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Chapter 6 - Needs must

Until this morning, Ezra had no clue what a 'ruck' was. Now, carrying a heavy bag; full of gear, over uneven terrain - he wished he still had no idea what it was.

Captain Luca had informed them that they were tasked with carrying all their camping gear, in a backpack, and expected to carry it from point A to point B. All the while carrying the aforementioned heavy backpack, in the heat, and for a long distance. Essentially hiking with a heavy load.

And not just walking, oh no, they were not permitted to walk! They had to move fast. Rucking was a bitch and could go fuck itself - Ezra thought.

Renier always seemed to do extremely well, as well as Justin and himself - they were usually the top three. This was difficult, though, surprisingly difficult!

They were pacing in two rows of five, alongside one another. Ezra had Reiner in front of him, with a random guy he did not know and Justin to his right.

Justin glanced at him, "Come on," he encouraged in a low whisper.

He had never exercised whilst carrying a weight. Maybe this was why he was struggling so much?

"Jackhurst, you can always quit?" Captain Luca reminded him.

Ezra stared straight ahead, picking up the pace slightly - ignoring the mocking voice. He supposed his words had the desired effect, they made him determined to continue on.

Justin smirked at him, "Finally found something you're not that good at, maybe I'll beat you this time." He challenged.

Ezra could not let a jackass like Justin taunt him and actually win. No way!

"Go fuck yourself," he answered.

Justin sniggered, "Fighting spirit - I like it."

His feet were throbbing, due to the heat, the uneven terrain and just being on them for far too long without a rest. His shoulders and back ached, not to mention he was thirsty.

Thankfully, the next thing Captain Luca announced had Ezra feeling utter relief, "Another two miles and we will be at our destination."

The final two miles were hell, but the whole time Ezra just reminded himself that it would soon be over.

Although, Justin unhelpfully said, "Yeah, but we still have to walk back."

As it turns out they did not have to walk back, not that day at least. They were informed that they would be camping. They had to set up their own tents - which were in their backpacks.

After a few attempts, Ezra finally managed to have his tent set up.

Curtis had built a fire and even managed to get it lit, which Justin teased him about, insinuating that he must be a girl guides member.

"Just so you know, there is no use running away. Not like any of you would, after all, it is not like you are thirteen-year-old pissbabies." Captain Luca coolly announced, adding, "Besides, we are in the middle of nowhere, you'd get lost and I would not send help to find you."

Remarkably Captain Luca had no plans for them. They could do as they pleased as long as they remained around the makeshift campsite, and were around to help with dinner and cleaning up later.

Some went to nap in their tents, or to have much needed alone time - as being in a single tent was the first time they had their own space. Others were sat in pairs talking. Curtis was collecting sticks for the fire.

Ezra watched Captain Luca, sat alone by the fire - no one dared sit with him. Ezra stood and joined him, glancing at him briefly, "Do you think there are any dangerous animals out here?" He asked randomly just to make conversation.

"Not counting some of the men here, then no - I don't think so. But feel free to tell, Kirstein that there are venomous snakes or something." He said flatly.

Ezra pondered that, smirking at the thought of winding Justin up later.

"Do you camp out every year?" Ezra asked another question, wanting to fill the silence and to also learn new things about Luca.

Luca looked at him briefly, before glancing ahead once again, "Yes," he sighed, "the programme has the same structure every year."

After a long heavy silence, Luca spoke up, "I'm fortunate enough to be in charge of the older teens each year. I'm not sure I have the patience to deal with thirteen-year-olds."

Ezra grinned, it did seem that the younger members were quite unruly. Yes, their group had their issues, he for one was a bit mouthy and had a temper. But, they soon took to life at the camp. The younger ones were still trying to rebel - to rage against authority and prove they know everything there is to know and do not need to be taught anything.

"I'm sure, Commander Peter, gave you the older ones, for the safety of the recruits and not to please you." Ezra teased.

"Of that I'm certain," Luca replied honestly.

A pause in the conversation once again. Luca sipped his tea, and Ezra poked at the fire with a stick. The silence was slightly awkward, and Ezra wondered if maybe Luca was reluctant to talk when around others. Yet, he had answered his questions and had not insulted him.

Just when Ezra thought he should maybe talk again (as sitting here with this tension around them was making him feel uncomfortable, he usually did reckless things when he felt like this - and knowing him he'd blurt out something he would regret later) Luca spoke up.

