Alexis & Wolf

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Pt. 2 - Being Brave For You


The following night Alexis waited for Wolf and Mike to settle into the living room before joining them. Her heart fluttered as she adjusted her crop top for the fifth time. It kept on riding up.

She’d found it in the back of her drawer. It used to hang down to almost her waist, but now that her girls had decided to join the party, the shirt was more of a taught band than an actual shirt. Thankfully Mike was absentminded about her daily wardrobe and never seemed to comment on what she wore. A small saving grace tonight.

She grabbed her soda off of the counter and switched off the lights. Basked in the darkness, it gave her the courage to walk into the living room. Her long wavy hair tickled her lower back as she walked.

“Finally, we’re already a few minutes behind.” Mike reclined back and turned his attention to the opening credits already immersed in the text flowing up the screen.

As the theme song filled the room, she sat down closer to the center of the couch. She instantly could feel her hips sliding towards Wolf and his big frame.

Her heart fluttered, and her pulse picked up speed as she pretended not to notice how close she was to him. She could feel his heat radiating off of him as she settled in. Or tried to. It was difficult to relax with the object of her desire so close to her. It had been almost six months since she’d been near him.

She wore a similar pair of night shorts this evening, but these ones were more snug. They hugged her mound tightly as she put her feet up on the coffee table and leaned into the back of the couch.

For a moment, she thought she saw Wolf tense, but his focus remained on the TV screen. He had his hand on his lap tonight instead of on the shoulder of the couch. Her chest rose with every breath as she thought of getting closer to him.

What would he do if she pressed her thigh up against his? Would he move away? Alexis bit down on her lip as she tried to make up her mind. She wanted to be closer to him. She wanted to feel his body weight pressing into her.

Slowly she yawned, shifting herself side to side, and inconsequentially closer to Wolf. This time she felt the air around him tense as her outer thigh now pressed gently into his. She tried to look nonchalant as if she’d naturally moved closer to him.

A loud snore broke through her heat-induced haze and startled her. Wolf also jumped slightly beside her and looked over to where Mike had fallen asleep in the recliner.

Wolf leaned forwards to reach for the remote, and Alexis sank further into him. She licked her lips, gobbling up the sight of his broad back and up along his massive shoulders that seemed even larger than the last time she’d seen him. Maybe he was working out? All the way to the tips of his ears that glowed a deep red.

“I guess we should stop here for the night?” He glanced over his shoulder at her.

“I can keep watching,” Alexis found herself saying quite breathlessly and hoping she didn’t sound too desperate.

Wolf stared at her for a moment before looking away and put the remote back down. He leaned back, and this time his whole right thigh had hers pinned. She sucked in a gentle breath as she felt the prickles of pleasure run through her. The band around her chest tightened as her nipples hardened.


Fuck. The word kept running through Wolf’s mind when he saw Alexis walk in. His cock had hardened almost instantly in his jeans. How the hell was he going to make it through the night with her wearing nothing but those tiny scraps of materials.

He’d hoped Mike would say something but knew he wouldn’t. He had vowed never to make her feel insecure about her body.

As soon as he’d heard Mike snore, he thanked the high heavens and leaned forwards to get the remote.

He’d mistakenly looked back and saw the gentle flush of red tinting her cheeks. His cock hadn’t gone down but promptly grew even harder than before. Millions of emotions fluttered through his mind. Did she want him? His heart squeezed just thinking about it. He’d never given much thought to her reciprocating his feelings. But after last night and this evening, he was getting a distinct feeling she was watching him with hungry eyes.

If it weren’t for the skimpy outfit, he would have dismissed the thought, but as she stared back at him with a breathless expression, a whole new world burst forth. She wanted him. Little Alexis wanted his giant ass. It sounded almost unbelievable. Almost.

He leaned back into the couch. Their outer thighs locked together. His pulse raced, and he could feel the strain in the front of his pants more intensely.

He’d gone most of his life without dating women. Nobody had ever really sparked his interest. Also, most women wanted fit guys that spent their lives eating well and going to the gym. He wouldn’t say he was new at this, but the thought of touching her did make him a little shy.

He thought about it for a few minutes as he relished the feeling of her being pressed against his side. He knew he’d need to test the waters to see if she really did feel the same way about him. After another ten minutes of her not moving away, he relaxed his shoulder back and instantly felt the warmth of her arm.

Glancing down, his heart thumped against his chest. Alexis’s nipples had beaded against the tight fabric of her shirt. His arm was so close he could almost touch the swell of her breast.

He looked up at her face and noted the warm blush that covered her cheeks. The need to brush up against her soft peaks was almost overwhelming. Without another thought, he pretended to stretch and adjusted himself closer to her.

Wolf almost grunted in his throat as he felt the firmness of her breast. He was sure if she wasn’t wearing that top, her breasts would stand up full and perky. His mind began to race, wondering what colour her tight nipples would be.

As he was thinking deep in thought, he felt her move. She rested her head on his shoulder, and her breast was more firmly pressed against him. He could feel her hard nipple pressing into his arm. His chest felt like it might explode.

He couldn’t help but adjust his sitting position. The head of his cock was pressing almost painfully into his hipbone. Not to mention the liquid seeping out from the tip onto his leg.

His hand went down to instinctively push himself upwards, but he’d forgotten that her legs were right there. He froze. Should he remove his hand from her upper thigh or leave it there?

He didn’t know what he should do. A battle scene broke out on screen, mirroring his inner tribulation. His palms grew hot and sweaty as he left it motionless on her leg.

He glanced down at her and saw her focused on the tv. He did the same. If she didn’t mind, he would leave it there.

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