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The Frozen Flame

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"You must take what you can from this world, or it will take you." Emma had always been close to her father, to her he could never do any wrong. She always approved his choice to leave the Kingdom of Wrethy for love. But, every decision also has a consequence. Three days after the Southern Knight's came to take all the eligible boys from their village they return to kill the knight who had broken his vows years ago. After watching her father murdered, a young boy spares her life and Emma found herself alone traveling to the North, the only place she could think of that would hate the South as much as her. Henry the King of the North, offers Emma his aid in return of sacrificing her life to fight the war against the South. But, as Emma matures into a young woman Henry finds himself in a difficult position when he's advised to pull Emma out of training at 16 years old to take the title of Daughter of the North. 13 years have passed and with a new Southern King the North hurries to prepare for War. But, the night before their departure they get chilling news about their front lines and a marriage proposal. Now, Emma must decide to leave the North and seek revenge against her father's killer, or to stay beside the King who she is slowly falling in love with.

Romance / Erotica
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Thank you for your interest in The Frozen Flame, however I want to make a few thinks clear before you start to read this story!
This story is part of a series. This is the first book, there are so far three more following quickly!
The chapters, are not your average chapters. I edited this book in a published format. A chapter is 10 pages long, usually Inkitt suggest 2500 words per chapter. I would like to make it clear, if you are looking for a short story. This is not it.
The Important part.
This story is based in the 16th Century, where men believed women were nothing but bodies. There are trigging subjects and scenes such as rape, sexual assault. If these subjects make it difficult for you to read the story, I'm very sorry.
This story is rated 18+ for mature content! There are erotic scenes in this story, and will be in the stories to come!
I'm sorry but in this story I will not be adding trigging warnings to the chapter. Since the chapters will be so long, it will be difficult to pin point exactly where the scene starts and ends.
This story is COPYRIGHTED!

This story is NOT completed.
1. Frozen Flame.
2. United With Fire

3. Melting Icee

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