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Silence | Book 1

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Tristan Wright is the Captain of the Oxford Debate Union, yet he feels like he is nothing but a fraud because of his constant anxiety. Hibiki Yukimura is a transfer student from Japan, whose childhood has left him unable to speak. Will they manage to help one another?

Romance / Drama
Allyn Crowe
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I wrote this story with the intent to bring some more diversity in this world, and to shine some light on common mental health issues that are still very misunderstood.

At the end of the book there will be links to platforms where you can support me, and if you enjoyed it, please consider a small donation or subscribing to my Patreon so that I can keep writing books like these.


This version is still a draft, meaning it is subject to changes, updates and occasionally a continuity error (although I try my darnedest not to have that happen). Please be kind when one such mishap occurs, I will try to remove the major mistakes as quickly as they are found, but a lot of the minor edits will have to wait for the major editing cycle once the entire draft has been written.

If you find a mistake, feel free to point it out to me!


There may be some difficult topics in this story, marked with the following tags in the title:

[M-T]: Trauma, mental health, adult subjects. More or less any chapter where a character is in an emotional bad way, traumatised, or otherwise deals with the psychological fallout of these events. Also applies to situations that are generally considered mature but not explicitly triggering.

I consider chapters with this tag suitable for teens starting from 14 and over.

[M-G]: Gore, death, sexual abuse, extreme violence and/or suicide (attempts).
This one doesn’t pass by often, but when it does, it’s often a chapter with serious ramifications.
The age range for these chapters vary, since I know there are 15-16 years old unfazed by these subjects, yet people of 20+ who would never want to read it. I think my personal age range for these chapters is 17-18 and over. If you want to skip these chapters, there will be a small summary in the author’s notes that says what happened this chapter without the vivid descriptions.

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