"How are you finding it here?" he asked still not looking at Ezra.

" is alright," he replied cautiously, discarding his poking stick on the fire, "I could do with a more comfortable mattress and longer time to sleep - but I think I'm coping well enough." That was the truth, he honestly believed he was dealing with this hell hole much better than he expected, or anyone who knows him, probably expected too.

He could not explain it, he just needed to be here, sat next to - close to Luca. He did not care if they sat in silence, he just wanted to feel Luca's presence and maybe occasionally hear him speak.

"Do you live on base then?" Ezra asked, not thinking about whether that was too personal of a question.

Luca remained motionless, but his eyes scanned around to see if anyone was watching or listening. They were not, most had retreated to their tents, a couple of stragglers were sat talking on the far side of the campsite.

"Yes and no," he cryptically answered.

Ezra frowned, knocking his leg against Luca's, he whined, "Hey, that's not fair - give me a proper answer." He harassed teasingly.

Luca tilted his head in order to glare at him, after a small stare off, Luca added, "I live on base during the periods that boot camp is open. During the times when we do not have recruits, I live in an apartment that I share with Commander Peter and another friend of ours."

A pang of jealousy shot through Ezra, at the thought that Commander Peter got to live with Luca. Ezra wondered if they had ever fooled around, Luca had previously admitted he was into men - it would not be too ridiculous for something to have happened between them.

Luca watched as Ezra's face tensed up and he was glaring at the grass - his expression intense. He took the time to reflect on what he had just said to cause such a dark expression to cross Ezra's features.

Giving in, he finally asked, "Care to explain the change in your mood?" Luca inquired, feeling curious.

Ezra turned his body so it was angled towards Luca, making himself comfortable on the log that they were using as a bench.

He searched Luca's face, "You're obviously close with the commander." He stated, gesticulating with his left hand in a jerky movement, "I mean you work with him, and you live with him - so....." he left it open.

He was using his hands more when talking now, the hand gestures were sharp - agitated, he was becoming more animated as he spoke. His eyebrows drawn in, his face tight and lips pursed.

If it was anyone else Luca would have told them to mind their damn business, it was not something they should know about. Who cares how close he is with Peter.

Luca was quite apt at reading body language, though, and Ezra was jealous. He reasoned that Ezra was insinuating that he thought Luca and Peter were intimate - he usually would not bother to correct anyone who thought that. But for some reason he cared what Ezra thought, he had the urge to correct him, to tell him that he and Peter were just friends and nothing more. Never have been and never will be.

The fact the Ezra was jealous made him far happier than it should have. If he was jealous of the non-relationship he had with Peter, did that mean a part of Ezra liked him?

Luca turned to look at him, their eyes locking, "So," picking up Ezra's earlier dropped sentence, "Nothing, brat," he paused before continuing, "not like it is any of your darn business, but Commander Peter and I are just good friends."

The change in Ezra's body language and facial expression was instantaneous and relief flickered in his eyes.

"What about your other roommate?" He asked pushing his luck. He only asked as he realised they were now alone around the fire.

Ezra could tell Luca was torn between cursing and telling Ezra to mind his damn business, to being open with him.

"They are not interested in seeking a relationship, not like I've tried," he scoffed, "They're not my type - but nonetheless they are happy to not be with anyone," Luca responded, surprised that he was sharing so much with Ezra.

"They?" Ezra asked, confused by Luca's secrecy.

"I say they, as that is the pronoun my friend prefers we use when talking to and about them," Luca explained in a bored tone.

Ezra grimaced, "Right sorry I shouldn't have asked. I just...I.." he knew why he was asking, he wanted to know all about Luca and who was in his life - who the competition was, essentially. But why? What did he want to happen? He was at a boot camp, and only for a short period. He would leave and most likely never see Luca again - yet he cared.

Luca was facing forwards once again, regarding the fire, watching the flames, "You were being nosy. It is fine, don't worry." He stated dismissively - he knew he could not encourage Ezra's crush on him - how he wanted to, but knew he should not.

"Time to start preparations for dinner," Luca announced, as he stood. He then walked away and started opening the tent flaps and yelling for each occupant to get up.

