BAIT Part 2

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Having A Bad Week


While my knee jerk reaction was to get between them and put hands on Frankie, I never actually got the impression that Amber was in danger. So, I just waited on the side and let it play out. Then waited again until Amber turned to look at me before I said.

“Are you ok?”


I could see her defenses were up, so I sat on the edge of the bed and waited.

“I don’t know, I guess, I just thought that I was here to help Frankie come home. I know things are going to be different but I thought, maybe not that different. Now I’ve been lying to Jessica telling her I’m on a sex vacation with you. We’re locked in this place because your dad is trying to kill you and… I guess me?”

I saw my moment, the muscles in her jaw tightened and her head went back as if she was hoping that if her eyes point up, the tears can’t come down. I put my arms around her and she put her head on my shoulder.

“This might all be a bit to fucked up for me. I’m trying, I’m really, really trying, but I also just wanted to just go to school, become a teacher, get married have some kids and just have a good, normal life.”

She moved away to look at me, and she really looked at me.

“Is that even possible anymore? Can… we have a normal life? Ever?”

I looked back at her for a long moment. I wasn’t going to lie to her, but I didn’t want to slap her in the face with the truth either. I got the impression that she’d had enough of that in the last few minutes.

“Normalish, you’re right that things will be different, but it’s not this insane all the time. In fact, that’s only right now. My life isn’t like this every day. It’s… different to yours probably, but that’s also because I grew up in a… In a… bad place.”

She reached out a hand and put it on my cheek. Her skin was soft and warm, and I kissed the part closest to my mouth.

“Would our children be werewolves?”

On any other day, with any other person, this question would have sent cold shivers over my body as I ran screaming for the nearest exit. But it was here, and now, and her.


She closed her eyes and I shuffled forward to kiss her eye lids.

“I’m sorry that this has all come at you at once. And I’m sorry that if feels like everything has changed now forever. But we’ll get through this, and things will settle. And I… I love the idea of you as a teacher. I think you’d be a great at it.”

There was a supernatural pull that brought us together, and being near her felt more right than anything else in my life. But we actually didn’t know that much about each other. She smiled at me and we kissed, it was slow, and gentle and perfect. Until her phone rang.

She pulled away,

“God, probably Jessica she’s as bad as Belinda for killing moments, I swear.”

But when she looked at her phone her eyes grew suddenly wide and she pointed the screen at me.

“Why are you calling me?”

I quickly took it from her and answered.

“Hello dad.”

“Well, well, well, the legend is true after all. That’s interesting. I’m glad you’re alive boy, glad you got to learn that you can’t take me after all.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to come home, you still have responsibilities to attend to.”

“Go fuck yourself.”

His growl was so low and palpable that I thought the phone was vibrating.

“Just because you’re locked behind Belinda’s walls doesn’t mean you can talk to me like that boy!”

My eyes locked on Ambers and I inhaled sharply.

“Oh yes, I know where you are, in fact.’ A loud resonant banging echoed up from the front door. ’Would you be a good boy and open the door for the Alpha?”


I don’t think I’d ever seen someone look so afraid in my entire life. The banging seemed to echo through the entire house and ripped the strength and confidence out of Bastian. His eyes looked distant and he suddenly looked smaller. Kind of like a child version of himself.

I wanted to move to him, hold him and protect him, somehow, not like I had the faintest clue really or stood a chance, but I needed to do something. Then he took a breath, tensed his muscles and said into the phone.

“What do you want dad?”

I strained to hear the reply or some fragment of it, but all I managed to make out was a cold laugh before the call ended.


He turned to look at me and even his eyes seemed pale. Then Frankie appeared in the room and Belinda smiled sarcastically from the doorway saying.

“Well, daddy has arrived. What shall we do about it?”

Bastian stared at me for a long moment and I felt something shift, something deep inside of me begin to feel uneasy, unsafe.

“As long as Amber is safe, I’ll be fine. He said he wants me to go home, I think, I think the best thing is if I just go home.”

Frankie frowned, Belinda scoffed and rolled her eyes but before she could make whatever comment she was going to make, that feeling inside me erupted.

“NO! No, you can’t he’ll kill you!”

Frankie looked between us and then settled on me.

“Wait, for real, isn’t that his dad though?”

I turned to him and put on my best, you’re my only hope, face.

“He’s already tried before. And the only reason Bastian isn’t dead is because of this soul mate thing.”

Frankie’s eyes grew wide, and he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Jesus, that’s heavy. And I thought I was having a bad week.”

“But he can’t kill me, not as long as you’re safe. If I just go with him, then he’ll stop banging on the door and we’ll leave and then you’ll be safe.”

I stared at him and suddenly remembered that same scared look that night after I hit him with my car. When he realised he’d be late to see his dad. The face of a scared child, desperate to make things fine. And again that feeling inside me tried to burst out and stop him, hold him and protect him.

“No! That’s not the answer.’ Frantically I gestured at the others. ’We’ve got 2 vampires on our side, can’t you, I don’t know, just stop him?”

Another crashing bang echoed through the house and this time it was joined by the sound of breaking wood, and then a voice.

“Oh, dearest Belinda, you will have to forgive me, I appear to have knocked through your door.”

I don’t want to say he sounded evil, because honestly that just seemed to cool for someone I totally and instantly hated. But there was something wrong with his voice, something missing.

I closed my eyes as a wave of cold shivered over me. When I opened them, Bastian was staring at me, looking a lot more like his usual self. The weird feeling in me seemed to resonate with something in him, maybe the same weird feeling, maybe our souls? But I could see his shoulders shift back, and life come back into his face. He turned to Frankie.

“If he wants to kill me, like actually permanently kill me, he also has to kill Amber. And he knows that.”

Frankie’s eyebrows went up.

“Yeah, well, that’s not going to happen.”

A hard smile spread across Bastian’s face and he said maybe the lamest thing I’d ever heard, but at the same time, I was also kind of into it.

“Groovy, now let’s go tell my dad in a language he’ll understand.”

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