Alexis & Wolf

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Pt. 5 - Wanting You To Stay


Alexis spent most of the day rolling around in her bed. Tossing and turning trying to figure out what had happened over the last couple of days. She’d even texted her friend some questions but still didn’t get the answers she wanted.

Curling up, she hugged her pillow and smiled to herself. It had been the best weekend of her life, but at the same time, she felt further away from Wolf. What would she have to do to get him to look at her like the woman she was?

Her stomach growled angrily at her. Sighing, she rose from the bed, back in her comfy shorts and a loose tank top since the weather had perked back up.

Just before she opened her door, she heard a few voices talking and laughing coming from the living room. Hope rushed through her veins before she could tap it back down. Maybe Wolf had come over again? She leaned closer into the door, hoping to hear his husky baritone voice, but all she could hear was a mixture of male voices garbled together.

She needed to see him. She needed to know that this past weekend was real. What they had could be real.

Braving a trek to the kitchen, she tiptoed barefoot down the hall to the door frame leading into the living room. Peering around the corner, she could see a handful of Mike’s colleagues sitting around the tv drinking and eating pizza. Her stomach growled as the delicious Italian aroma filled her nose.

She looked around for Wolf. She could feel her heart plummeting just before she spotted him sitting in the recliner next to the wall. Her fingers tightened against the door frame as she stared longingly at his tightly fitted black shirt. It showed off a delectable amount of heft. What would it feel like to have those big arms wrapped around her small frame? Her legs clenched together as her eyes feasted down over the slope of his shirt to his jeans. She hadn’t been brave enough to touch him back yesterday, but she yearned to know how he felt in her hands.

His head turned as if he knew she was staring at him. She briefly caught a flicker of heat dance through his eyes. At the same time, Mike glanced over and spotted her in the kitchen.

“Alexis,” Mike motioned with his hand to come in. “Come on in. We’re about to boot up the new game.”

Alexis nodded. She finally took in the room more concretely this time and smiled shyly at Mike and Wolf’s other friends.

She looked around the room for somewhere to sit, but the couch, ottoman and recliner were all taken. She glanced at Wolf and then his big thigh. Maybe she could be brave? All she’d have to do is walk over to him and sit on one of his legs. She could still pass as Mike’s kid sister. Even with a pair of nicely rounded breasts. Okay, maybe?

She tuned out the rest of the room and focused only on Wolf. It didn’t mean she couldn’t feel their eyes on her bare legs and her low slung tank top. It didn’t matter. All she cared about was what Wolf thought. And from the way he racks his eyes over her, he likes it.

Wandering over to Wolf, she gingerly sat on his inner right thigh. As if it was the most natural thing in the world. She leaned down to grab a slice of pizza off of the coffee table, and as she righted herself, she became all too conscious of being in such close proximity to Wolf.

Wolf grunted and pulled himself more upright. Shifting her closer. Her hip pressed into his large stomach slightly.

Alexis took a shallow breath and took a bite of her pizza as the game booted up on the tv screen. One of Mike’s friends stood up and turned the kitchen and living room light off. For a few moments, the room was bathed in complete darkness.

Alexis’s body prickled with excitement. Would he touch her again? He shifted again, and the back of his fingers that clutched his beer slid across her butt as he brought it up to take a drink. Excitement roared through her just as the loading screen finished and the cyberpunk home screen bathed the living room in warm neon light.

Beneath her, Wolf kept on shifting his weight around, making her all the more aware of his scratchy jeans rubbing and pulling at her thin shorts, creating an incredible friction between her legs. Her core clenched excitedly. She took another bite of pizza to muffle a moan. To steady herself, she gripped his leg, and his whole body stiffened.

The heavy sexual tension radiating between them was rising to a precipice. How much longer could Alexis hold on before her overwhelming need consumed her. She couldn’t help but glance at him. Did he know what he was doing to her? Did he know how much she ached for him? That she needed him in her life, as a man, and not as a protective figure guarding over her.

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