The Queen of Bad Things

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This is the sequel to Ace Bad Things Warning; Mature Content! After her father's death, Aria must take over the family business, but this isn't an ordinary family. This is a family of Latin Kings. People push Aria to let Ace or one of the other boys handle things. Someone becomes obsessed with getting Aria out of the picture, even if that means death. Gangs fight against them. One gang, in particular, is strong and vengeful. Can Aria and the others survive against all the people that are out to get them? If you thought the first book was crazy, wait until you read the sequel. The Queen of Bad Things is action-packed from start to finish. Read to find out who is left standing after the gunsmoke settles.

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Summary: After the sudden death of her father, Aria must take over the family business. However, not everyone agrees that Aria is ready to run things. A girl has never ran things before in this family. Is Aria prepared for all the bad things that are about to come her way?


For my family, friends, teachers, and readers. It’s been a long crazy few years. I’ve been writing almost nonstop. Thank you to Full Sail University for making me a stronger writer. College has been an amazing experience. Thank you to my friends, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and sister-in-law for always reading my stories and giving me feedback. Most of all thank you readers for reading this series and making it so popular.

This book is available on Amazon. Let me know if you want to learn more! And feel free to leave a review on Amazon, even if you don't buy it.

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