Alexis & Wolf

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Pt. 3 - I Want To Sit With You


It was cold the following night. Alexis frowned at the weather app. It had poured all day, and the cold remnants of winter reared their ugly head. Sadly, no shorts today.

Her mind wandered to last night. She wasn’t sure if what happened was real or just a really fantastic dream. As soon as she agreed to continue watching, exhaustion had taken hold of her ridged body. The last she could remember was resting her head against his big shoulder and feeling utterly content. Maybe a giant hand had rested on her thigh, but she couldn’t be sure.

Had they made progress last night? Or had it just been a really great dream?

Alexis bites down on her lower lip as she played through the details again just as Wolf walked into the kitchen.

They’d spent most of the weekend sitting on the couch, but with him standing before her now, she almost orgasmed on the spot. His broad frame took over most of the door frame as he towered over her. She truly felt like a damsel in distress at that moment. He must have caught on because a flicker of doubt crossed his face.

Quickly she pushed the thoughts aside and admired his girth as he walked around her towards the fridge. He was so close to her with one gentle nudge, he could have her pushed up against the counter. The thought aroused more desire, and she had to quickly move out of the way.

Heading to her bedroom, she grabbed the comforter off of her bed, knowing the small pink blanket wouldn’t be warm enough.

Back in the living room, Alexis’s heart swelled as she saw Wolf sitting on the couch, her drink and beer next to each other. He’d grabbed her her favorite soda.

With determination, she walked across the room and plopped herself down right beside Wolf.

She looked at him with a shy glance and saw him regarding her with fascination. A slow smile crept onto his face, and he relaxed back into the couch.

Satisfied, Alexis arranged her comforter over herself. She was about to offer a side of it to Wolf, but she could already feel his heat emanating from him.

Mike had her pink blanket draped over himself as he switched on the movie. Utterly oblivious to her heart thundering away in her chest. She breathed in and noted Wolf had a fresh musky scent to him today. Usually, he smelled of pine soap, but today he smelled like the outdoors. A shiver raced up her spine, and she huddled under the comforter.

The movie played on for quite some time as Wolf just remained his usual motionless self. Absorbed in the action.

All Alexis wanted to do was feel his warmth. Even though he sat right next to her, it was like he was miles away. Feeling a little frustrated and confused, she contemplated what to do. After a minute, the best thing she could think of to do was just to wrap herself around his bicep.

He would probably just think she was cold and being perhaps a little friendly. She didn’t like the fact that she didn’t know what he thought of her. Maybe she was just his best friend’s little sister?

After a couple minutes of debating, she just told herself to go for it. Breathing in, she reached up from under her comforter and latched onto his big forearm. She snuggled her head onto his shoulder and tilted her hips towards him as she got comfortable.

At first, he tensed, and she could feel his eyes baring down on her, but she stubbornly didn’t lookup.

He grabbed hold of her comforter and pulls it up over them both. There’s a slight tension in the air as she holds onto his arm. Feeling his skin against her hands has her reeling.

After a couple minutes, he moves his arm, and she’s afraid he’ll take it away or get up. Instead, his hand comes down to rest on her inner thigh.

She gasps slightly, and he stills his movement. After a heart-wrenchingly painful second, he tentatively rubs his big palm over her sensitive skin.

She clamps her mouth closed as a moan threatens to escape. She looks up at Wolf, and she can see his jaw clenching together with concentration.

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