Alexis & Wolf

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Pt. 6 - You Got To Be Kidding


Wolf was trying his damndest to ignore the fact that Alexis had decided to sit on his lap. Her tight peachy butt shifted over his leg, causing him to harden slightly in his jeans. He’d moved forwards without thinking to hide his growing erection, but her hip ended up dipping against his stomach.

Crap, she was even closer now. Her sweet scent had Wolf’s balls tightening. Did she know how long he’d dreamed of rocking her back and forth over his thick cock while she sat on upon him? That’s why he tried to distance himself. His thoughts and fantasies were becoming too intense.

Wolf gritted his jaw together and looked around the room. The rest of the guys were discussing the pros and cons of the character crafting menu. Their company supplied raw data back to the developers as they tested beta and alpha games.

Alexis took another bite of her pizza as he tried to focus on the screen and not on her bit-worthy lips. Technically this was work even though they’d already sent in their data for this game before it came out. Basically, the guys wanted to see if any of their advice got implemented into the game.

Technology was more up his alley than deciphering teenage girls. Especially when it comes to Alexis. One minute she’s flouncing around in her scanty clothes without a thought, and the next, she’s flirting with him. What a nut twister. He had to jack off three times last night, and even then, it wasn’t enough.

“Hey Alexis,” Their friend Dylan looks at Alexis, “could you try out this story intro? We need more input.”

Wolf clenched his fist together and tried not to growl. When had he become so possessive? It was just her name. It’s not like she belonged to him.

“Sure,” the single word had his balls tightening painfully.

Crap, he needed to ease up, or he was going to unload in his jeans. He tried thinking of all the work waiting for him back home. She rose off his meaty thigh and leaned forwards to take the controller from Dylan.


Her ass is perfect. He wanted to bite it and see if she moaned.

Not helping.

Okay, commuting in traffic.

She leaned a bit more, and he could see the outline of her pussy through her tight shorts.


Think. Think. Think.

Anything but sinking into her tight wet vagina!

Nope, he wasn’t going to make it.

He was about to get up and excuse himself, but Alexis lowered her glorious ass right back down. This time she sat right on his cock. The ridge settling right between her two round globes. She pushed back against his stomach, unconsciously rubbing herself along his cock while she gets comfortable.

Hopefully, the guys are watching the tv because he’s trying his hardest not to come! Wolf reclines back a bit, trying to move her off. Instead of easing her off of him, it positions her warm folds directly onto his length.

His hand digs into the recliner as a silent hiss escapes his lips. If Alexis kept on moving, her ass is going to be wet with cum in no time.

Finally happy with her position, she launches into the game. Her voice is musical as she chats. No wonder she always had boy’s heads turning to look at her.

She shouldn’t have to worry about the men closest to her thinking of her in lewd ways—especially gruff older men like him. Most of the time, women would look right past him and land on Mike. Not that he cared. He only had eyes for Alexis, which made it ten times harder. He couldn’t let her go when she already possessed so much of his heart.

His thoughts stopped dead as Alexis lurched in his lap. The jarring movement had his hand reaching for her hip to hold her still. The scare scene passed, but his fingers wouldn’t let go of her.

Instead, he found them sliding down the swell of her hip to the thin patch of fabric covering her butt cheek.

He trained his eyes on the screen and leaned into his left palm. The last thing he wanted was for Mike to see him touch his little sister’s ass.

In front of him, Alexis shivered as his big hand cupped and squeezed her. When she didn’t pull away, he continued to knead her all the way along the slope of her ass.

He paused for a moment as he realized that the only barrier between his hand and her bare skin was the thin pair of shorts. His chest swelled with anticipation as his fingers nudged the material slowly up and over to expose her naked ass cheek.

Wolf glanced down for a second and groaned in his head at the sight of her naked ass cheek riding his thick cock.

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