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The Rise Of A Queen

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Arabella's and Hardin's story continues.... After almost three years of blissful marriage, and reigning as King and Queen, our star crossed lovers can't find a single fault in their perfection of a life. Then, it gets even better with a special delivery on the way, but dark forces are conspiring against them and everything that they know is put into question as the truth of the past comes to light. With rebels on the brink of uprising and an unexpected guest barging in on their life, will Hardin and Arabella be able to overcome these obstacles and will their love conquer all, or will they fall, taking their kingdom down with them?

Romance / Fantasy
โ˜… 4.7
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 ~ Welcome To My New Life

A R A B E L L A ' S P.O.V

His hands were all over me, ravishing my body with his both his skilled fingers and perfect tongue that ran circles around my hard nipples which were aching for more.

The crown on his hand fell off, clattering against the hard floor, and one of the many jewels embedded into the solid gold cracked, but both of us were too wrapped up in our lustful haze to register it.

The kinky role play we tried to maintain had become quickly forgotten, I was supposed to be the innocent maid who'd become seduced by the all powerful king, and pleasure him to the brink of insanity, yet somehow the roles had been switched.

He was the one inflicting pleasure on me, he was the one bringing me to the brink of insanity.

My husband, my king, but always and foremost, the love of my life.

Circling my clit with his thumb, I moaned loudly as he brought me closer and closer to the edge, getting me ready for the amazing fuck he was just about to deliver.

As the tip of his hard cock was about to plunge into my aching pussy, the door was suddenly pushed open. I knew from the smell of fresh waffles and French toast, wafting in that it was Walter. Our regular waiter, again.

Hardin acted fast, snatching a pillow from behind me and throwing it at Walter, aiming straight for the door. "Not again Walter," Hardin grumbled, giving me a cheeky glare, as I struggled to contain my laughter.

"Sorry your majesty, but you are needed for a meeting with the advisors." He quickly mumbled, before slamming the door shut.

Great, the mood was officially dead.

"Uh damn meetings," Hardin muttered angrily. He was still looming over me, resting on his elbows for support and our sexy role playing had become quickly forgotten.

"You're needed my king." I pressed a soft kiss against his equally soft lips. The moan that reverberated from his chest, hadmy legs wrapping around his waist, as I struggled to keep my calm composure.

"But I must satisfy my Queen first," He whispered, breaking the kiss, to plant a myriad of light kisses down my breasts. His lips merely grazing my skin, yet the anticipation was enough to have me squirming beneath him.

Then, I remembered Walter...and his relentlessness when it came to his duties. He would happily cock block us a thousand times if it meant getting Hardin to that meeting.

"Baby," I pushed him back. "Duty comes first, remember?" Shaking his head, he began to motorboat me, burying his face between my breasts.

I laughed gleefully, finally managing to push him off. "We can play later." I sealed the promise with a kiss and decided to get up too, using this early morning to get some more of my Queenly duties done today.

Grabbing my silk chemise, I slipped it on to cover my naked body, whilst I slipped into the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth.

Walking back out, Hardin was already ready, just buttoning up his shirt with his tie hanging loosely around his neck. Smiling, I walked over and slipped it off him, knowing that he wanted me to tie it.

This had become somewhat of a tradition for the two of us. Even though he could do his tie much better than I ever could, he always waited for me and I loved it.

Our marriage was not without its faults but to me it was perfection, and these little moment we had, made it all the more better.

"I hate being king." He grumpily mumbled.

My smile brightened. "You love being king," There really was nothing quite like watching the love of your life thrive in his work environment, and it just so happened that Haridn and I were working every minute of every day.

Being King and Queen never stopped.

"No I hate it. Just give me the word and I'll quit ." I pecked his lips, as I straighten out his tie.

"You can't quit, now go to your meeting. I'll see you later."

The infectious grin I had come to love broke out on his face. "Love you baby," He kissed my cheek, lovingly.

"I love you too," I called out, as he slipped out the door.

Now probably the biggest decision of my day. What to wear?

After a much too long inner discussion, I finally settled on a dark green gown, long enough to trail along the floor, yet just short enough so I could walk in heels without tripping.

