turned into the school pariah, and it got so bad that Dad had to send me to my grandma in Canada.

I lived in Canada for five months; there, I met Pierre Lune. Now Pierre, he was a MAN! And I mean literally; he was twenty two and he played hockey. He and I got together for like two weeks, but then Grandma found out about it and she chased him away. Then she scolded me for dating a way older dude.

I was brought back home after my dad pretty much quashed those rumors about me, but he made it clear that it was better for me NOT to date ANYONE until I graduated High School. I agreed.

During senior year my best friend in the whole world, Samantha Adebisi, fell in love. Problem is, she fell in love with a GIRL. Now, our town wasn’t known for being, shall we say, “accepting” of non-straight folk, so of course she had to hide it. And I kept quiet, too; Sam was my best buddy, practically my sister! So whenever Sam and her girl went out, I’d cover for her.

One day the two got caught, Sam got disowned by her parents, the school expelled her, and everything went to pot. But I couldn’t abandon Sam, not when she needed me, so I begged my Dad to let her stay with us.

“OK,” he said. “But not only MUST she get a GED, she is NOT allowed to date anyone so long as she lives under my roof!”

And so it was. Sam got her GED, I graduated top of my class, and so me and Sam decided to go to college. We eventually settled for going to this college in Kansas, a place as far away from Bethany as we could get. We both wanted a fresh start...

Sam and me reinvented ourselves. I took Karate, she hit the gym, and we both became new women. She didn’t date anymore, but I did date an army guy called Mike Thomas. Mike and me, I thought we’d be together forever; I even gave him my virginity. But he? He was the type of guy who had a girl in every port, if you catch my drift. So, for the first time in my life, I ended a relationship.

I graduated, and then Sam and me moved to this town that was an hour away from college. She got a job at a gym, and I got a job doing some modeling. She loved her job, and I didn’t. So, one night, I decided to do something I legit wanted to do: streaming.

My streaming was kinda successful, and I managed to catch the attention of the region’s top Yugituber (a Youtuber with a focus on Yu-Gi-Oh) called Todd Johnson. He liked my stuff, promoted it, and my channel exploded. I was so appreciative of his help, I couldn’t help but develop a crush on him!

Then it turned out he was already seeing someone. But Todd was such a nice guy, he kept communicating with me anyway. Before long, we were legit online pals! Then one day he invited me to this Yu-Gi-Oh tournament at his hometown, and that’s when my life changed forever.

Because I met The One for me that day. Her name was Daisy Derriwinkle, and she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my life. After some (well, OK, MANY) hurdles, we managed to get together!

Now she’s my girlfriend, and my life with her is perfect! Yup, don’t wanna change ANYTHING, because everything is A-OK! I’m glad I was given this life!

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