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Chapter 4

Shane Duffy

LaDonna pulled back with a wink. Stepping out of my arms, she began taking food out of the bag as she asked, “Okay, big boy, how about lunch?”

I looked over her shoulder after putting my arms around her. “Salad, soup, sandwich, it all looks wonderful. What kind of soup is it?”

“Clam chowder soup, of course. You said that was your favorite, and the sandwich is corn beef on rye with lettuce, no tomato,” LaDonna said, turning her head to look at me.

“You remembered,” I murmured as I kissed her lips.

“Yes, I did. Mom always said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, when he talks about food, you listen.”

“Well, I do love to eat, so let’s do that before the soup gets cold,” I suggested. Taking hold of LaDonna’s hand, I led her around the desk and lifted her so she was sitting on top of the desk.

I then handed her a bowl of soup before grabbing my own. I sat down in my chair, breathing in the delicious scent of soup.

LaDonna and I began eating our soup as she looked around. For long moments we sat in silence. The only sound was our spoons scraping the sides of the bowl. “Why do you only have one chair?”

“No one ever comes in and sits down. If someone needs to discuss something with me, I go to their office,” I explained as I put down my empty bowl and grabbed my salad.

“Oh. Well, since I would like to come by sometimes, maybe you could get another chair, just for me?” LaDonna asked.

Then she sat looking at me, fluttering her eyes as she poked out her lip in a pout.

I chuckled at her. She was just too cute. “I suppose I could do that just for you, doll.”

LaDonna nodded happily at my answer.

When she began to swing her legs, I noticed how cute her knees were. Unable to resist the lure of them, I put down my fork and reached out to rub my thumb over the smooth skin of one.

At the touch of my hand, LaDonna glanced and smiled. Reaching over, she grabbed her salad and gave me a wink before she began to eat.

Taking my hand from her knee, I ate my salad before moving on to the sandwich she had brought me. It was so good I quickly demolished it.

Halfway through, LaDonna laid her sandwich down and mumbled about her belly being full and that she was sleepy. Slipping off my desk, LaDonna crawled onto my lap.

“Um... LaDonna, what are you doing?” I asked even as I began to rub my hand along her bared knee.

LaDonna covered her mouth and yawned. Then cuddling up to me, she buried her face in the crook of my neck, placing light kisses that sent shivers down my spine. “I’m cuddling with you until time to go back to work. Why, don’t you want to?”

“I would love to, doll, but how long of a lunch does Mr. Donahue give you?” I asked her and waited for an answer. When I didn’t get one, I frowned down at the top of her head. “LaDonna?”

Still not getting an answer, I moved her slightly so I could get a look at her face. LaDonna’s eyes were closed, her lips parted somewhat with her breaths puffing softly from them, making it obvious she was asleep. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how fast she dozed off. I needed to know when her lunch was over, though. I didn’t want her to get in trouble. As I sat pondering what to do, there was a tap on my door. “Enter.”

“Son, I just came by to see if you...” Dad’s voice trailed off, and he stopped walking as he glanced at the girl on my lap.

“Hello, Dad. You came by to see if I… what?” I softly asked, not wanting to wake my girl up.

“MaryAnn told me earlier you had started seeing someone. I thought I would come and take you to lunch where I could interrogate you about her. I certainly wasn’t expecting to find you with her asleep in your lap.”

“I wasn’t expecting her to be sleeping on my lap either, but she did.”

Dad waved his hand at the leftovers on the desk. “Yes, and you’ve already had lunch too.”

“Yes, we did,” I agreed.

“She’s beautiful, son. What’s her name?” Dad asked, with a slight smile on his face.

Glancing down at the beautiful girl in my lap, I smiled. “LaDonna. She’s Mr. Donahue’s secretary.”

“Ah, sweet girl, she’s always so polite when you see her in the halls.”

“Dad, I don’t suppose you would know when she takes lunch?”

“No, sorry, son, I don’t. Why?”

“I didn’t pay attention to the time, so I don’t know how long she’d been here. I don’t want her to get back from lunch late,” I answered before I groaned in frustration and dropped my head back on the headrest of my chair. I must have jerked a little hard because it caused LaDonna to shake.

“Shane, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” LaDonna asked, her eyes opening and blinking at me sleepily.

“I’m fine, doll. When does your lunch break end?” I quickly asked before she could lie her head back down.

LaDonna groaned as she looked at her watch.

“Five minutes from now.” With a sigh, she stood and turned toward the door. Seeing my dad, she stopped. “Oh! Mr. Duffy, sir. How are you?”

Dad chuckled. “I’m good. I’m surprised to find you in my son’s office and sleeping in his lap.”

LaDonna looked over at me, wide-eyed. “Um... it isn’t what it looks like, truly. I mean, it is, but...”

I stood as she fumbled for words and wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her neck as I said, “It’s okay, doll. Dad already knew about you.”

“Oh, okay.” LaDonna turned to look at me, a relieved look on her face. “I had better go. It’s Friday, and Mr. Donahue is always in a rush so that we can leave early. I’ll see you later?”

Seeing my dad had slipped out, I gave her another kiss and told her, “Yes, I’d see her later.”

LaDonna nodded, and with a quiet goodbye, she left.

I sat down with a goofy grin on my face as I watched her go. It was the beginning of what I knew would be a beautiful relationship.

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