BAIT Part 2

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War With My Dad


Frankie put his hand out to stop me and for an instant I thought I might try bite it off. As terrified as I had been a moment before, seeing Amber afraid recharge me. No part of me was every going to let anything happen to her, no matter who was knocking at the door. I wasn’t just going to make the problem go away, this shit was getting solved, today.

“Do you want to put some pants on?”

I still didn’t really like him and I was certain he felt the same way, but he had a point. Besides, he may have knocked me across a room, but I still walked away with the girl. And while I could have easily taken him as a human, sports star or not, as a vampire I wasn’t so sure.

Belinda let out a little mock whimper of protest which made me get dressed even faster. I even made a point of quickly turning around because there was no need to flash, even if literally everyone there had seen me naked already that day.

“You happy now?”

“Not exactly, but less unhappy.”

We scowled at each other for a moment and then my dad’s voice came again, and I could hear the anger growing.

“Hello? Is anybody home!”

I could also hear something else in his voice, it reminded me of my uncle, a commanding power that I’d never heard before. Frankie looked at me for a second and his expression changed, softened a little.

“You good?”

“Yeah, it’s, it’s a werewolf thing. Pack order and hierarchy stuff. But it’s not going to get in the way.”

“Good, because I get the feeling this isn’t a game that can be won alone. We need to get on the same team and work together.”

I nodded at him and let out a breath.

“Now you’re going to need to lure him inside, and preferably away from any open space he can get me through. I’m no good to you if I’m on fire. How strong is he anyway?”

I’d never really been into sports, but I had actually heard of Frankie before I met Amber. It was hard not to know who he was if you lived in WV. But I got the impression that Frankie spoke exactly the same way just before a game as he was talking to me now, and it was weirdly comforting.

“It depends, as he is, he’s fairly dangerous. On my best day I could take him, but it’s not my best day. And then he’s got this extra well of power he can draw from. It’s new, and I don’t know a lot about it, but I do know this. Last time I fought him, when he went to that well, he finished me in one punch.”

Suddenly the whole place rang with the sound of crashing and breaking wood, I could hear him scream and pull and rip at the door, splintering it as he went through.

“You can’t hide from me boy! I will find you and your little girl too. No one can stand in my way now!”

Frankie looked at Belinda who terrifyingly just rolled her eyes in what looked like mild annoyance, then he looked back at me.

“Game time.”

“On the plus side, we’ve gotten him into the house.”

I made a quick side step, put my hands on Amber’s shoulders and we locked eyes.

“Everything is going to be just fine. We got this. Then we can start on that normal life you were talking about. I promise.”

She nodded at me but didn’t say anything. I turned back to Frankie.

“I’ll confront him, you wait for your moment.”

“We really about to kill your father.”

“Trust me, it’s about God damn time.”

I walked out ahead of him but stopped in front of Belinda.

“Permission to wage war in your house.”

“Granted, try not to break anything to valuable, including him.”

She gestured at Frankie who looked uncomfortable.

“Don’t suppose you’re going to help?”

She ran a hand down my face and smiled.

“Of course not. Have fun though.”

It wasn’t the answer I wanted, but it was the one I was expecting. It also meant I’d run out of delays, of excuses. I had to face my dad again. And I could either step out and do it on my terms, or continue to hide and do it on his. Which, I mean, neither were great but one was way worse than the other.

I flashed on just how much simpler my life would be if he was just, not like this. Frankie’s voice ran through my mind, ’I thought my week was bad.’ I wondered what his life had been like before this, and how nice that must have been. Parents who loved you, supported you, stayed with you.

I sat in that feeling for just a second before I pulled myself back. Now was not the time. I could feel sorry for myself later. I then walked down the hall and found him standing at the bottom of the stairs.

“There you are boy.”

“Here I am.”

I reached deep down into myself and took hold of what power I could find. Opened my mind to the wolf and the strength that was there, to that new voice that made it impossible for me not to protect Amber. I felt my teeth get sharp, my fingers get a bit longer, my nails harder. And then I went to war with my dad!


Movies will make you believe that fights are long, and hard, and that people can take a hit and keep on going. And while I’d never really been in that many fights, I had played enough football to know that getting hit hurts, and getting back up is hard.

Bastian flew down the stairs and hit has dad, hard. Then grabbed him and threw him into the middle of the room. Far away from any open door or sunlight. And the old man just, got up. As if nothing had happened, and I suddenly realised what we were up against.

Bastian didn’t wait around though, they were on each other again in a heartbeat, kicking and biting and gouging. But Bastian was winning. His dad was way more savage, but Bastian was faster, and when he hit him, he hit smart. He kept them out of the light, he kept his dad’s attention and he never let up.

Then I saw it, that turbo boost of power. Bastian landed a solid shot to his dad’s side and the room filled with the crush of breaking bones. His dad went down and didn’t just come back up, and I saw it. A strange flash of green almost shine out of his eyes. Bastian moved on his dad, and his dad waited, and that’s when I moved.

Bastian’s dad rolled and threw a punch at his son that I’m sure could have gone through a wall. But he was so focused that he never saw me coming. I caught his arm at the elbow and it took all my strengths to hold him back for even a second. But that was all the time we needed. With his dad so open I just saw teeth and then blood as Bastian the leapt onto his dad, sunk his teeth into his neck and ripped out his throat.

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