I'll Quit As The Empress!

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“I, Evelyn Felice will abdicate as the Empress.” “You’re giving up your fortune without my permission, and you’re happy at will.” But a year later, like a coincidence, Fabian appeared again. “Our relationship is done…Please stop.” “I seemed to be the one who would do that. Everything…I decide.” The relationship, which was thought to have been neatly arranged, began to get entangled again. Fabian’s indifferent eyes were burning hot toward Evelyn. (Try to update 4 chapters daily❣)

Romance / Drama
Ane Esha
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Chapter 1 : Quit The Empress

A Quiet night, the wind blew softly.


The Empress, Evelyn, looked beautiful under the dim moonlight. Her pale complexion like the white moon and her classic features were gorgeous but somewhat sad.

“You can’t go any further.”

When the maid dissuaded her, Evelyn smiled faintly and kept walking on. Evelyn was only 20 years old, but she had a tired smile.

“It’s all right. I’ve already decided.”

Evelyn used to be a girl full of dreams and love. Born to be the only daughter in the kingdom of Felice, Evelyn was a princess. She was an innocent girl long before she became an empress. But now, after only three years of marriage, that’s all that remained.

“It’s forbidden to enter the emperor’s Secret Garden.”

“I already know that.”

Evelyn looked around at the maid. Her vivid blue eyes, which seemed calm, were filled with resignation. But there’s also an unshakeable desire on it. Evelyn had decided to end her unhappy life today.

“Her Majesty, please …”

“From here I’ll go alone.”

The tree trembled in the night breeze. Without permission, Evelyn braved herself to step into the Emperor’s secret garden. Her escort was trying to stop her, but it was impossible to stop the Empress, who had prepared her heart for the end.

Now, a few steps away, she could meet the Emperor. He was her husband, but she didn’t know when the last time she met him alone. Soon after, Fabian was seen looking at the moon under a golden-wooden tree.

His back didn’t change a bit from the first time they met. The tall, imposing, charismatic young Emperor was still graceful.

“Who is it?”

Suddenly, there was a gloomy atmosphere. A low and cold-hearted voice could be heard.

“I see you, Your Majesty.”

Evelyn set an example. Thinking that this might be the last time, even the small movements were hard. Fabian leisurely turned around, looking at his wife with his cold black eye.

“This is my secret garden. No matter whether you are the Empress, you know you shouldn’t come recklessly.”

“Forgive me. Because there’s no other way to to meet His Majesty.”

Fabian’s black eyes and vivid features were heading towards Evelyn emotionlessly. Once upon a time, Fabian’s beautiful and noble figure was on her mind.

Maybe he loved her. Maybe. But there’s only sadness and loneliness in it.

It was a one-sided love.

“I have something to say to your majesty.”

Fabian frowned his dignified brows at Evelyn’s words. The thing he hated the most was breaking the law and something annoying. And Evelyn’s presence now was both.

“Well, Evelyn Felice will quit the empress …”

Fabian’s forehead, which had already frowned, slanted even more.

“That’s ridiculous.”

“No, I’ve decided to end my marriage with you, Your Majesty.”

Huh, Fabian spat out a cold laughter. How did dare Evelyn to say what he didn’t order to?

“Do you think that’s a place for such a people?”

Fabian was dismissive of her difficult decision as mere grudges. As expected, Evelyn’s guess was not wrong.

It was a sad but fortunate fact. Evelyn didn’t want to waste the rest of her life.

“This marriage will only make everyone unhappy.”

Evelyn’s blue eyes were filled with regret. She recalled the extraordinary things she had just been through all this time.

“Keep your tongue in your mouth.”

“I’m telling you the truth.”

A mysterious desire that came with no warning.

“There is no truth that I don’t know.”

“I have it.”

Evelyn lived her life as the Empress. Believing that one day she would be looked at. But at the end of the day, his husband reigned only as Emperor.

Meanwhile, Evelyn had his child twice, but none of them saw the light of the world. Then the Emperor did not seek Empress’s condition further. No word, not a word of comfort.

“I don’t want to be unhappy. No, I don’t want to.”

Evelyn, who was over 30 years old, realized that she was just a guardian doll of the Empress. But, it’s been too late to realize that. Evelyn couldn’t be special to Fabian until the end.

It was a meaningless life. The sinful woman who had cut off the royal family soon dried up her tears. Then she became sick like a flower withered and died after a long illness. And the Emperor didn’t come over to the Empress until the end.

“Now I don’t want that …”

It was a vain and lonely death. But whether the remorse too deep, Evelyn opened her eyes again. She had returned to the day just before the great misfortune came. According to the maid, Evelyn woke up after she lost consciousness because of a high fever.

She didn’t know if she had fantasies when she’s coma or really returned from the end of her life, but there was one thing for sure.

“I’m still alive.”

When she looked in the mirror, she still had a youthful and beautiful appearance. Twenty-year-old Evelyn, who hadn’t lost her child.

And it was before she withered in the imperial family. This was a chance for her to fix everything.

“I don’t know what the Empress is talking about.”

Evelyn smiled faintly at Fabian. He would continue to be. Even until she died, he didn’t know her heart.

“I am weak and cannot produce your heir.”

“Who decides that?”

There was anger in Fabian’s eyes, but Evelyn didn’t stop talking.

“I cannot be a sinner to the Empire, so I have asked for the Vatican’s mediation.”


Fabian’s face hardened by the word ‘Vatican.’ He hurriedly approached Evelyn.

“What did you do? How dare you ask the Vatican to mediate your plan?”

Fabian’s eyes stared at Evelyn, coldly.

He had fought an endless battle with the Vatican since his enthronement at the age of 16. It was unforgivable that Evelyn, who knew it well, had asked the Vatican for help.

“The Pope said this marriage could be terminated.”

“Are you out of your right mind?”

The Pope of the Empire granted divorce with a few exceptions. Besides, the royal family of Felice was initially close to the Vatican. So, The Pope naturally sided with Evelyn.


Evelyn’s voice was clear.

“I feel calmer than ever.”

For the first time, Evelyn looked up at Fabian fearlessly.

“I want to divorce His Majesty and return to my home country.”

Evelyn was not from the Empire but a princess from the Kingdom of Felice. She felt bitter because she thought their political marriage might be wrong from the beginning.

“Are you serious?”

Fabian asked again.


Evelyn had no hesitation.

“I sincerely want a divorce from Your Majesty.”

Fabian’s eyes hardened like ice.


A cold voice shot through the Evelyn’s ears. It wasn’t clear which of the two words between the divorce or the Vatican made Fabian angrier.

“You can’t hold on to me even if you want to.”

But now his voice could not reach Evelyn’s heart.

“Thank you for your kindness.”

Evelyn bent her knees to give an example. A graceful smile was engraved on her lips.

“Then, I will gladly step down from the position of empress.”

Evelyn bid farewell to her long misery. There was no feeling in Fabian’s dark eyes until the end. He was just keeping an eye on her as cold as ever.

Evelyn first turned her back in front of the Emperor.

It was such a smooth breakup.

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