Maybe Just One More

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Chapter 33. I Had A Better Idea

Stormie’s POV

The twins laid on the bed in front of me. They were two months old. Time passed quickly; it was hard to believe how old they were. They started fighting over a pacifier. Chloe screamed a high pitched scream. Corey grunted.

“Oh my god,” I laughed. “How will I ever get my homework done with you two being so cute?” I pulled my phone out. “Your dad needs to see this.” I started recording them and trying not to giggle. “You two aren’t even old enough to fight yet.”

Corey lost the fight and started to cry.

Chloe giggled and tried to put the pacifier in her mouth, but instead, she dropped it beside her head. She made a face.

“Oh,” I giggled. “Oh my god.”

She started to cry loudly.

I threw my head back and laughed. I grabbed her pacifier and put it in her mouth. I grabbed Corey’s that he had dropped earlier and gave it to him. I turned the camera off. I opened messenger and sent the video to Avery.

The twins hadn’t seen Avery the last couple of weeks, but they adored him. He told me that he was busy and that he was sorry he couldn’t make it. However, he said he would try to come this weekend.

Avery: cute 😂

Me: Everything okay?

Avery: Yeah.

Me: Okay.

Avery: Just busy. I still plan to be there this weekend.

Me: Sounds good.

Tears built in my eyes, and I threw my phone down. I wasn’t sure, but I was beginning to think he was seeing someone. Jealousy and rage pulsed through me, but I fought it back.

My bedroom door swung open. It was from Peyton.

“Hey,” she said. She stopped. “What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing. You came at a bad time,” I muttered. I slammed my book and slid it off my lap and onto the floor.

She sat down on the bed beside me. “Talk to me,” Peyton insisted. “What’s going on?”

I sighed. “I made such horrible mistakes. I wish he would forgive me, but he won’t.” The tears fell faster down my face.

She sighed. She turned and hugged me tightly. She rubbed my back.

“God, I miss him so bad. He won’t talk to me hardly at all. I think he is seeing someone,” I murmured.

“I doubt it,” she murmured. “I’m sure he would tell you.”

I scoffed. “No, he wouldn’t, and he doesn’t have to because it’s not my business.”

“Maybe it’s time you try to move on too,” she whispered.

“I can’t,” I whispered. “I’m still stuck. It’s like not being able to move,” I leaned away from her. “I love him. It feels like I lost my best friend. I hate myself for doing this to us. I should have trusted him.” A sob escaped me. “Every night, I lay awake thinking about him. It just doesn’t go away.”

She stared at me sadly. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” I said. I bit back another sob and wiped the tears away. I took a deep breath to calm myself. “It’s my own damn fault.”

“How come you don’t go back to cheering?” Peyton suggested.

“No, that’s over,” I muttered. I shook my head. “I’m busy with them. Besides, I have a new career idea in mind.”

She nodded in understanding.

My gaze fell on the twins. They were both asleep.

Corey had a full head of brown hair. Chloe has hair but not as much as Corey. Her hair was blonde. I was sure that Corey would look like Avery, and Chloe would look like me from the look of them.

After Peyton left, I grabbed both of the twins and carried them downstairs. I put them into their swings and turned them on. I went to the kitchen to make them a bottle.

Mom came into the house and kicked her shoes off. “Hey, sweetie. Where are the babies?”

“In their swings. I have to feed them,” I said and yawned tiredly.

“I’ll help,” she offered.

“Thanks,” I said.


While I laid in bed, I thought about a night a few weeks ago when I called Avery. I called him simply because I couldn’t sleep. He didn’t say much to me, but he wasn’t mean. He keeps more of a distance from me than he ever has. Things were different, and the thought made my chest hurt.

Any time that I got close to him, he moved away. I tried not to be pushy about it, but it hurt—every time I had to see him, it hurt.

I reached for my phone and dialed his number.

It rang three times.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Hi,” I said. I bit down nervously on my lip.

“Hey,” he said. “Can I call you back? I’m in the middle of something.”

“Oh,” I said. “Well, what if it’s quick?”

“Um, sure,” he said.