I paired with some simple earrings and the necklace Hardin gifted me on my 20th birthday. I couldn't believe we had been married for two years and after tomorrow it would be three.

Haridn and I had a long story that would beat all others. I was a lowly orphan stuck in the academy, and trained to be sold as a wife to any many willing to buy me. He was the crowned Prince of Dahlia, forced to find a wife through a dastardly horrible competition that would not only appease his father but also his entire kingdom.

Our journey was long and perilous, with me losing people I had eventually considered friends and Hardin rediscovering what it meant to be a king. Both our loyalties were pushed to the max and there were times I thought we would never come to be.

Then, a miracle occurred and I was chosen. He chose me. Somehow along the embarrassing and awkward moments, our stolen glances and the dates that rivalled all dates, we both fell in love.

Now, here we are. King and Queen of Dahlia, husband and wife. Soon, I hoped to add one more thing to them titles.

"Arabella!" Flo screamed, barging into my room. Then she stilled. "Wow, you're actually up." I rolled my eyes at the heavy amount of shock in her voice.

"Yes, I'm up. So, what's on the agenda today?" Hardin had promoted Flo to my lady-in-waiting, after I knew that I could not tackle this job without her by my side.

She loved the promotion and executed the role perfectly. I would honestly be lost without her guidance.

"First up a meeting with Timothy." I groaned.

Timothy was a very demanding event planner that had co-ordinated almost every ball and party at the Palace for almost twenty years. His style was impeccable for sure but I could not stand the man. He was egregiously obnoxious, stubborn and mean. The first time I had met him, was just before my grand entrance during the competition, and he had almost made a girl cry with his awful tone.

"Then a meeting with the new woman's charity," I smiled at that.

Ever since Hardin and I had come to the throne, we had made a significant amount of changes to the way Dahlia was run. The academies were still in place, since we hadn't received the support we needed yet to dismantle them but the labs were gone and there had been more progress in earning women more rights and better working conditions for those unfortunate enough to be living in the poorer areas of the sectors.

My decisions to try and improve the lives of women and the progress of removing the academies had earned me a lot of hatred, specifically from the male population.

Like I cared though.

Leaving my room with Flo in tow, we walk through the Palace, having to greet every single person who walked by with a courteous and graceful smile.

When Hardin and I first married, I had to be trained on how to behave properly as Queen. It was the longest week of my life and I owed it all to my gracious father-in-law, King Benjamin.

He still hates me, but tolerates me for Hardin's sake. It's the same with me though, I can't bear to stand the man who ordered the death of my friend and forced me to kill my worst nemesis.

Luckily for the both of us, he travels around Dahlia with his conquests, drinking and partying away.

"Heads up, someone gave Timothy coffee with semi-skimmed milk in, instead of 1%, so he's very agitated and angry this morning."

"Great." I muttered, plastering a fake smile on my face as we walked into the grand hall that was currently being set up for the anniversary party tomorrow.

"Your majesty, how are you? You look simply radiant." I faked a smile at the compliments he always showered me with, to butter me up, before he tries to change something.

"I'm good, and how are you Timothy?" He feigned a look of anguish.

"I would be so so so much better if we switched the blue colour scheme with something more classy like red or gold."

Patience is a virtue. I told myself as I sucked in a deep breath. "As I said before Timothy, blue is Hardin's favourite colour and it was the colour of the dress I wore when we first met."

Hardin said his favourite colour was green, up until the point he became entranced by my sapphire orbs and became a man in love.

"Yes, yes but everyone else will respond to red and gold."

"I will respond to blue and so will my husband, your King, and as your Queen I have made my decision." I hated playing that card but it was only one I could play to end an argument with Timothy. The man was relentless.

A quality I normally would admire thanks to my own stubborn nature...but I wanted blue.

"Of course your majesty," And with that Timothy bowed, before storming off to scream at someone else.

Flo stepped forward. "You have twenty minutes," She whispered into my ear. My body actually tingled in excitement at this rare opportunity, and I started to make a bee line straight for the library.

That's right, the library made me tingle.

