The party

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The party

One night it was going to have a big party in my neighborhood I was so excited. when I ask my mom she said no . I was so mad I Turn red , my friends kelly,maya,annie and Jay call me tell me that we crushes was going to be their. That same night me mummy left for work , I had my clothes on , I drop out the window and meet my friends at the park we walk to the party . We had reach in time . We was drinking alcohol and I was 15 so my mom could find out I dead. My friend jay had get drunk. The boy I was crushing on walk up to me "i like u ,," he said, we started making out in the party , it was good but my mom can find out anything .

The cops had came and my friend jay get shot because was drunk .I was crying but we don't leave him . When I was walking home I saw my mom was call me like 30 time so I know something about to happen.
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