Alexis & Wolf

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Pt. 8 - You Need To Tell Me


She left. She just got up and left. Wolf knew he’d been teasing her pussy for a while. He swallowed hard at the wetness still coating his finger. She’d felt like heaven in his big hand.

Wolf sat there stunned for a moment. His boner still pushed against his jeans, thrusting towards her like an arrow. He knew he’d been trying to avoid her for months, but now that she’d shown him a world he’d only dreamt about. A world where it was just him and Alexis. The girl who had been forbidden fruit. A goddess from the heavens. He still couldn’t believe she wanted his fat ass.

He weighed his options as he sat stoically in the recliner. Mike and Dylan were battling it out while Cole studied his phone.

He could let her go, but that option didn’t sit well with him. His other option was to go after her hoping that one of the guys didn’t catch them.


He’d already been fingers deep inside her tonight. He wasn’t letting her getaway!

Standing Wolf stalked out of the living room, determined to have her in his arms. He popped his head into the kitchen and nearby bathroom, but both were empty. He stomped towards her bedroom, where she’d always left the door open. Taunting him with her perky ass and long legs swinging about on the bed as she did her homework. Fuck, he’d been into her even then. Though, it was a blurry line to when he’d actually fallen head over heels for her. She was so much younger than him, and she was still in school.

Coming around the kitchen corner, he spotted her resting her forehead against the wall. His determination faltered and turned to panic. What if she regretted it?

He came up behind her slowly. Just having her close, he could feel himself being drawn to her. She must, too, because she spun around on her heels, her luscious chest heaving underneath the loose fabric.

“Wolf,” his name breathless on her lips had him closing in on her.

She smelled delicious, with the lingering scent of her cunt wafting between them. Tempting Wolf even more. He clutched his hands into fists, trying to hold himself back.

“You left,” he waited for her to say something, but when she just stared up into his eyes, not saying a word. The air between them was restricting and heavy, making it hard to breathe or think straight. He needed her. He caved and reached for her.

Eagerly, Alexis wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him in. Hot electricity crackled between them like a storm closing in over the horizon.

He needed to feel her more firmly pressed into him, craved to feel her tight body smashed up against his massive torso. He grabbed her ass and hoisted her up, so she was level with him. He pressed her firmly into the wall behind her. Alexis immediately swung her legs up around his middle. She couldn’t entirely lock them together because of how big he was. He probably looked like he was crushing a delicate flower in his huge sinful hands.

Their lips hovered over each other as the magnetism pulled them closer. Wolf could feel her soft breath on him. He kneaded his hands roughly into her round ass, and she gasped softly. The closer she was, the less he felt like drowning in his guilt for wanting her.

He paused as he stared into her dreamy eyes. “Have you been with many?” He wedged his shaft against her core so she’d know what he meant, and she let out a small whimper. He didn’t know how much longer he could resist.

“No,” her voice caught for a moment. “You’re my first.”

Wolf’s chest swelled with pride, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder if she was lying to him. His mind floating back to the weekend when he had his hand half wedged into her hot cunt.

“You’ve never had someone as big as me?” He probed her for the truth while he observed her expression. Not that she lied to him often. Only when she tried to surprise him for his birthdays. She wasn’t a good liar, and she knew it too.

“I -,” embarrassment flushed her cheeks, and she looked away.

“Tell me,” he urged her on gently.

He had to know. If his self-imposed need to protect her from himself had backfired and she’d slept with another guy, it would break his heart. The not knowing was eating away at him slowly. He’d never forgive himself if she’d given her first to another because of his selfishness.

“Promise you won’t laugh?” She looked up at him from under her lashes. Wolf nodded his head hesitantly.

“It was about a year ago,” his whole body began to shake, but she continued, “when you and Mike were out of town that long weekend.” He felt like she’d just gouged out his heart. “I was all alone, and I’d been on Instagram. There’s this girl I follow, and she had this link.” She paused, “well, I bought some while thinking of you.”

He let her words wash over him as his cock roared to life, and he leaned in, claiming her mouth. Their bodies and mouths colliding like a thunderstorm. Full of heat coiling together and releasing like a ball of tension. Racing from the heavens and impacting against the earth with a cry of frustration.

“Fuck, here I was jealous of a toy.” He rasped into her ear when she began to claw at his shoulders, trying to pull him closer. She was withering in his arms like jello. Her need seemed to be just as strong as his own.

Wolf grinded himself in between her legs as he kissed down the side of her neck. Man, did she feel good pressed against his bulk. He could get used to this.

“Breaking that pussy before I even had a chance.” He growled against her shoulder.

“I wanted you,” she half cried, half whimpered some more as he began to tug down her shorts. “I didn’t think it was big....hurt a lot,” she trailed off, too lost in her pleasure.

“Poor baby, did that teenage cunt want my big fat dick that badly? That she couldn’t wait and had to use a toy?” Wolf glided his hands up the inside of her shirt. No, bra tonight either. His balls tightened, threatening to spill his seed.

She nodded her head before he crushed his mouth against hers once more. His palm reached the side of her breast, and he teased her by cupping and un-cupping her young ripe tit. She dug her nails into his back and bucked against his aching shaft. Rubbing her hot wet cunt up and down the length of his cock through his jeans. With his big hand clutching her bare ass, he helped her ride him through her desperation. The tips of his fingers ran along the inside seam of her pussy. He could feel her juices just begging for him.

He swirled his fingers in her liquids while she kissed him up and down his jaw. She was wet and ready for him. He pushed her a little more against the wall, sliding his fingers into her core as she whimpered in his ear. He loved having her scent covering his fingers. Marking him as hers.

Light engulfed them as the kitchen light fluttered on. He quickly pulled his fingers out and set her back down on shaky legs. He glanced over, there was no one there, but he could hear the guys leaving the living room. Looking back down at Alexis, her cheeks were red, but her eyes still held that heavy heat they’d both been feeling just moments ago.

“We can’t tonight,” he said, hating that he had to leave her all hot and bothered.

Alexis nodded her head and sucks in her bottom lip, and he can’t help but bend down and kiss her swollen lips one more time.

Releasing her, he turned her towards her bedroom and gave her ass a little slap. He watched her perky butt as she entered her room. She turned, their eyes locking together as she slowly closed the door, and she was safely sealed away from him.

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