Because of my very busy schedule, I merely had any time to simply read, or walk around aimlessly. Two of my favourite things to do. So, whenever Flo told me I had a little spare time, I used every minute to my advantage.

Just as I passed the dining hall, and was about to walk up the spirally staircase, I heard a noise. Scratch that, a moan.

My curiosity peaked and I carefully tip toes down the darkened hallway until I reached a door, labelled maintenance. I quickly looked around, no-one was there.

It was rare that I found myself completely alone, especially with the Palace swarmed with guards but Flo and my personal guards knew that I needed some privacy so my free time was devoted to being entirely by myself.

Pushing the door handle open, the old door creaked, only to reveal the Palace's newest couple, who were still in the honeymoon stage. Hence the...nakedness.

I quickly slammed the door shut, my eyes burning to get the image out of my mind. I can't believe I just walked in on that.

"So gross," I mumbled aloud. The door was thrown open again.

"Come on, it's not that gross." Xander smirked, zipping up his pants. A flushed and flustered Flicker came tip toeing out behind him, her clothes in a complete state of disarray with bright red lipstick smeared across her face.

"It is very gross, you're like my dad. God, ew."

"But I'm not." He stated, causing a pang of pain in my chest. He was right, he wasn't my dead. I had no such parents to speak of but he was closer thing I had to a parent. He had chosen me for the competition, guided me and helped me when I thought everything was over.

Ultimately, he'd saved my life

"Whatever." Then I paused for a moment. "Aren't you supposed to be in a meeting with my husband?"

He shrugged, glancing back at his blushing girlfriend. "I'm sick." He said, sarcasm dripping out of his tone.

Scoffing, I turned and left before having to hear witness to their sex escapades again. "Don't forget who accidentally walked in on you and Hardin in my own office?" He called off, making me chuckle as I walked away.

Hardin and I were waiting to meet with Xander but the wait had proved to be too long and before we knew it, Hardin was throwing me over the desk and fucking me from behind. Neither of us even registered it when Xander walked in.

I glanced back, only to see Flicker giggling as Xander pulled her in for another kiss. Despite their flirtations which had spanned on for years, they had only recently announced that they were together. Why? God knows.


After spending my afternoon in the library and then attending my meeting with the charity, I eventually ended up outside Hardin's office.

I missed him. I always did, and it seemed as though the only times we're together is when we're having sex or sleeping.

I raised my hand to knock on the door but even before I could he called out enter. Smiling, I gently bit my bottom lip, pushing on the hard oak.

His office was immaculate. Papers were neatly stacked away, there was a small leather couch in the corner where we had numerous nights together, a drinks trolley to the side of his desk and our wedding portrait, hanging high above his desk.

Silently, I shut the door and then strode across the room, throwing one leg over his lap so I was in a seated position. He immediately began to nibble at my neck, teasing me with his tongue and teeth.

I pull him back, forcing his chin up saw I could stare into his strong grey eyes. His eyes reflected back love, the sides of them softening slightly as his entire posture relaxed.

Bringing my arms up his chest, gently pressing down whilst I massaged all the tension out his body, I started to squeeze his shoulders. His head dropped back, a sigh leaving his mouth, causing me to smile.

"How was your meeting?" From his stiffening body, I knew something bad had happened.

"The rebels are attacking in the north, yet the south is completely clear. They're getting more violent and I don't what to do. The advisors are pressuring me to come up with a solution but...I can't think of anything that doesn't resort to violence."

The rebels were a large group of civilians who hated democracy. They wanted us out and in turn, they wanted to run Dahlia using their own extremist principles. Violence was there go too, using bombing, mass shootings, and kidnappings to exert their power.

"Fighting violence with violence doesn't sound very good, especially for our people."

"I know." His clipped tone came out very sharp, which caused me to drop my hands out of shock. Sighing, he ran a hand through his dark brown hair. "I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry. It'a just so stressful."

I nodded, letting him rest his head against my breasts. A soft kiss was pressed between them, my heart beating slowly as I smiled softly.

As I said before, our marriage was not without its faults and being King and Queen only placed an extreme amount of pressure on tension on it, but we never let it break us. Hardin and I, we were forever.
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