Alexis & Wolf

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Pt. 9 - You, Me, and The Couch


For the rest of the week, Alexis bounced around the house. She was in wonderland, just floating around on cloud dreaming of Wolf.

She received a text from Wolf wishing her a good day Friday morning before school. Smiling to herself, she eagerly awaited his following text. It came at the end of the school day. She’d jumped out of her seat, startling the teacher, and quickly rushed out as the last bell rang.

He was coming over.

She reread it twice more to make sure she was right. Yup, he and Mike were coming over tonight to watch some old reruns of Firefly.

Alexis practically flew home, up her front steps, bursting through the front door and yelling, “I’m home!”

Two male voices said hello from within. Alexis flung her platforms off and sprinted to the kitchen.

On approach, she noticed Mike was searching the fridge when she ran hard into the kitchen island—hitting her knee while she was at it. She scrunched her nose in pain while looking around the kitchen. Wolf was leaning against the living room door frame, shaking his head as he tried to hold back laughter.

She grinned, taking in his handsome face, the face she’d been dreaming about all day and night. He was real, she told herself. Real, and not just a dream! Looking at her just like she’d imagined! He smiled back at her making her melt in her panties. She would’ve jumped into his arms if it wasn’t for Mike.

“How was school, Lexi?” Mike stood from the fridge and popped a beer while he handed the other to Wolf.

Wolf pushed away from the doorframe and stood across the kitchen island from her. Her heart galloped like a gazelle as he leaned back against the counter and took a sip of his beer. His eyes came up and met hers. She had to bite her lip as she twisted her thighs together. She’d had the foresight to wear a light pink cotton dress just in case he’d come over.

“It was really good,” she leaned forwards on her palms and smiled broadly.

“Oh, yeah?” Mike raised a brow. “What made it so good?”

Alexis stumbled for a moment. She couldn’t reveal it had been good because she’d gotten a text from Wolf. She looked over at Wolf, but he just had a sheepish grin on his face.

“Uh, got a good grade on my history report.” Alexis smiled at them both. “Which reminds me I should put my stuff in my room.”

Alexis gave Wolf one last look before heading to her bedroom. He was wearing a white shirt and long khaki shorts. All that exposed tan skin made her want to lick him up.

She flung her book bag on the bed and took off her light-knit kimono. Smoothing down her dress, she took a deep breath and turned around about to head to the living room. She hesitated; maybe she was being too hasty? What if Mike clued into her and Wolf?

“Are you coming?” Wolf stood before her just inside her bedroom door. “Or are you just going to stand there and frown?”

“I’m coming,” her cheeks pinkened a little as his eyes darkened at her words.

“Careful little one,” he moved closer.

Alexis had always dreamed of Wolf in her bedroom. He had always hovered right inside the doorway. Now he was inside her room, and she felt a new pleasure blossom in her stomach. Especially when his eyes roved up and down her body. Her pulse quickened as he stopped a foot away from her. Licking her lips, she gave a whimpered, “sorry.”

Wolf leaned down and tenderly placed a feather-light kiss just on the outside of her mouth. Her eyes must be as wide a saucers because he smiled playfully at her.

“Let’s go before Mike walks in.” Wolf turns and heads to the living room.

The living room. Alexis started having dreams about the living room, involving her and Wolf. Now she always hoped he was sitting in that living room waiting for her.

Alexis followed after Wolf to the living room. Mike was in his usual spot sitting on the recliner, and Wolf sat in his usual place with his arm up on the back of the couch. Her heart clenched at just the sight of him.

Gathering her courage, she sat down on the other side of the couch, resting her body against the arm of the couch and pressing her bare feet into Wolf’s thigh. The hem of her pink cotton dress sat gingerly on her upper thigh, while the back revealed a little bit of butt cheek. She felt giddy just knowing Wolf would look over and see.

As if reading her mind, he peered down at her, and his gaze instantly heated. He looked away, and subtlety, raised his hips, adjusted his front. Alexis’s eyes widened as she breathed in heavily. She shivered. Knowing she had that kind of effect on him was a heady feeling. Warmth surged through her body, making all her womanly parts ache for his attention.

Feeling a little risque, she pushed herself downwards, her head resting on a pillow and her upper leg onto Wolf’s lap. He could now probably see up her dress. She settled in and waited for him to touch her.

It didn’t take long. About halfway into the first episode, Wolf lowered his arm and caressed the leg resting on the couch. His hands were cool against her flushed skin as he rubbed her leg up and down. Her heart fluttered in her chest as his hand settled just above her inner thigh.

Not only did Alexis like to tease Wolf, but apparently, he did as well. After a few achingly long minutes, she scoots her butt closer, and her dress rides up to her hip, exposing her tiny pink thong.

Wolf looks down and quickly yanks her dress back over her butt. He carefully checks that Mike isn’t watching and melds his big hand to her butt. Little shocks of electricity skittered through her. He squeezed it a couple of times more before he sly flicks up her dress and fingers the seam of the thong trailing down to her wet pussy lips.

Alexis could feel his cock rising in his shorts as it pressed against her ankle. She only had a moment to appreciate it before Wolf flicked her slit. Two fingers tugged at her thong while his thumb teased her opening. The tautness pulled against her swollen clit sending even more tantalizing shocks through her womb.

Suddenly, Mikes phone goes off, interrupting them. Wolf removed his fingers unwillingly and patted down her dress. Alexis closed her eyes, feeling her guilty conscience coming back to her.

Mike swiped his phone. It’s Dylan. Lately, it has always been Dylan. And recently, her brother had become grumpy every time he texts or talks to him. If she knew Mike had feelings for Dylan, what were the odds that he knew about her feelings for Wolf? Earlier this afternoon, she’d rushed into the kitchen like a ditzy school girl excited to see her crush. Alexis wanted to facepalm emoji herself. Of course, he probably knew. But did he know Wolf returned her affection?

Mike hung up, “got to go over to Dylan’s; his computer just ate shit. Be back in a couple hours. Lexi, do your homework and don’t bug Wolf too much.”

“I won’t,” she mumbled.

“Good,” he pats Wolf on the shoulder, “catch you later, man. Sorry, to bail.”

A few minutes later, the front door closed, and Wolf and Alexis are alone at last.

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