“Look, I think that when you see the twins, instead of staying here with me, you should take them. Maybe you could stay at the house with Rob or whatever. I can’t–” a sob escaped me. “I can’t be around you anymore. It hurts too much.”

He was silent.

I checked my phone to see if he hung up. It said he was still there.

“Avery,” I murmured.

He sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t. It’s fine, and I get it. I’m to blame, but it’s better this way. I’ll never move past what happened if I’m spending weekends with you.”

“Yeah, I get that,” he said.

I felt another sob coming on, and I quickly hung the phone up. I didn’t want him to hear me break down. I didn’t want him to pity me.


The wind hit the side of the house, and the rain fell heavily onto the roof. Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled.

The babies were in their swings. It was Saturday night, and Avery never showed to get the twins this weekend. The movie on the screen only depressed me more. Tears fell from my eyes. I laid on the couch, letting the loneliness swallow me.

“Stupid romance shit,” I muttered. I hated nights that it stormed because it reminded me of Avery. A memory washed over me before I could stop it.


“Avery!” I laughed. “Damn it. I knew you were going to get stuck. You suck at mudding.”

We knew it would storm, so we decided to take his truck in the field to go mudding.

“Maybe, I got stuck on purpose,” he murmured. He grabbed onto me and pulled me onto his lap.

My lips parted, and I looked down to where I was straddling him. My eyes flickered back up to his.

He caressed my cheek for a moment before he tangled his fingers into my hair and brought my lips to his. His lips moved hard against mine. He gripped onto my hip and groaned. His cock hardened beneath me.

I broke the kiss.“It’s storming,” I gasped.

“That means nobody is going to hear you scream,” he teased. He bit down on my neck.

“Oh god,” I panted.


One of the twins started to cry, pulling me from the memory. It was Corey.

I sighed and got up. I pulled him from his swing. “What’s wrong, baby? Are you hungry?”

He moved his mouth toward my breast.

“I take that as a yes,” I said. I carried him out to the kitchen and held him as I made the bottle.

A knock on the door made me jump.

Mason hadn’t been home since he told me what happened two months earlier. I would probably kill him if he did. I never wanted to see my brother again.

Mom and Dad went to Houston for a wedding.

I walked over to the door and opened it. It was Jade.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“My parents and I got into a fight. Can I stay?” she asked.

“Yeah, of course. If you don’t mind two babies crying at random.”

She laughed and shook her head. “Not at all.” She reached for Corey and took him from me. “It’s insane how much he already looks like his dad.”

“I know,” I muttered.

“I thought Avery was going to start taking them to his old house on the weekends,” she said.

“I don’t know what he is doing. Maybe his new girlfriend is keeping him preoccupied or something,” I muttered.

“Call him,” she suggested.

“I texted him. He didn’t answer,” I muttered. “I’m beginning to think I’m on my own.”

“That’s not fair. I’ll go slap him a few times if you need me to,” she offered.

I laughed. “It’s okay. We’ll be fine,” I said.


“Who has the twins?” Peyton asked.

“I need to go pick them up from Rachel,” I said. It was Monday after school.

“Rachel is watching them?” Jade asked, surprised.

“She wanted them because she had the day off or something.”

“Anything from Avery,” Peyton asked.

“No,” I said. I swallowed hard. “I’m just beginning to think the twins aren’t as important to him as I thought. Maybe, I should–”

“Now, that’s ridiculous. They’re everything to me,” A deep voice interrupted me.

We all three gasped and stopped walking.

Avery had snuck up beside me without any of us noticing him. He had the babies in a stroller.

I huffed.

The girls looked at him then at me and smiled.

They both turned and walked out of the school.

“Yo, Prince,” some senior waved at Avery.

“What’s up,” Avery said to him.

“How’s college?”

“It’s college,” Avery chuckled.

“Hell yeah,” the guys said. He high fived Avery and walked out the door.

“Hey, Avery,” Lindsay smiled at him as she walked by.

Lindsay was a girl in my grade.

He barely said hello to her, to her dismay, as he continued to stare at me.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. “You’re supposed to be in class and at work afterward.”

He shrugged. “I took a few personal days. I had a better idea in mind.”

“Oh, really? What’s that?” I asked.

A smile slowly stretched across his lips.

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