During preparations for dinner, and over the course of dinner, Ezra caught Luca watching him a few times. He tried to not show that he knew, otherwise, Luca would stop. His stomach did a little flip whenever he caught Luca looking at him from afar. The next time Ezra caught him watching, he stared back - making eye contact longer than necessary, sending Luca a gentle smile before looking away.

They were ordered to clear away the dinner things, Ezra made a point of standing close to Luca, even though there was plenty of room for him.

After dinner many of the others once again retreated into their tents, making the most of not being made to do anything and the fact that they had their own space since arriving at boot camp.

Ezra joined Curtis and Justin for a bit. Justin grilled Ezra about Mark, to which Ezra told him he did not know that much about him, and if he wanted to know more he should go directly to Mark himself.

Around 9:30 pm Curtis excused himself, claiming he knew Captain Luca would have them up at stupid o'clock.

Justin stared pointedly at Ezra, shoving Ezra with his foot - as he stretched out on his side propped up on his elbow.

"What?" Ezra asked, slightly irritated by the shoving.

"I want you to leave," he stated matter of factly like it should be obvious to Ezra, "Unless you want to see me wanking?" he added smirking.

Ezra grimaced, "Nah, you're alright." He crawled out of the tent, zipping it up before he went in search of a drink.

Logically he knew he should also be sleeping, what with the early start tomorrow and the hike back to boot camp, but he was not tired. His muscles ached from the exercise, but he was not sleepy. Not to mention his tent was quite close to Justin's and he had no desire to listen to him masturbating.

He walked away from the small area set aside for the tents, heading towards the fire - hoping it was still lit, so he could boil some water and make a cup of tea.

The fire was still burning away, only one person remained up - of course, it was Luca. Ezra studied his profile from behind, again the urge to kiss the nape of his neck struck. Ezra coughed to make himself known.

Luca turned around, Ezra smiled sheepishly at him, "Any chance of a drink?"

Luca did no respond, instead, he turned around again and made himself busy placing the kettle over the fire.

Ezra could have sat on a log next to the one Luca was on, or even on one opposite him, but he chose to share the log that Luca was occupying. Sitting down next to him, leaving hardly any room between them.

They sat in silence, Luca preparing the tea and Ezra trying to subtly check out Luca's face without him noticing.

"Stop staring," Luca ordered, as he placed the cup at Ezra's feet.

Ezra looked away quickly, heat rising - spreading to his neck, "Sorry," he saw no use in denying it. He clearly was doing it.

In all of his time working at this godforsaken camp, Luca had never been the slightest bit interested in any of the people that passed through. Yet, here he was having an internal battle about keeping his job or saying to hell with it all and pouncing on the idiot sat next to him.

Externally, he was the picture of calm, his posture perfect, his face stoic and his demeanour cool and collected. Internally, he was trying his best to not fall apart. Reminding himself that it most definitely would not be professional to harass a teen in his charge. No matter how much said teen looked like he too wanted it.

Luca bowed his head marginally, briefly closing his eyes and praying for strength.


Ezra hated silences - especially uncomfortable ones. He could hear light snoring in the distance and the fire crackling. Not knowing what else to say, and being who he was, Ezra blurted the first thing in his head - saying it out loud to try and diffuse the awkward tension, "You know Justin is wanking right now!"

Luca turned to stare dumbfounded at Ezra, "Thanks for that, brat," he said straight-faced, "now who is oversharing?"

Ezra laughed, the atmosphere no longer tense, "I don't blame him," he added seriously, "I mean - it's not like the quarters offer a decent opportunity to one's needs, and nor do the shared showers." He was silent a moment before adding, "I suppose you can use the toilet - but who wants to knock one out in a dirty toilet?!"

Luca swore under his breath - quietly and almost inaudible. He prayed for strength and what was he given instead - the damn brat talking about wanking.

Ezra caught Luca's expression and stopped rambling, after a moment he said, "Don't tell me, you don't wank! Everyone does it." He said trying to justify his words.

Luca scowled at him, he could not believe he was actually having this conversation, "Of course I do - I'm only human after all."

Ezra's eyebrows rose in shock, "Huh, I didn't think you'd ever admit it out loud."

"You seem to bring the stupid out in me - your idiocy is contagious." He remarked offhandedly.

This only caused Ezra's smile to widen, "Yeah," he nudged Luca's leg again, it was coming a habit of his, "Is that so?"

