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Chapter 3

Shane Duffy

Throughout the evening, LaDonna and I had laughed and had a wonderful time. It’s strange how much I already like this girl. She’s sweet and funny and tends to open her mouth to speak before her brain is fully engaged. Then her cheeks would become bright red, and she would start stuttering. It was so adorable.

After helping her into my car and climbing in myself, I looked at her. She had been quiet since we left and no longer had a smile on her face.

“LaDonna, is something wrong?”

She looked over at me in the dim-lit car and sighed. “No, not really. It’s just my brother showing up tonight. We don’t get along very well. I’m fairly sure you figured that out already, though, huh?”

I nodded. “You did seem a little upset with your brother.”

“Yes, well, just my luck him catching me out with a guy.” LaDonna sighed and leaned her head against the window. “For the most part, he leaves me be until a man is involved, then he wants to be my big brother. Somehow, I managed to hide my last boyfriend from him for about two months. Then John caught us together at the movies and gave the man the third degree. What’s your last name, who is your family, where do you work, did you go to college?” LaDonna paused, rubbing her forehead. “It was so embarrassing. I’m a grown woman. I was twenty-one years old, not sixteen.”

“How did the boyfriend react?”

LaDonna turned to look at me, a sad look on her face. “He took me home and said we were over because as much as he liked me, he didn’t need a big brother breathing down his neck twenty-four seven. He even asked me if my brother was some cop who planned to run a background check on him. That made me a bit suspicious of him, and I figured not dating him any longer was probably a good thing. That didn’t really help my hurt feelings, though.”

I started up the car and began pulling out of the parking lot, asking, “So is he? A cop, I mean.”

LaDonna laughed. “He wishes he were that important, but no. John is just a science teacher at the high school. He’s smart but lonely, I suppose. I wish he would find himself a woman, then maybe he’d leave me alone.”

We rode in silence the rest of the drive.

Arriving back at the office, I parked next to her car. After shutting the car off, I turned in my seat to look at her. “You know, LaDonna, it isn’t always easy to find a girl, especially if you’re more brain than brawn,” I told her. Since I had been through it, I knew it to be true.

LaDonna turned to look at me and whispered, “I know. My brother was always smart in school, with straight A’s, but he also played sports. He had a love for basketball and received two scholarships, one for academics and one for basketball. His first year of college was great. His high school sweetheart went to the same school, and he planned to marry her. John was hurt badly in a game the second year and couldn’t play. Megan didn’t want a nerd. She wanted a jock, so she left him. John was never the same after that.”

“What about you? Do you want the jock? Or would you settle for a nerd?” I asked her quietly.

LaDonna’s eyes twinkled, and she smiled. Turning sideways in her seat, she got up on her knees and grabbed hold of my face with both hands. Then she leaned forward to stare into my eyes. “You may be a nerd, but you are a super sexy one, and there would be no settling because I like a smart man.”

Then she kissed me.

I quickly took control, pulling her over into my lap as I deepened the kiss. LaDonna’s lips were like honey, and I couldn’t get enough. LaDonna groaned and moved her hands into my hair, tugging at my curls which caused me to moan with pleasure. I slowly broke our kiss with one last nip.

“Wow, Shane, you know how to make a woman’s night don’t you?” LaDonna murmured as she combed her fingers through my hair.

“You’re not too bad yourself. I’d like to see you again if I could,” I told LaDonna. “I had a wonderful time tonight.”

LaDonna smiled. “I’d like that too. You’re a great guy, Shane, and I had a wonderful time.” Her gaze dropped to my chest, where her hand lay, as she nibbled her lower lip. “You’ll give me a chance, even if my brother shows up again, won’t you?”

Lifting her chin to lock my gaze with hers, I told her, “If you are the girl for me, LaDonna, your brother won’t be able to turn me off, no matter how hard he tries. It’s getting late, though. If we want to function at work tomorrow, we both need to go home.”

LaDonna nodded, and with a quick kiss, she scrambled off my lap and into the passenger side seat. With a wave and a good night, she was out of my car, into hers, and gone.

Starting my car back up, I headed for home, thinking about the beautiful evening I’d had and the lady I had spent it with.

The following day when my alarm blared, I rolled over to turn it off with a groan, mumbling, “Why am I so tired?”

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Then I grinned as the night before, and my date with LaDonna flashed through my mind. Reaching for my glasses, I jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. The thought of seeing her had me wide awake and ready to go.

For the first time in an awfully long time, I walked into work with a smile on my face and no worries about what others said about me. They thought I didn’t know about how they spoke behind my back or didn’t care, but I did.

In fact, as I walked the hall, I heard one of the office girls whisper about how nerd boy was smiling

Today I didn’t care. The backstabbers could talk all they wanted to, and they could call me a nerd all they wanted because LaDonna doesn’t mind my nerdiness.

By the time I walked by my dad’s office and his secretary, I was whistling. MaryAnn was one of the few who treated me with respect. She looked up at me with a smile when I poked my head in the door. “Good morning, MaryAnn!”

“Good morning, Shane. You sure are chipper this morning. I like this new you.”

I grinned. “Yes, ma’am, I am in a wonderful mood.”

MaryAnn leaned forward, her chin in her palm, her elbow on her desk. “So, what made you so happy? Please tell me it’s a girl.”

I laughed. “Yes, actually it is. We went on our first date last night, and it went very well. I like her. She’s cute and funny and doesn’t care that I’m a little nerdy. In fact, she says she likes smart guys.”

“There is nothing wrong with you being a smart guy, so she sounds perfect for you. So, does this girl have a name?”

I felt my face flush a little because I knew MaryAnn probably knew LaDonna. “She works here, actually; that’s how we met. Her name is LaDonna.”

“Ah, Mr. Donahue’s secretary, sweet girl, she’s charming and polite. I’ve not talked to her much, but now that you two are seeing each other, maybe I’ll get a chance too.”

With a nod, I told her I’d see her later and headed for my office two doors down. I sat down and soon lost myself in my work. MaryAnn was in and out all morning, bringing me papers from my father.

Mr. Morgan, the other partner in the firm, also sent some papers by his secretary. Her name is Sandra, and she gave me the strangest look when she came in, then left shaking her head. I am clueless about what that was about.

Around eleven-thirty, there was a tap on my door. “Enter,” I said as I threw my pen down on the desk and stretched my tired shoulders.

The door opened, and LaDonna stuck her head inside. “Hey, good lookin’. Are you busy, or do you have time for lunch?”

I smiled and motioned her in. Coming in, a big paper bag in her hand, she shut the door behind her.

“You must have been pretty confident I could take lunch since you brought it with you,” I said, standing to clear my desk.

“Yes, well, if you had been busy, I would have tried to talk you into a break anyway,” LaDonna said as she put the bag and drinks down. Then she walked around the desk to where I stood and put her arms around my waist. Gazing up at me with those beautiful brown eyes of hers, she asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Mm-hm, I’m ravenous,” I murmured as I leaned down to kiss her very thoroughly. When I raised my head, I looked down at her passion, flushed cheeks, kissed swollen lips, and wanted more. Before I could go for another kiss, though, her eyes fluttered open.

“Oh, Shane, I don’t know what you have done to me, but I like it. You make my heart race like no one ever has,” LaDonna whispered before she kissed me.

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