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Shane Duffy is your typical nerd and everyone at the office enjoys making fun of him... until she comes. ***LaDonna Kraymer knows the moment she lays eyes on Shane that he is a man she wants to know better. Word around the off is he's a nerd, but in her eyes, he is the sexiest man she's seen in a long time. **This is an insta love short story, a quick read for someone short on time.

Presley's Angel
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Chapter 1

Shane Duffy

Today was starting out to be a miserable day. It was raining buckets when I left the house, meaning I didn’t see the broken bottle in the road until it was too late, and I’d run it over. It took a while for my tire to go flat, but now it is, and I must get out in the pouring rain to change it. Oh, and let’s not forget, I couldn’t find my raincoat that morning, so I only have an umbrella with me.

Ever try to change a tire and hold an umbrella? Yeah, it really doesn’t work.

So, here I am, getting soaked through to the bone and trying to change my tire. The worst part of it all is that I’m on my way to work and not on my way home.

Finally, I finished tightening the lug nuts, not an easy task with everything being wet, and let the rain wash the dirt off my hands before climbing back in my car.

“Ugh! I am so glad I went with leather seats when I restored this car,” I muttered as I started the car and turned the defrost on high to clear the windshield. Then the hunt begins for something to dry my glasses as I continue muttering to myself. “I am dripping so bad even my drips have drips.”

Ten minutes later, I was pulling into my parking space at work. The outer layer of my suit jacket was primarily dry, but my back still felt wet. The rain had flattened the curls, on the top of my head, so they were hanging down over my glasses, dripping and reminding me how badly I needed to get a haircut. There wasn’t anything I could do about it, though, so I exited my car and hurried inside the building, my umbrella held tight in my hand.

It felt like everyone turned to stare as I walked in, causing me to huff out a heavy sigh. As usual, I seemed to be the last one here, and even later than usual because of my flat tire. That meant everyone or almost everyone was in the lobby and had seen me come dragging in, my shoes making squishing noises due to all the water in them.

It also meant she was probably here somewhere watching. She being LaDonna, the new girl and the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. She was tall, almost as tall as I am, maybe. Her hair was long and dark, flowing over her shoulders in shimmery waves. I hadn’t gotten close enough to find out what her hair color is yet, but I want to.

I also don’t know if LaDonna knows who I am, but she will after today if she didn’t since everyone will be talking about my bedraggled look. They’ll all laugh about how stupid I looked as I walked in the building looking like a drowned rat, but that they weren’t surprised. I hope LaDonna won’t be one of the ones laughing at me, though, since I want her to like me.

I want to get to know her, maybe ask her out on a date. However, I need to find out more about her since she hasn’t been working here long. I need to know if she’s the type of person to laugh in my face. Yeah, I’ve had enough women ridicule me after I asked them out without her doing it too. Perhaps it would be better if I just admire her from afar and forget about asking her out, less heartbreak in it for me.

I want to ask her out, though, I thought with a loud snort. The snort drew the attention of the security guard, who narrowed his eyes at me. I just smiled and drew myself up straighter, letting him know he didn’t intimidate me.

Then I returned my gaze to LaDonna. Yeah, like she’d want to go out with a nerd like me, I huffed softly, debating on my next move. Should I pretend their looks don’t bother me and head to my office? Or should I turn tail and go back home.

To understand my internal debate, I suppose I should explain myself. You see, I’m the one the office workers around here call nerd boy.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it sounds just immature enough to be high school. That’s the way it is, though, and has been since I started working here. I’m brilliant, always have been. My college professors called me a borderline genius, and my parents were so proud of my accomplishments.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with good looks to go with my brain. No, I was called string bean in school by most everyone because I was five feet eight and extremely slender before puberty hit. Then I sprouted up to a slight six foot eight. I’m not skinny, and I do have a subtle muscle tone. You just can’t see it under the suit jacket I wear nearly every day.

Hey, just because I’m smart doesn’t mean I can’t work out at the gym!

Anyway, I wear glasses, which I hate, but contacts just aren’t for me. I never could force myself to put them in. My hair is brown and curly to the point of unruly, my eyes are blue, and thanks to braces as a kid, my teeth are straight. I honestly don’t think I look that bad, but all the girls want today are ‘bad boys’ and ‘pop stars’. They don’t want the intelligent, nerdy guys.

I can’t help but sigh as I head for my office, trying to ignore the snickers and eye rolls. Once I’m there, I close and lock my door before stripping off my jacket, along with my oxford shirt and my tee-shirt. Thankfully, I learned early on to keep a spare because one never knew when someone would accidentally spill a drink down the front of me.

Once I had changed, I unlocked the door before sitting down behind my desk. While I waited for my computer to boot up, I stared out the small window behind my desk.

Tapping lightly on my desk, I mused, it doesn’t help that everyone thinks I’m only here because of my dad, one of the firm’s partners. I’m not, though. I’ve had to work my way up just like everyone else.

One glance told me my computer was ready to go. So, swiveling my chair around, I opened the top folder on my desk and got busy.

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