He just liked having physical contact with him, he would find any excuse to touch him - if that meant silly leg nudges, he'd take what he could get.

Ezra watched the flames dance, contemplating what to say next. He was leaning forwards slightly, forearms resting on his knees.

"Do you ever sleep?" Ezra questioned after he himself yawned widely.

Luca shrugged although he knew Ezra would not be able to see him, "Yes - sparsely. On average a couple of hours a night."

Ezra swivelled around to face him, stunned by this news, like insomnia was a new concept to him, even though it was not, "Shit - that's gotta suck." He shook his head in disbelief, "I love sleeping. Maybe you can learn something from me?" He innocently suggested.

Luca arched an eyebrow, "Are you implying we share a bed, in order for me to watch you sleep and apparently learn something?" he teased.

Ezra's hand was resting on the log between them, his body leaning forward slightly into Luca's personal space, his face lit up clearly amused, "Hmmm, I doubt much sleeping would get done if we were in the same bed." He boldly announced.

Luca turned his head to regard Ezra, their faces centimetres apart. Luca watched as Ezra's eyes fixated on his mouth. He had no idea how to react to that - so he chose to once again ignore it. Besides, he was far too busy controlling the urge to close the gap between them and kiss him. At least that would shut him up.

Ezra pulled back, out of his personal space - looking out towards the fire once more, "Sorry," he said again for the second time that evening, "I should not have said that."

Luca wanted to tell him that it was fine, he actually liked it - but on the other hand, he wanted Ezra to know he should not be pushing his luck by getting closer and closer to the line - almost crossing it.

He settled on just speaking the truth, "No need to apologise, I take no issue with it - but, the powers that be might."

Ezra faced Luca again, "Good to know," he said smiling. He picked up his tea and they sat in silence until he had drunk it all.

Ezra handed Luca the cup, "I best get to sleep - I have every reason to believe some horrid sod will be waking me up at the crack of dawn." He declared all tongue and cheek.

Luca liked Ezra's sense of humour - his personality. He made for good company - they had a sort of playful flirting going on, teasing one another, back-and-forth.

"Night, Jackhurst," Luca called as he watched Ezra walk away. He did not check out Ezra's behind - ok, maybe a little, but no one would know.

Luca had always struggled to be understood. Many just assumed he was being an asshole one hundred percent of the time. He was an asshole, he was insulting, coarse, blunt and unforgiving. He often spoke the truth without sugar coating it. But, he had a sense of humour - people just did not understand it. They assumed he was simply being a bastard or that he took things too far.

With Ezra, it was diffEzrat - their exchanges were spontaneous and playful. Even when one of them was being risque or pushing the boundaries of good taste, they still had fun.

Ezra was right of course - Luca did wake them all at a time that no one should be allowed to be awake at.

They were ordered to pack away their gear, and then to help with breakfast.

After breakfast, they headed back to the boot camp - in the same formation as yesterday. Ezra still struggled but handled it better than he had done previously.

Upon their return, they were set various tasks, some cleaning - others helping in the kitchen. Justin was almost beside himself when he realised in his own words that he, 'had struck it lucky', and was ordered to help Mark in the kitchen. Ezra had been ordered to pack away all ten backpacks - organising all the tents and gear.

Halfway through his task, he heard a commotion outside. He abandoned what he was doing, in order to investigate. It was some of the younger recruits, they were fighting - one had somehow stolen a knife from the kitchen and was threatening to stab the other one.

Commander Peter was there, he caught sight of Ezra and ordered, "Go find, Luca." His voice urgent and demanding.

"Er..." Ezra hesitated, unsure where Luca was.

Peter cut him off, "He's in the staff quarters. The building next to the obstacle course. His room is third on the left." He barked out.

Ezra nodded to show he understood and took off at a light jog.

Once he reached the building, he entered through the main door - where he was presented with a corridor - a row of doors on either side of him.

"Third on the left," he muttered to himself as he began to walk down the corridor.

Once at the correct door, he raised his hand and knocked - his heart beating fast and not just because of the danger of the fight, but because it felt strange being here - in the staff quarters, at his door.

Luca answered and the first thing that Ezra noticed, was that Luca wore a pair of trousers and nothing else - a towel in his hand. He clearly had just gotten out of the shower.

