Alexis & Wolf

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The heat between them is undeniable. All they have to do is give in to one another. Even if that means their best friend/brother is sitting right next to you...right? *** Alexis - He's her older brother's best friend and the only guy she's ever loved. She was tired of being seen as just her brothers' little sister. Most of all, she wants his massive hunky body pressing into hers while they make out on the couch! Wolf - She's off-limits for more than one reason. She's his best friend's little sister. She's way too young. Even when she parades herself around in her skimpy little shorts and pouts with her deliciously biteable lips. Totally off limits!

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Pt. 1 - Wanting You To Notice


Holy fuck.


Half of her ass is naked and exposed to a room full of male testosterone! Alexis’s heart raced like a little rabbit darting across an open field. She didn’t know if she should feel embarrassed or horny. Maybe both?

She tried her best to pay attention to the game but with Wolf’s thumb moving dangerously close to her butt crack. She just couldn’t.

It was too much, but it also wasn’t enough. It was driving Alexis crazy that she couldn’t do anything about it. Or could she?

Alexis shifted forwards. Her shorts rolled inwards and tightly clutched her aching mound. Between her pussy lips, she felt Wolf’s giant cock jerk against her. Heat swelled in her core, and she shifted back.

Wolf took his hand away, her chest tightened, his fingers hooked into the fabric riding up her ass, and he gave it a little tug. The fabric pulled tight over her mound once more, but this time her clit spasmed. Her legs instantly turned to jello.

She waited for her breathing to slow during a loading screen before she shifted forwards again. This time she rocked her pelvis slowly to increase the friction. Wolf still held onto the fabric, keeping it taught. Every nerve ending in her core begun to ricochet one after the other intensifying until it all surged forwards, seeking its release. Her eyes fluttered closed, and white light flashed as her orgasm rippled throughout her body.

Wolf gave a gentle little tug once it began to subside, but it just ignited the fire burning inside her. There’s no way he could deny her now that her wet juices seeped into his jeans. She wasn’t his best friend’s little sister anymore.

She couldn’t help but grin a little. Her stomach fluttering with butterflies. On the other hand, she hoped no one noticed. It had been challenging to hold in the sounds that so desperately wanted to erupt from her throat.

Wolf tugged her back. She winced a little at the sensitive bundle of nerves as he firmly placed her on his still hard cock.

“Anyone want another beer?” Dylan asked.

“Sure,” Mike and Cody replied.

“Here,” Alexis passes the controller to her brother.

“How did you like it so far?” Mike asked.

Alexis could feel her cheeks redden, “it’s good.”

The conversation ends as Dylan comes back with a round of beers. They start playing again but more intensely now that she’s not hindering their team.

Alexis looks over her shoulder shyly to glance at Wolf. He looks like his usual somber self and not someone with a massive erection. She’d never thought about Wolf’s cock being so thick and large. Sure he was tall and carried around a lot of extra weight. But all that just made her more greedy at the thought of having his heft baring down on her as they fucked.

Wolf’s eyes danced with a fervent desire as he looked back at her. She smiled, and he nodded his head towards the tv. Looking away, she tried to hide her smile. Right, she needed to be discreet.

That is before she feels his hand slide under her bottom with his palm face up. Big calloused hands scratch across her soft, delicate skin. His thumb dug enticingly into the side of her thigh. While his fingers wiggled up between the cleft of her legs.

Her heart slammed into her chest. Wolf wouldn’t, would he? Even with his friends here and her brother sitting so close? Rubbing was one thing, but his fingers? She didn’t know if she could be quiet.

Wolf nudged the wet fabric aside, letting out a soft groan until she could feel her bare pussy lips press into his jeans. The sensation was cataclysmic. She bit nervously on her lip. He took one of his big fingers and gently slid it back and forth, soaking his finger in her juices.

Teasing along her sensitive inner folds, he dipped his finger inside of her. He kept moving it in and out for what felt like an eternity. For a moment, she thought that’s all he could reach in this position before he surged it in further. He stopped moving and instead held it firmly inside her.

As they watched the guys play for the next little while, he kept his thick finger inside of her. By now, her juices had seeped into his jeans even more. Even his erection was a force nature and stayed hard as a steel pipe betwixt her folds.

Her body twisted with pleasure as it winded itself tightly around the overwhelming sensation. The need to move was becoming intense. Alexis arched her back, sinking a little further onto his finger but not by much.

As much as she loved having a part of him inside of her, the position drove her mad! She needed more.

“Yeah!” The guy’s jeers rustled her out of her devilish thoughts.

Alexis could feel a full-body flush come on as embarrassment washed over her. She reached behind her and tugged her shorts over her ass. Without looking behind her, she stood and walked out of the living room.

What had she been thinking? Letting him finger her like that in front of his friends, and not to mention her brother. Dread poured through her dousing her inner lust in a bucket of water.

She stopped around the corner, breathing hard, just down the hall from the living room, and leaned her head against the cool wall.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid...” The words died on her lips as she felt his presence behind her.

She always knew he was there, walking by her bedroom door, talking in the kitchen with her brother. It would make her heart swell, and she’d feel like jumping up and down just excited to be near him.

Alexis spun around. Her chest, heaving as she looked up at Wolf. His eyes were at half-mast, an uncensored hunger staring down at her. She pressed herself into the wall, her breast heaving as his bulky frame cornered her against the wall. She was trapped like a bunny, ready to be devoured by a wolf. She bit down on her lower lip, and his eyes followed. He let out a low growl causing her eyes to widen.

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