Band T-Shirts

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Chapter 2

*Alice’s POV*

I noticed the usual boy walking away. He would always come in here about 30 minutes after I would, order the usual and sit right by me. Of course, knowing people, maybe he likes me. Or he could just be curious. Some people think I am just a normal person, but I guess that since I wear “band shirts” that makes me interesting or popular. I don’t know what his problem is but maybe he just wants to get to know me. I still remember what he said.

“why do you wear band shirts? i hope you dont mind me asking.”

“well, i think they’re cool.”

“do you ever actually listen to the bands?”

“umm, no. should i?”

he chuckled and smiled.

“i guess. thats why people wear band shirts.”

Well, I guess I’ll maybe start listening to them. Or maybe not. I’m just too lazy. I like them because they are cool and comftorable. I know some people want me to listen to the bands, but sometimes I just don’t have time. I won’t listen to them. That’s practically it. I quickly finished packing up my stuff, threw away my starbucks cup and walked out towards my car. Another day, another night.

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