Ezra gawked at him - this was the first time he had actually seen Luca topless. His mouth suddenly felt dry and he knew he should be telling Luca that he was needed - but he had just frozen. The sight of a semi-naked Luca was hypnotising.

Luca frowned at him, "You should not be here - this is..."

"I know," Ezra spoke up eventually, "Peter sent me."

Luca grabbed a t-shirt and put his boots on remarkably fast, "Why?" Luca demanded urgently.

Ezra stepped aside as Luca entered the hall, " is a fight in the exercise yard."

Luca was gone, Ezra called out after him in warning, "One of them has a knife."

This did not halt Luca in the slightest if anything he quickened his pace. Ezra followed, jogging to keep up.

The two boys were still fighting. Peter attempting to diffuse the situation, talking to them with reason and calming movements.

Ezra watched as Peter and Luca had a silent conversation. Peter kept them talking, making sure that they were distracted. Luca snuck up behind the one wielding the knife, and before anyone knew what had happened, Luca had the arm holding the knife pinned behind the guys back, and he was pressed hard against the concrete floor.

Peter had done the same with the other guy, even if he was unarmed he was causing trouble. Luca removed the knife from his fist, shoving at the guy harder in the process.

It had happened far too fast, Ezra did not even have time to worry about their safety. Adrenaline was pumping through him and yet he had not done anything. Peter and Luca had stood, dragging the young teens with them, heading towards the offices.

Peter glanced at him, and Luca snapped, "Were you not given a job to do?"

Ezra had forgotten all about unpacking the group's rucksacks and putting all equipment away. He said nothing, just turned and walked in the opposite direction towards the equipment room. His mind racing.

Naturally, everyone heard of the fight, gossip spread and people were aware that Ezra was somehow an eye witness. He tried telling them that it happened too quickly, but he reiterated the story to get them off his back.

Dinner, shower, cleaning his area and boots - standard routine. However, he did not head out for a nighttime stroll. The hiking had finally caught up with him, his body was exhausted and he needed sleep.

He dreamt of a topless Luca. Luca ordering him around and pinning him down on a bed. He woke painfully hard in the night - he had not had a wank since his arrival and was feeling it now. The slightest movement causing his leaking head to rub against his underwear - the friction glorious yet hell at the same time. He needed a release.

He did not even question what he should do - there was no way he could get back to sleep when he was in so much discomfort. He carefully and as quietly as he could, climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

He slid the lock closed on the toilet door, not caring where he was - the need was desperate. He had woken up horny and his cock was fully erect and oozing pre-come. He blamed Luca - that bastard had filled his dreams.

He closed the lid on the toilet, yanked his pyjama bottoms and pants down hastily - leaving them around his ankles. Carefully he sat on the toilet, the initial coldness causing him to hiss. He spread his legs wide, reached down immediately and took hold of his cock.

"Fuck..." he groaned.

Closing his eyes, he tried to regulate his breathing and calm down. He was desperate but he did not want this to be a frantic wank - he wanted to enjoy it.

He slowly circled his thumb around and over the head, dipping it into the pre-come and spreading it. He was sensitive. The slightest touch caused him to moan and buck his hips. No matter how gentle he was, or how slow he was going, he knew he would not last long. His body had gone too long without a release and was screaming at him to fix it.

He sped up his strokes, clamping his mouth shut for fear of being too loud in his pleasure. His mind began to wander to thoughts of Luca topless. To Luca's neck and the urge he always had to kiss him there. Luca's voice - fuck his voice. His brain replaying some of the orders that Luca had barked at him in the past - this time sounding sexual. Luca's eyes. His lips - how much Ezra wanted to kiss him yesterday.

Soon his grip had tightened and he was pumping faster - his hips rising off of the seat, seeking more and not finding it.

Ezra curled his toes and groaned, as his climax hit him - copious amounts of come spurting out as he ejaculated. He was not sure if it was due to the fact he had not masturbated in a while, or because for the first time he had a clear person in mind when doing so - but this climax and the subsequent orgasm was far more intense than any he had prior.

After the feeling wore off, he became aware of the fact that he was in the bathroom - clothes around his ankles and come in places he'd rather not have it. He cleaned himself up and the floor, flushing the evidence down the toilet. Then he returned to his bed, hoping that no one had heard him. Feeling satisfied he soon fell asleep once more.
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